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  1. Hi, I was just wondering if the newsletter rewards was giving out already or it was some kind of mistake?
  2. What about the UnrealEngine 4 move is it this year?? Spill something about it before you leave. Please mate!! Give me a reason to hold on cause I'm slipping slowly away from the game :(
  3. RIP to all the Credit Cards that's about to go ham.
  4. Am farming peach to upgrade my weapon and soul in the basin and its going going slow, if anyone is doing the same please lets party. Am on NA
  5. Thanks I already started doing the 10 run dungeons. I got my first legendary item it was the ring from boss drop lol. I go into crossover dungeon and that's where I get people leaving saying am to weak lol, I really appreciate the advice believe it thanks a lot.
  6. I've finished main quest and stuff, Now I want to grind some dungeons to get better gears. Am currently grinding to get the 200 Orbs for Legendaries. Its proving to be hard doing it on my own cause people see me in lobby and leave cause am not at 1k AP, So am asking if anyone that is willing and can help me (if you have time that is) I would really appreciate it. Am NA, Zulia server, AP 867, weapon baleful bracers Stage 2 and I got pinnacal items.So yea if you can help please hit me up. Even if I can just get one legendary item that would be awesome.
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