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  1. Imagine without the actual HP everyone soloing all dungeons on Easy/Nm and with that we dont have bids for new players neither daily for'em, you have to be grateful that call to arms make ppl like you lazy and boring have a chance to play the game. Compairing BDO with bns you must be a cercopithecidai or something worse than that its completely different a grind game that dont have a single dungeon with a raid/mechanic mmorpg Before posting something here you must understand the game, everyone who agree with you are just crazy as you
  2. i feel bad about hime cause she's just a forum moderator, she cant do a thing about the dev works besides telling us what she knows that is likely 20% of what is truly going on
  3. i agree with most of things that you mentioned but scales bound its not a good thing, everyone have alts so for example i need 30 nocturnal scales but i already used all of them on my main but my alt, that exists for years and have a lot of items that cant be sended i will reach the tier one too fast and my alts too if i want so... Shimmering Scale (Not bound) Nocturnal Scale (Not Bound) Elder scale (Bound)
  4. 1 - Last week we have the patch note from rebalance of dungeons and some bug fixes 2 - never heard of any keyboard issue from anyone, already heard about the gamepad ones 3 - can't discuss about the new Dual Blade i experienced an issue with the celestial emperor accs, they should fix this at next game update not server maintenance 4 - All new classes have issue with bug weaps on the first weeks its a shame? it is but we cant do anything bout it
  5. Hi, can you send a image of the actual objective? pretty sure that you need to wait hajoon use the fire and when explodes the target jingles with a green silhouette you press "3"
  6. well i thought that every illusion weapon skins are tradeable as long you dont open the box. As a vet player i can say that NCSOFT does that to make you trove at more than one character or dont give that attention to cosmetics and only on gear and gems, probably on the future if we keep asking here to make more cosmetics "Bound to Account" they can give us this option
  7. i send a ticket to NCSOFT yesterday and they are working on a fix to that problem, but i dont think that will be fixed today's maitenance, be patient is the only option right now
  8. lot of issues with the new class, i would recommend you to skip that combat tutorial on HM duel arena, i dont know if exists a repair for your issue but skipping by just talking with the trainer again should make you not experience that problem
  9. this is a trouble with the cutscene i experienced that one time, but when i tried again everything worked properly so i ask you to try again today after maintenance
  10. After UE4 update i noticed that everytime that i alt+tab on fullscreen my loading screen got slower, so i would recommend you setting your game as borderless or window to not experience that issue
  11. well i understand that you make a mistake and this is normal, but NCSOFT probably won't help you cause its your fault, and they clearly explained that ONLY ONE CHARACTER would get the call to arms items when retrieved from the mail box you are a returning player but i play BnS since the launch and every event with important package or things similar are "One Character Limited", so you needed to be aware of things like this, otherwise everyone would have a TB1
  12. Probably today is just a usual maitenance, when blade&soul have a update or fixes they usually make a patch note here on forum
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