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  1. Hello everyone i hope u having a great day, not complaining but i going to quit that game it was alot of fun at the beginning but now the game feel to toxic i try to ignored them etc but i cant handle it anymore being insult because i am newby at new stuff etc for dungeon , or event,,, where is the fun if we cant enjoy it ??? ppl just want to rush stuff, if u mess a thing u get alway insult, it digusting, well it time to move on i cant handle having stress everytime i go in a dungeon , i hope u guys having fun tought good luck on you adventure and sorry for my english not first language, bye g
  2. totaly agreed same thing happened to my crash random after 30sec to 1min n also combat skill lagg .... it not even my internet everything is fine it just the game i almost think about give up int unplayable right now..
  3. Bonjour j'étais dans la new zone 6v6 et tout d'un coup j'ai eux un crash ensuite jai voulue redemarré le client et sa me lance se problem E01005 impossible d'établir une connexion avec le serveur de mise a jour, veuillez vérifier les parametre réseau autorisation du FAI,pare-feu,logiciel antivirus etc, puis réessayer, jai jamais eux de problem pour joué a bns avec mes pare feu et anvitirus? svp je comprend rien la de se problem une solution si vous avez....
  4. bonjour comment tu debloque le temple de nayru svp ??
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