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  1. Jasper pet gem which gave debuff damage has no debuff damage on the gem itself. it's not just c2a gems.
  2. Will we have Direct X12 support someday for Unreal Engine 4? Thanks for taking the time to read this question. Ylkrad~
  3. NA- Yura Character: Ylkrad I have a unfinished moonlite soul, around stage 3 i think.
  4. you only need to do easy or normal for the easy part of the quest- if you do hard as well it counts as 2 dailys, so do it for over 2 weeks on easy once a day, your set. hell i been advertising carry runs through the week on and off, so yes, whales could do it, but the dps requirement is quite low on easy since you can duo it. normal is fine, lower hp than mao.
  5. trial has fusion stones if you can beat stage 10 I heard, used to be challenge mode npc who would give you a fusion stone per clear but was removed recently, still stacks of 5 fusion stones can be obtained somewhat frequently from a kill in challenge mode. hopefully more pve focused rankings get the fusion stone treatment or just more ways to gather fusion stones if one is willing to put in effort in either pve or pvp, since this game lives off both modes, not just one.
  6. I wonder how many people just burst all the bosses down and failed to do mechs? Also the revamp means den is ment to be Steelbreaker tier, many people can't do Steelbreaker at all, so getting anima/ore/ mech heart is valid and important- when you look into that detail, it's fine. Master Hong is supposed to be ET tier, also you can't use AP as the end all be all damage stat, that's being very narrow minded like in the lv 45 days, compound system was a big boost, but not many people want to run msp for at least blue tier stats, unity should be fairly reasonable now if you play regularly and just
  7. I loved wind and geared up for wind kfm- I was wind after the elemental split and got my holy fire badge. not being able to even do a comfortable rotation of a cyclone kick a sec is just not fun, in game macro even struggles, wolf is abit more forgiving but even then you cant pull off large combo's that the current best in slot badge have really. i'm one of their whales and its just hard to justify putting money in the game, when you cant really play the game.
  8. I had to give up my main spec I had for years cause of the move.
  9. They lose more income with unhappy customers, barring performance and content- not being able to play what you used to or at all is just guaranteed to reduce the income for the game. If they moved to AWS but kept the server in the middle of the united states, that would give NA players at least as fair of a chance to play optimal as possible, but move it? If they wanted to bring in more revenue to keep the server up, add incentives to support the game beyond the casual cash shop. Looking back at the sales numbers after this quarter should hopefully give them a red flag to do something about t
  10. Not bashing anyone here, no benefit for berating, but wasn't Texas pretty central, where our new server is somewhere at the outer edge of the united states, too many people have suffered less stable and higher average pings even with GPN/VPN services, outright killing many classes, specs or even playing altogether. My wind kfm is doing 4mil dps, rotation struggles to reset wind gyre- in F12, where wolf is hitting 11mil with AWS ( higher if ping was more forgiving- sitting at low 110's~280) Why didn't this get tested with the community for a week to a month, get feedback on how the population s
  11. Wrong version of the game @Grimoir. When legendary soulshields are added to F8 lobby, psychs will be tied to modes- thus heroic/ legendary will be their own tiers. Currently you can get legendary soulshield and weapon psych from HH- the remaining dungeon ones are tied to top 30 consistently. The rest are from rng boxes for pet/heart/soul from a random drop in hard mode. However when they add legendary soulshields and difficulty specific psychs, more dungeons will lose hard mode.
  12. they also forgot wolf kfm's AP modifier for 7% and 12% AP on row 2, that was in april's patch in kr. * Wolf > Fixed an issue where the 'Dire Fist' buff sometimes did not apply when 'Titan' Stance was released while wearing a 'Prowess Soul Badge'. * Wolf > 'Prowess Soul Badge' added effect Titan stance is not cancelled on using a finisher. * Wolf > 'Prowess Soul Badge' removed the effect of restoring 50 Titan Ire at the end of Titan Stance. * Wolf > 'Prowess Soul Badge' changed to Rampage stacks 10 Titan Ire. * Wolf > Relentless Training (Row 2 Spec 1) > ‘Untamed’ p
  13. I'll offer help as long as people try to share, people paid to be there, limit the grief and let the community get something out of it, not just the whales please. Ylkrad (wolf kfm)
  14. Think the Jinsoyun mousepad would be back ins tock, its not in your shop anymore :( a Zulia one would be nice, even if it's not the oppai pads ;)
  15. Pretty sure the first time this was an event, it came in trove, and trove gave keys. frozen firing range will have a daily/dynamic and bonus items for every successful wave cleared but auction based. probably also added in the mobs drop table for cubes like last time as well, daily challenge, be it 2~3~5 quests, it can be a thing. If it's not trove, it's trove-in-a-box, trove is due in some form, so my guess is the boxes, where sept. is the autumn trove.
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