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  1. I love your work, really cool! :D I myself love playing around with character presets yet there's one I desperately want but struggle to re-create well: MADUN THE MISTWALKER! If you could manage this, I would be forever in your debt *-* I understand he isn't an anime character or a real person but hopefully you would have some free-time to give it a shot.
  2. Yeah, but its some really ugly ponytail thing. Much prefer the 'Latest Trend' in the Hongmoon Store (at-least I believe its called Latest Trend)
  3. @NorbertTheOpinionated I don't feel like the issue will be changed unfortunately. They would expect players to: Preview the item before purchasing, thus seeing the colour they'd have Believe that "Colour of their choice" is the choice they made upon creation Sad to think that others will get caught by this, however you can guarantee they'll have a reason to not change it
  4. You've all made some kick-ass Lyns! Definitely the best race there is - and nice to see so many others playing males :D
  5. Here's my Summoner, Pumpkin, on Ebon Hall server :D
  6. I can see where it fits in with certain NPC's and mobs using guns (notably Poharan and her epic face-blasting machine) However, I'm not too keen on the idea. Gunners/Gunslingers killed Aion in my opinion and since then I've always been more put-off by those kind of classes than excited by them.
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