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  1. Don't forget that the chest has an 18h cooldown, you usually open it up once a day and therefore have to start open it 11 days before the redemption period ends without missing a day. If they sold keys til last day, ppl will complain because the chest would antique before they reached last stage.
  2. Well honing oil is not that bad now that my alts are dead because of dungeon buffs. xD But jokes aside, I also hope we get proper compensation for the angler's pearls mess up.
  3. F2P non-premium NEED to fish for polishing cloths otherwise they can't open up 2 lamps a day. You can get 8 polishing cloths per day (6 from daily, 2 from log-in reward). The event lasts 35 days.
  4. F2p players might not even be able to make 60 wishing lamps if this isn't fixed immediately.
  5. Please make the updated quest rewards available in a box, maybe locked behind an act XI chapter 6 achievement. @Hime
  6. The shared CDs are not intended afaik, so there's a chance they will fix it.
  7. They share the C2A Box cooldown. The exact same bug as last year. 🤣
  8. Yeah I just found it completely at the bottom of the special tab. OMG that's annoying that the lamps are not on top.
  9. Dumb question maybe but where do I transmute the antique lamp to a wishing lamp? I got the special polishing cloth from dragon express but there's no option in the transmute tab. I'm afraid of simply right clicking my lamps, not that I accidentially open up one.
  10. If the patch notes are correct they're giving Grand Celestial Soul Shields instead of Raven and some better gems. That's it, No better weapon, not even imperial set or better soul/heart. That's barely an upgrade at all and will still lock out alts and new players from dungeon lobby.
  11. Thing is, these pet gems are not for free since the key bundles are in F10. They are literally selling a broken item for real money.
  12. Will those psyches overwrite my stats or add up when they are equivalent to the TSM/RT/ST ones? I would need only one more, if they overwrite my stats that would really suck.
  13. The discordia necklace isn't in the sanctum box hence not available in the game atm.
  14. This option is good for returning players though, who still have imperial cores. But why not adding dynamic quest loot back to old dungeons so new players can solo farm quick and easy without daily limitation. It's old content anyways and would serve for catch up purposes only. I have another little issue, where can I get the old psyches? I was unlucky with my ring and the crit stat didn't maxed out with the 5 psyches given from the event. The tool tip says I could buy them from mushin trader Kangcha but she doesn't have them, only newer ones from challenge mode. I also wanted to f
  15. Circle of sundering When entering the dungeon and starting the first boss everything works fine but if I die or escape and try again the boss attack patterns/indicators disappear from the floor. I have to completely leave the area and enter again to make them visible again. In my graphics settings I have monster's effects displaying and effect quality both on 3. This is extremely annoying when I can't see how far I need to sidestep certain attacks or when the little guy leaves his small bomb next to me and there's no visible red indicator on the floor. Please fix!
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