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  1. Will people who got the stage 8 clear be able to get the selection box added to their inventory or send in a ticket with proof of the clear since it was a random box at the time?
  2. i did soulboost at level 66 and didn't get any points 😞
  3. can't you just do the dungeons by walking in? 🐑 the 7/7 is bleh, agree.
  4. Will take alot more than this to shut down bns. enjoy the game for what it is, report on bugs or gameplay elements in a constructive manner, things should change, and have been changing under new community manager's.
  5. Thanks for this, hopefully would allow people to swap the class specific requirements on weapon and accessory, the rest is not too bad since rerolling is not a big investment on a gildstone since the commitment is +3. Mythical upgrade chances, if everything was properly obtainable without grinding hours for a single vial or petpack, etc. then some of the cost's would be fine, or even a higher pity timer amount given on a failed upgrade. If the accessory or weapon we're tradeable until you equip, this also would be fine since that would move the economy around and not give someone a compound fo
  6. an earlier maint late at night in cali would give as many people as possible be able to be awake or around for a patch or maint, maybe take that into consideration since people sometimes take days off for a big content update of their favorite games like in ff14, wow and blade and soul to a smaller degree. Still problems will happen, it's only human, do what you can is all you can do. 🙂
  7. Duelist has some use, abit expensive but does have a use since psychs can be converted to mystic soulshield psychs if you don't mind the pvp ap. the cost to get a psych is 200k BP, 200k prestiege ( in token value) and other misc stuff with the psych as a base. those psychs in are 1.6mil in bp, the rest is meh to yeah not worth it. sure you can grind pho- but different scale on boss ap, crit dmg and mystic values can matter for a dps bump.
  8. sent, also why is the shop listing blank items :thinking: file repair?
  9. Depends what you want to do: kfm love counter based insignia , if it's sentinel, pretty solid to have in between best defense procs in solo dungeon or just dpsing in general.
  10. if you get hit by her purple attacks that knock you up- thats a stack to enrage eventually, same with impatience stacks tied to white aoe and red aoe, you shouldn't let the white or red aoe's overlap or touch or that will cause alot of impatience or outright hit 100.on the first phase, you just survive- 2nd phase is setting up white aoe's , start on a corner that is safe, walk clockwise or counter clockwise, have some move-speed on and walk/ dash periodically to dodge her landing on you or dashing to you- after the first 3 aoe's land, head to mid and wait for where she is- setup across for the
  11. i really wish they would add ranking back even if the rewards are nothing, but re-enabling would probably work, abit janky 😞
  12. if i farm sub or ad manually, does that make me an AI? :thinking:
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