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  1. Viability of 2 Warlocks?

    Oh I had no idea Time Distortion and Soulburn stacked, thank you for your reply though :D Off I go to hunt the HM Book :D
  2. Viability of 2 Warlocks?

    Hello everyone, So, I don't want to come across as someone who is bashing a classes ability - however I've seen several people put down Warlock as lacking sustainable DPS and say its only good for burst and Soulburn. Therefore, presumably you wouldn't want too many in a group? I personally like the class and have been Playing them for varying times since its release (due to the aspect of me currently maining Summoner) Recently however, I contemplated switching to Warlock as a 'main' however, my brother also plays Warlock and we tend to group/farm/do dailies together which leads me to my question: Are 2 Warlocks in 1 group a viable choice? Or would that hinder DPS/Instance efficiency? - In both Endgame now and the new patch coming next week. Thank you in advance for your replies :)
  3. The 10th Class?

    Hello Everyone :) So I was re-capping through the previous live-streams and I came across the one where they had mentioned the 'Chi Master' (which will be the 9th class) and shortly afterwards they had also stated that there was another new class in development that's not a hybrid and also is not already in the game. So this started me wondering what the next class could be, prior to the news that it's not already in the game, I would've assumed some kind of Archer or Gunner/Gunslinger class, especially since NPC's like Poharan and the Blackram Marauders are hugely involved in the story. Also the idea of a hybrid Blade Master/Warlock crossed my mind (kinda like Jinsoyun, a blade master with dark shadowy Chi attacks) however that was also scrapped due to it not being a hybrid class. However, I came to this game at launch from Aion where I had played a Bard/Songweaver and would personally love to see one incorporated into this game, although I'm not sure how their combat style would work. Furthermore, seeing that once 'Chi Master' drops (assuming its still Gon and Yun exclusive) since every race would have 4 Playable classes I think it would be really cool if they incorporated a class that all the races could enjoy. As this would also make the 'Race Change' ticket more useful, should we ever get it in our client. Also, I wonder if we'd receive this class around the same time Korea and the other Asian servers would? Considering the updates are being pushed fast so we can be on an equal level for the 2016 World Championships. What does everyone else think? What would you like the next class to be? :)
  4. The Eight Masters

    So - a really random/probably pointless post but this has confused me. Each of the Masters have their specific class like Myo for Assassins or Onmyung for Force Master but what class is Madun? Throughout the story seeing him use different abilities and dialogue just made me wonder what class he would be. What do you guys think??
  5. Bbreaking the chain!

    Its not E-Fleet or NSH. It's the particular 6-man version :-)
  6. Bbreaking the chain!

    It's the daily quest for Blackram Supply Chain Either enter via Dungeon Lobby or on the Map in Moonwater Plains and an NPC near the entrance to either method will prompt you with the daily quest :-)
  7. Game is almost completely ruined...

    "OMG BOTS SO BAD GAME IS RUINED BECAUSE OF IT!!" "OMG HACKERS REMOVE THEM NOW!!" "OMG DISCONNECTED AGAIN WITH BLACKWYRM AT 3% HP" "LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG" "OMG NCSOFT DONT CARE ABOUT THEIR GAME OMG OMG!!" Like seriously, why do people feel the need to moan about every little aspect they don't like? Watch some of Jae-Sung's PvP Videos and he mentions that there are bots in every region, just like there are in every game and complaining about them won't magic them away with the push of a button. You're not legally bound to this game and your life doesn't depend on playing it. If it's that "ruined" or if it's "going to be killed off" then why don't you just leave rather than covering a topic which has been touched on hundreds of times before with no-effect?
  8. I love your work, really cool! :D I myself love playing around with character presets yet there's one I desperately want but struggle to re-create well: MADUN THE MISTWALKER! If you could manage this, I would be forever in your debt *-* I understand he isn't an anime character or a real person but hopefully you would have some free-time to give it a shot.
  9. potato servers

    I had experienced this on several occasions and, like you, once assumed it was their servers however I was quickly re-assured by their @BladeAndSoulOps twitter that it wasn't something that a quick "File Repair" couldn't fix so I urge you to try that. Failing that and you continue to experience the errors then I would suggest either contacting their twitter or general support and attaching this screenshot so they can help you in other means :-)
  10. new commer rebel - help to choice class

    Welcome! all classes are equally good and viable for end-game but obviously go-about their PvE/PvP Experiences differently. If you favor ranged classes then I would take @icyterror's post into consideration and focus more on Summoner. This was my first class and I took them from 1-45 in 48hours on Head-Start. You can AoE grind, heal, deal moderate damage and to top it all off it offers the most cosmetic customization out of every offered class. (if that's something which appeals to you) Plus, they're really great in PvE. Max Level and only half-decently geared (due to maining FM since launch) and I can take friend's alts through Tomb of the Exiles and other instances so they can benefit 100% from the offered drops/loot. Steering away from this, I have also taken Force Master and Warlock to 45 and they fully depend on your playstyle. Warlock is like Summoner in the sense that you have a familiar, however it is timed and lacks the mobility of a Summoner's cat. They're a true glass cannon and one of the squishiest classes. Force Master has a steady stream of high-damage and I regularly find myself pinching aggro for a few seconds. Pair that with your Ice Prisons, Healing Skills and a few pots and I don't see no-reason why you couldn't tank anything you like. Hopefully you will have your mind set from this and hurry to 45! (But still take time to enjoy the story) Because there's some good freebies on offer before the 23rd of March :-)
  11. Boycott BnS

    I for one will not be Boycotting a game that I have waited for years to play in the West. I don't agree that this game is ruined, I agree that it is on the same standards as other games: Repetitive gameplay is common at max level in MMO's where you grind dailies for gold to upgrade your gear. Even sandbox MMO's like ArcheAge resort to a repetitive PvP/Farming element. I don't know what difference you're hoping for... "Broken Markets" - assuming you're focusing on the prices rather than the occasional 'error' where the page cannot be refreshed. Prices are low on some items because you need to remember that this is cross-server. Blade&Soul mentioned that 2 Million people had signed up to play this game so lets split that evenly and we have 1 Million on EU and 1 Million on NA who will be effecting market prices with every purchase/listing. If your sole aim was to make money by cheating the market or crafting then I suggest you find new ways to gain gold or switch your professions. As for Bots, I don't get why people get so mad. I see a bot in Arena and think "Yay! Free Kill" and if they're some crazy hacking level then I just sigh and move on, no one will have a perfect 1000/0 Win streak. But of course there will be a large 'business' element to the game because they have hundreds, if not thousands, of employees wages to pay. The same employees who are working on this game despite people like you critiquing every element of it. Overall you just need to realise its still relatively new and massively popular. Any decline in numbers will eventually be sorted by merges (whenever they happen) and bots will eventually be removed after enough reports of the particular bot. Game and Launcher issues will improve with each patch as each previous patch has noted "optimization" in the patch notes. Either have some patience and await these issues to fix or go-ahead and boycott it as planned, but say even just 1 Million of the 2 Million are still playing - small numbers of 'boycotters' won't get noticed. There is no way to fix the issues you've stated overnight.
  12. Warlock

    I had this feeling to begin with, do you build it as Dragoncall or Dragon Helix? Personally I went with Dragoncall and "Weaving" it about with my Rupture to reduce the Cooldown and Wingstorm [With RMB thrown in whenever Chi permits me to] I find that I get a smooth continual stream of damage rather than a huge burst all at once. It certainly helped on Poharan earlier, however on bosses in lower level areas I would find myself standing about spamming LMB/RMB for a while waiting for my 4 to come back. Hopefully this is some kind of help? I'm fairly new to Warlock so sorry if the advice isn't as best as It could be :)
  13. Warlock or Force Master?

    I guess that varies depending on how you play and how you want your character to cope during PvE/PvP After hitting 45 earlier today on my Warlock I have now played both Warlock and Force Master at 45 and can definitely say that Warlock is a true glass cannon. I've seen my HP take a massive hit from a couple of mobs and there isn't that much in the form of HP regen opposed to the Force Master's Frost Prison and other skills. But I initially mained Summoner and this has now switched to Warlock as I love the playstyle so damn much! :D - I would recommend being patient to start with as several deaths whilst trying to pull a chunk of mobs to AoE kill did leave me a little disheartened but it all worked out in the end :D
  14. This class is a joke.

    I hit 45 on my Warlock earlier today and maybe its just me but I was heavily impressed and pleased with it and have already worked towards gearing it up better to eventually main it. Thus leaving my Summoner to just grind Zen Beans for Soulstones. I understand the frustration though, especially when killing several mobs at once which was an issue I struggled with whilst levelling. AoE skills and abilities are great but I just feel too darn squishy! I'm sure this will change when I get a better Soul Shield though :)
  15. Help? D:

    Okey dokey, I'll be sure to check it out! :D Thank you again, the help has been great