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  1. Bronze and Silver abuse in 6v6

    create a 4th map that is gear equalized.
  2. Battleground feedback

    no it wouldn’t be a queing simulator. what my fix will do is just rearrange the teams, instead of a mix of whales and alts.. put the alts in one game and the whales in another simple as that.

    listen here you little you, if i landed a picture perfect tech-chase why in the world should i get punished for it. you are talking about getting soul shields with better stats, as if i have an infinite supply of dragon fragments to buy new pvp ss everytime i don’t get accuracy. to you and many others that doesn’t sound like an issue because most of you face-roll and spam ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ in 6v6, but coming from a mid gear light bm i am forced to combo and outplay my opponent before i dish out my dmg because i simply can’t 1 shot.. and to do that with rng block isn’t fun.
  4. Battleground feedback

    This will never be fixed until they introduce a system that calculates your total "battle power" like it was called in a previous games. This battle power thing should calculate your gear/unity/hm level and give a total number that determines how much you are geared.. for example a whale could have a total score of 400 and a mid gear player can have 300. From there the match making should determine who goes against who, ranking shouldn't be the determinate here. As in 1500 you could go against people as low as 300k hp or as high as 650k hp. My solution works like a charm, and trust me everyone would absolute love going against people with similar gear. HP could also be a determining factor if they are too lazy to introduce a new system.
  5. simple as the title, only works on pve damage. fix it now on this wednesday maintenance thnk.
  6. Platinum Wintraders

    Things these folks (wintraders) willdo to confuse you: Change their username: As soon as they wintrade they swap to a completely new username. Change their F2 Picture: From all the days they could've changed their F2 pic, they decide to do it when they wintrade. Change their In-game name: Most of them change their name as soon as they wintrade, for example* see below Change their Gear look/Body type/Gender: Again, they try their best to be a whole new different person.
  7. Platinum Wintraders

    i could go on some sherlock shizel and expose all them wintrades, but thats not my job. plus i've seen it before where people get reported 20+ times for similar stuff and support doesn't bat an eye. Don't over complicate it. It's easy, just a ladder ban (been working since 2016) Man i remember back in the days you would get flagged just for ctrl + alt + delete, now u go on 20+ winstreak and support doesn't get it.
  8. so what's up with all those wintraders, did they get the green light from some insider? Nowadays there are whole clans dedicated for it, and now some pver whale warden who never joined the 1v1 lobby is literally rank 1 overall in one continues win streak. I mean it's not even calling out at this point, those people are disrespecting you (the support team) with their extremely obvious wintrades. They are not even attempting to hide it anymore. Why should i sweat to get top 30, when i guy that i just beat skips to plat and gets all the season rewards. if u don't know who am talking about, this topic is probably not for you.
  9. This post is solely for arab blade and soul EU players. Arab PVP Community Tournment! Requirments: Anyone from the Middle East is allowed to Join this tournments, no requirements what so ever. Prizepool: The prize pool will be discussed* check at the end of the page How To Join: You can join by clicking on the discord link https://discord.gg/XtFRuZc or by commenting in the post below. How Is the Tournament going to be: Mainly 1v1 and 3v3 Teams. The Tournament will be streamed. When is the tournment Starting: Will be discussed once we gather enough players on the discord. Backstory: I wanted to make this post to see the arab communities reaction to a tournament that might group us together as a player base that is spread across EU servers. We all want a Middle Eastern Server with a decent ping, this is a good way to start it. So am announcing (with the help of a arab bns streamer "abductionlol") Creating a Arab PVP Community Tournment, where everyone who is arab is allowed to join, you have nothing to lose, even if you don't have a team you will be assigned with a team for you. To start off, comment below or join the discord. *prize pool will be determined on the popularity of the tournament, myself will be donating 500 gold into the prize.
  10. What a great idea to have things calculated client side. At this point we don't even need middle eastern servers. And screw the hackers man, we could deal with that. But we can't deal with 0.3 sec delay for each skill we cast. Hopefully bns has the commitment to do it, that would be amazing if we didn't have any issues like de syncing. -Maihzkrieh EU
  11. Is there any chance for a middle eastern server in the near future? This game would be blowing in the middle east. There is a huge fan base that for sure needs a server for its own. As a pvper from Dubai, I can't take the disadvantage anymore. We for sure could be one of the biggest regions for blade and soul, and we ned 1 servr now pls. -Maihzkrieh EU
  12. UAE players blocked again !?

    We middle easterns had enough fun funding your laggy ass eu servers, now it's time for our own.
  13. So I tried to login today and I had the "login failed 42" error. My cousin also tried and he had the same issue. Am assuming it's the same thing that happened last time where UAE players had some kind of IP block I guess. so please fix ur shi.. or you know what ? Give us our own Middle Eastern servers, thank you very much. -Maihzkrieh EU
  14. At this point am kinda givin up on the game as i feel like i am not progressing in pvp anymore and i reached my limit as a player who lives in dubai (5,000 km) away from the server. 1780ish every season i cant be any better its so damn frustrating. is there a chance for a middle eastern server, yes or no ? cause am done playing against some pingcarried players. only reason that you don't see middle eastern players other than me demanding a server is because most of them are busy with pve. Am like the only one saying no to the lag and pvping. there is a fanbase and ncwest knows damn well about, i just can't see why are they ignoring it. ...i wish we all had 200 ping...
  15. It says it all in the title. I don't know, i think our player base is kinda big to be playing on someone else servers, yes our numbers aren't that huge as for right now, but we are at least a player base that we can later on be much bigger. if only they gave us what we want (servers). I am sure that the na/eu player base was way smaller before. but once they gave them their own servers the numbers went up. I know a lot of people are now jumping on the "the game is dead" wave. but to be honest it's not. of course the player base was much bigger during the launch hype, but that's the nature of every game during its launch period. just sayin that it's not that dead and they can actually take the bet and make a middle eastern server. And am telling you its gonna be a safe one. To be honest am really surprised of the amount of middle eastern willing to play this game with such a bad ping.