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  1. Hunter’s Refuge Event Zone Preview

    I'll offer help as long as people try to share, people paid to be there, limit the grief and let the community get something out of it, not just the whales please. Ylkrad (wolf kfm)
  2. Think the Jinsoyun mousepad would be back ins tock, its not in your shop anymore :( a Zulia one would be nice, even if it's not the oppai pads ;)
  3. Hongsil’s Summer Blast Event Launches August 21

    Pretty sure the first time this was an event, it came in trove, and trove gave keys. frozen firing range will have a daily/dynamic and bonus items for every successful wave cleared but auction based. probably also added in the mobs drop table for cubes like last time as well, daily challenge, be it 2~3~5 quests, it can be a thing. If it's not trove, it's trove-in-a-box, trove is due in some form, so my guess is the boxes, where sept. is the autumn trove.
  4. Unity

    I don't do the 2 stone method on blues- I actually do a mix of 5-7 ( and that's wasteing) and for making legendry's, I use 2 purples and the rest blues- I don't have to lie cause im working on my 4th stone passively. if you do want more stones, try hard mode dungeons or anything higher than SSM- you can catch some boxes up for grabs- or try hard mode, been seeing better drops in hard mode as well. All in all, i'm just saying, be optimistic, keep trying but I also sympathize with you. it sucks but you can get a lot done. our lottery is 1-2$, where I work I get about 13.50$ and should be 15$ by new years, $17 or 18 the following. The actual lottery is a scam, in game rng is a lot less of a scam, but it's still unfair in general. like I said, play this game to have fun and progress your way, don't argue with someone who only saw this thread and just wanted to give my perspective. All I can say is sorry, try to make the most of everything, be happy or move on-- it's a tough choice :(
  5. Unity

    https://imgur.com/LZHidgx it'll give some people an idea of how much to toss in, all I can say is hope they add more sources to get purple boxes so people can convert to legendaries or something, or just more ways to get blues at least or adjust rates a little. I am with you- unity is tough, but should be more accessible to casual or hardcore players who actually put time into grinding out feathers.
  6. Unity

    except the lottery costs more money- has no return, has no free way to play and is not eventually guaranteed. You don't need a streak of luck, you just need enough chances to get what you want (yes a form of luck but at least more rigged in your favor than a lottery which is designed to have worse odds than getting hit by lightning twice). At worst, the unity system is at worst a bad crit rate to something close to 50/50 depending what you toss in. I'll take my ncsoft rng over the lottery tbh. If this game is stressing you out this much, over a rng mechanic- maybe you should not play this game? if your not having fun, why play? that's why I say play to have fun- though everyone's definition of fun is different, but choose wisely.
  7. Unity

    what area's lock you out of pay 2 win walls? mao, toi and 6's( which even ageinst whales i'm top 30 or better in mao which all I care about remotely). the rest is points and personal skill/ping. Unity does not work in 1v1 and 3v3 or shackled. challenge mode is more on mechs than damage, since a fast kill time with low mech is not a great score, but it can make it shorter thus easier- that's about it. How many people actually try challenge mode tbh? The game is progression, some like the cash element, some like the grind- but many have to grind, I don't like it this grindy, but the game is what it is... and i'm sorry. Don't be silent with the system, be vocal and keep complaining- ncsoft has to cave in someday.
  8. Unity

    I have 3 legendary stones- 1 from trove and 2 from crafting, the rest are heroics- it didn't take much for me to craft legendry's but I can see the frustration: first off, get your heroic tiers first before worrying about a legendary- purples are really good and you'll be ahead of most people, two is this game is personal progression, sorry if you have a complex or impulse to be the very best- pve is just pve, please enjoy what you have and what you can do now. My method for making legendries is 2 heroic (purples) with some blues ( did 1-6 blues) and got ok luck, but in 4 tries made 2 is fine ( if you fail you get your heroic stone back, so you net lose some blues and a purple- so its not too punishing). I heard there was a sheet for making heroics or legendries, but I don't know where that is, heard some people trying 2~5~7 at a time to make heroics, not to mention weekly challenge is going to be adding a stone box- along with daily, so you get a bit more chances per day- but I will say this, you want to get to tier 1 unity set effect for crit damage/ elemental damage- that's a big enough boost to be happy about and just passively work on legendries or min maxing good heroic's. But seriously, trove and some rng boxes or events should offer a currency to buy some boxes for free or easier, 30-50k is absurd but I believe it. If you do get a legendary from a box for your skill multiplier, you can swap by crafting with it to merge into a different stone type- so the guy probably did it that way.
  9. The Farewell

    I like how most people here are genuine with missing you- just hope this isn't a joke or else people won't trust you on much anymore.
  10. The Farewell

    April fools or not- we all respect you Ekogen, wow and bns are good games- both rich and have their own mechs to work with, thanks for being an inspiration to kfm's and people who wanna learn and play the game in general. If this is for real, take care, if this is an april fools joke, then i'll see you in f8 <3
  11. Been seeing a lot of alright to decent items in merchant- even orb fragments which people really need- however the cost of the fragment is almost as much as the daily quest in gold- probably lowering the cost and making merchant spawn on default a fragment or more would help in some capacity. Not the best solution, but I do see merchant a couple times a day on my train.
  12. Make earth summoner great again

    Keep the dirt rats nerfed ;3 Or y'know, fix it to make as many people happy as possible .3.
  13. As the title saids, can you please look into fixing the Showgirl Outfit Adornment not being equipable to Showgirl? I received this accessory in the way that you get stuff back with support- a bad from another time I think. Except that one doesn't work, but does go into the showroom.
  14. Make daily boxes have a chance to drop the fragments or make moonlite shard boxes have a chance to drop a fragmented orb, or make each boss in HM or CS have chances to drop frags and orbs themselves. Something to help curve out the supply. Being able to do HM will help people passively make oils, collect gem tickets, do their daily and work on the new unity jewelery. It still sucks, but i'm somewhat optimistic, also the resets are at least useable in cold storage to get more items to work towards this goal. I'll gladly take resets for this, but everyone else needs proper compensation or a better solution to aquire the items to make such a transition seamless ( however people held off on crafting for this specific update and stocked up on white orbs which costed gold, so an investment was gone).
  15. Virgin Killer outfit censored?

    I don't mind the short shorts censor on the outfit, but the back being so obstructed compared to the original VC and not really revealing? yeah I don't really wanna buy this too much... if the back was longer but they kept the panties as short shorts, I would be buying this ;w; we have a outfit that the back is vastly exposed too, why not have similar lengths like that? Allegiance? consider that length and people should be happy overall while still being a censored version. mainly people like the length and boldness the outfit has.