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  1. They have made this change without any Items & Systems Changes announcement, not even patch notes the day before either. I guess that's what a lot of people are very angry about in particular.
  2. I've read some rumors about this, too. Someone stated that you can't enter M'ao if you hat any kind of ranking before even if it wasn't Den itself. I couldn't enter on main and alt who got Demonsbane rankings last season. But this is also just some theory.
  3. First of all the soul boost is a great addition, but please fix the rewards and solo dungeons asap. What's even more important to know: IF we get a fix will this retroactively apply to players that already have progressed quite far and claimed finished stages?
  4. Same here, can't use the token to upgrade my True Tiger Soul.
  5. You would need 729 awk transcendence engines to make a gilded hexagonal obsidian. That's ridiculous.
  6. I would love to have some achievement for a guaranteed reward. Not too easy to achieve, so ppl don't abuse it with their low gear alts. I finally got lucky and dropped my 3 pieces, but the struggle was hard and I had really, really bad RNG. I got my first earring withing 60 runs, then 8 more earrings and my first neck when I was close to 500 runs. At almost 550+ I dropped my first ring. Most of my runs were done at Stage 41, I even tried to farm Stage 20 for the ring but the leggy droprate was simply non-existent. My motivation to even play the game went to almost zero, and thinking about dr
  7. I have done 450+ runs up to stage 45 and dropped 8 earrings but no other piece yet. I feel like I'm the most unlucky person on the server rn, not exaggerating. During all runs I've seen only one selection chest dropping for one of my mates, how about buffing the drop rate of this??
  8. On very high stages the bosses have so much hp that a fully repaired weapon might break in the middle of combat, resulting in aggro switches and adds not being killed in time. Therefore super annoying and not a 'first world problem' I guess.
  9. Me too, like many others, have already finished Act 11 Part 1 on all my alts before the updated quest rewards. Now they're stuck on exalted/storm dragon. Sure the new rewards are great but since I still can't lfp dailies with them I have to give gold and mats from my main to upgrade the weapons on each character, 10 times total - that adds up to a few thousand gold pretty quickly. It's quite unfair to get punished like that for having finished the main story a while ago. Please make the updated rewards available from a vendor, I guess everybody would be fine with that.
  10. ^ this. The raid weapon ONLY works with zenith soul badge for SF and even then you have to get 4 froststorm within a rotation or else raid weapon is worse than dungeon path. I still hope to get shadow fury equivalent pve weapon someday.
  11. Don't forget that the chest has an 18h cooldown, you usually open it up once a day and therefore have to start open it 11 days before the redemption period ends without missing a day. If they sold keys til last day, ppl will complain because the chest would antique before they reached last stage.
  12. Well honing oil is not that bad now that my alts are dead because of dungeon buffs. xD But jokes aside, I also hope we get proper compensation for the angler's pearls mess up.
  13. F2P non-premium NEED to fish for polishing cloths otherwise they can't open up 2 lamps a day. You can get 8 polishing cloths per day (6 from daily, 2 from log-in reward). The event lasts 35 days.
  14. F2p players might not even be able to make 60 wishing lamps if this isn't fixed immediately.
  15. Please make the updated quest rewards available in a box, maybe locked behind an act XI chapter 6 achievement. @Hime
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