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  1. Got a 3 star within 175 keys. RNG be RNG. It's a bunch of Dyad Gems btw. *Update: another 3 star on my 202nd key.
  2. It's been awhile. Guess I need to post something.
  3. Correct. Wingrise/Paragon/Exhilaration all come from combining the new badge tokens with the Liberty badge tokens, so essentially it's a one-for-one trade of the same badge. If you have something different, it will not work. Luckily, 3rd spec for FM has 2 badges listed as BIS; either Exhilaration or Exemplar. So if you don't feel like farming the new tokens/Liberty tokens, you can try for the Exemplar badge instead. Should be especially easy to obtain if you have the solar energies saved up.
  4. Keroppi posted a video with this link in it. It's what I've been using for the past couple of months: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gbyv44cYt7ojoZfawiAst25AdqCdbeOlcJObBffZ_LA/edit#gid=343355479 If you see a spec with two soul badges, it means either one works for that spec. They are (were) what the Koreans were using for max DPS performance.
  5. I got one out of the 75 boxes I opened. RNG be RNG.
  6. Fun fact: My first character in WoW was a hunter, back when the game launched in 2004 and my first pet was an owl. The owl pet I sport pays homage to my Night Elf Hunter of yesteryear.
  7. Think your misunderstanding the no issues part. OP has identical hardware to mine except for the video card. I merely pointed out they should not be dropping to 4-5 fps on similar hardware setup. If there was no issues, I wouldn't need to "tweak" my settings. In any event, the game is playable and not a slideshow.
  8. I'll post my results here, so as not to create another topic on it. Here are my 3-Star results:
  9. I made some video's so you can see what FPS I'm getting. Normal settings Tweaked Settings Tweaked Settings MSP Raid
  10. PC specs: CPU:i7-8700k GPU: GeForce GTX 1080ti 11GB RAM:16GB Resolution: 4k No issues here.
  11. This should explain everything, on how to get purple and even legendary stones:
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