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  1. FPS Drop since new 144hz Monitor

    That would probably be the first thing I would investigate.
  2. Yea, you are right. My mistake. Still, with 150ms average, feels like playing on a server with 30-50ms for me on other games, so I still don't trust that in-game ping meter :p
  3. I don't trust the in-game ping meter. At 150ms (my average connection), every time I issue a command, I would expect roughly 1.5s delay before that command executes. However, there is no delay, at least for me. It happens near instantaneously. So I don't know what it is measuring, but it's either wrong or it's measuring extra things besides just connection to the server.
  4. A recent perfect example of this was the Demon Stones. I had about 400+ saved up, just chilling in my bank for years doing nothing and I practically forgot about them. Now all of a sudden, they are needed because I think you have to use them to make Sacred Oils. Glad I kept them.
  5. They will be overhauling the elemental system soon, so you will get your wish. By that, I mean they are removing elemental damage and consolidating it into one new stat now.
  6. Show off your characters!!

    "May I have some more sir."
  7. I just registered successfully (or so it says). Using MS Edge browser.
  8. NC Media Day trailer B&S II, B&S S, B&S M

    No, what he said was that they confirmed BNS will be getting the UE4 engine update. As far as the trailer goes, every game shown is mobile, including BNS 2. So @MassiveEgo, there is no transition as it is a completely new game. And if I've heard it right, quite possibly a prequel to BNS.
  9. After Blizzcon - Thinking about coming back

    The game is at the point where you just follow the main storyline all the way through to completion and through the story you will end up with high enough gear to get you started. There's no point in doing mid-level dungeons as far as leveling. That's why you see the disparity.
  10. NC Media Day trailer B&S II, B&S S, B&S M

    It's a shame they are all mobile games.
  11. Interesting i guess

    You say that like we don't all have phones
  12. Show off your characters!!

    Happy Halloween
  13. Size matters, so as long as your D: is big enough, there shouldn't be any issues...
  14. Phantasmic Eye character bound

    Probably a way to entice you to purchase more boxes? If you have an odd number of tokens left, they probably are banking on the fact that you wouldn't just trash them and buy whatever number of boxes it takes to purchase something and completely use up all the tokens. That's just my theory of course.
  15. Phantasmic Eye character bound

    The "box currency" has never been account bound. I wouldn't expect that to change anytime soon.