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  1. Quodaax


    We're honestly never getting UE4 let alone the YEARS it would to to remaster the game in UE5.
  2. That's YEARS away for games to upgrade to that. Would be something for a B&S 3 or 4 maybe. UE4 is just fine. But of course I don't think we'll ever get that anyway.
  3. Seriously, when? You know what I'm talking about. When?
  4. I haven't logged into this game in ages. It felt dated when it launched, but I played it for a while. Then I heard that it was being remastered in UE4. Cool! But then... nothing. Is this EVER going to happen? I'd return if it did. Some random "2019" isn't an answer.
  5. Seriously. For all us completionists out here (and the VAST majority of gamers are completionists), please, for the love of GOD, make the second Twist of Fate outfit available for purchase at a vendor.
  6. If NCSoft can't get a handle on the bots and spammers, the game is dead. Honestly, I really can't take it anymore. But here's the thing, this game has been out for years. If they haven't figured it out yet, they either are incapable of doing anything about it or don't care.
  7. Please give us player housing. Thank you for your time. That is all.
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