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  1. FM 3rd Spec badge

    Correct. Wingrise/Paragon/Exhilaration all come from combining the new badge tokens with the Liberty badge tokens, so essentially it's a one-for-one trade of the same badge. If you have something different, it will not work. Luckily, 3rd spec for FM has 2 badges listed as BIS; either Exhilaration or Exemplar. So if you don't feel like farming the new tokens/Liberty tokens, you can try for the Exemplar badge instead. Should be especially easy to obtain if you have the solar energies saved up.
  2. Soul badge list needed

    Keroppi posted a video with this link in it. It's what I've been using for the past couple of months: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gbyv44cYt7ojoZfawiAst25AdqCdbeOlcJObBffZ_LA/edit#gid=343355479 If you see a spec with two soul badges, it means either one works for that spec. They are (were) what the Koreans were using for max DPS performance.
  3. 1000 RNG box and not weapon Skin!!!

    I got one out of the 75 boxes I opened. RNG be RNG.
  4. Show off your characters!!

    Holiday Shots
  5. Show off your Archers

    Fun fact: My first character in WoW was a hunter, back when the game launched in 2004 and my first pet was an owl. The owl pet I sport pays homage to my Night Elf Hunter of yesteryear.
  6. Fix BM spectral spec!

    Think your misunderstanding the no issues part. OP has identical hardware to mine except for the video card. I merely pointed out they should not be dropping to 4-5 fps on similar hardware setup. If there was no issues, I wouldn't need to "tweak" my settings. In any event, the game is playable and not a slideshow.
  7. Tropical Treasure Trove 100 Key Results

    I'll post my results here, so as not to create another topic on it. Here are my 3-Star results:
  8. Fix BM spectral spec!

    I made some video's so you can see what FPS I'm getting. Normal settings Tweaked Settings Tweaked Settings MSP Raid
  9. Fix BM spectral spec!

    PC specs: CPU:i7-8700k GPU: GeForce GTX 1080ti 11GB RAM:16GB Resolution: 4k No issues here.
  10. How to find higher level ascend stones?

    This should explain everything, on how to get purple and even legendary stones:
  11. Show off your characters!!

    Been awhile since I posted something here.
  12. If you have a Hive Queen Wings, you can buy them from the vendor in the Dasari Trading area. The achievement requirements have been removed.

    You can use NCoin gift cards to get around this.