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  1. This is not a good argument. You can never predict anyones droprate based upon this. I MIGHT be a exception but I doubt it. I'm currently 300 runs on both Altar and Namdo and sitting on 240 on Trials. That's more or less 840 runs on stage 5 or higher. I have YET to see a weapon drop for me or ANYONE ive partied with.
  2. Oh hey thats me on the Commitment outfit! 😄
  3. Just a quick and small suggestion! Since this weapon drops from both Namdo Shrine and Altar of the shrine, Could these 2 achievements be also added for stage 3 to be able to buy the Upsurge weapon chest?. For clarification; Currently to buy the Upsurge weapon (based upon your class) you currently need 300 runs of stage 5 or higher of Hall of trials. Im suggesting also adding in 300 runs of Namdo Shrine stage 5 or higher as well Altar of the Shrine stage 5 or higher. Thanks in advanced 😃
  4. Ill throw in my 2 cent in here as well 1. A way to exchange older scales (Black, Silver, Onyx) For the higher tier ones (Elder, Nocturnal, Shimmering). Currently you cant FARM scales. You can get them through daily dungeons but thats it. They dont drop as they used to. 2. As people have said, Newer soulshields at a discounted price. 3. Anything costume related? Would be refreshing seeing older costumes come back this way? (Maybe through a gold sink?) 4. Lower the cost of Honing Oils and Solar Energy for the Weekly chests. The important bit here is the sc
  5. @Green Storm Hiii Green Storm! Update looks great and all the feedback being taken seriously and seeing our voices heard gives us the player resurgence so thank you for that! One small suggestion I have is for the Upsurge Weapon chest being available at a Merchant now requires Hall of Trials 300 runs, the Stage 3 achievement. My suggestion is if it's possible to also add the Stage 3 Namdo shrine achievement to it? Thanks in advanced!
  6. Please let us change the weapon through support or something, Feels a bit odd that i have a RNG one while someone might get the normal one
  7. Just a tiny suggestion, If Commitment could be released back with the next outfit rotation that would be amazing! Thank you in advanced! 😄
  8. Will our current Upsurge weapon chest also change so we can pick from it? Currently holding one from clearing stage 8!
  9. This is amazing to hear! Thank you for the clarity on it! May i ask for those that still have the Weapon chest from completing stage 8. Will those weapon chest also change so we can finally select the weapon? Ive been keeping it in my vault for this to happen or is it possible to ask support to exchange the weapon chest for the correct class binding weapon? Thanks in advanced! 😄
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