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  1. when ur game ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ dead from fat hp boss and make it more dead @Hime dont waste time on anti - their are some raid player who sell IA and et runs gear in 10-20k so their income drop that why they want to remove thornwind farmer who selling people gear for only 3-4k also their small fact - their some freeloader who want free hongmoon coin from season pvp cant let people to play last week i request to solve this issue by removing hongmoon coin from season pvp so these freeloader wont ask for anti trust me even u put anti tool it can be easily be bypass it just w
  2. let me example toxc developer word boss is too easy let make it fat hp and waste people time so they cant work and invest time on their family logic - let assume someone has 1account 14-16 alt cant even do daily nowday need 30-40mil need really a good ping while person who has 240ms can do less then 10mil constant personally to kill some boss solo u can only do 1-3 alt daily out of 16alt and ucant enjoy other alt of urs and low ping player cant even do daily getting annoyed and leave ur daily untouched thorn3- dps - is like raven1
  3. YES THE problem is hm coin farmer never pay any money and get high amount and then post stuff on anti forum too much toxic pvp player i support plz remove hm coin from season arena battleground
  4. Plz add 1more trap event like this next month sure game die for good lol Welcome.to bns 20st or dst run for 1sould Stage 1-4 Enjoy reroll For higher dugeno no one found in party that decent gear since they already used naryu coin and got outfit already we weak and new player only fighting for what ? That make sense
  5. Accesories drop in mushin tower 9 - 20 each box cost 80G so Ring, Earring, Belt, Necklace = 320G first class gear I not even give 20gold.to those gear price is way too much should.not u stop making 200run for.pvp player in Pve to aquire PvP gear ? Why u intentionally forcing PvP player to play pve ? And making PvP market drop since. Moonstone is no use earlier in PvP it was around 10g now it gone to 2.4gold really
  6. Everyone know @ImoutoMaster and grimors both admin and moderator of this forum Reason 1- I know u same ac and 99% active on blade and soul forum page since 2015 I never saw in my life anyone that much dedeicated and supporting forum page in negative And always I saw negative feedback in each forum page don't know why I know u have such kind of power u ban me and turn my post down without any reason I don't talk bad I just tell truth to be speek
  7. Solo life is really boring I know it bit good but u get bored when no one around and it feel sad I rarely see people.playing I guess everyone dead cause this good.for nothing event they all waiting and hoping if ue4 bring call to arm event may be they busy at bdo
  8. If u typing anything u get banned in forum page this is really bad going on I don't know why I got ban recently from posting in forum page I suggest u guy don't talk this these people have power they can ban u and u can't do anything trust me better stay quiet it no use u can't turn stone in water
  9. dragon express november mention thing took earlier what is this meaning of this so give our 11 and 12 key refund without consuming our restoration token
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