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  1. Pet aura bug

    It’s been like that for weeks now and i know they are aware of that bug but they don’t seem to care at all even though it’s a pretty big one. I guess it’s an “intended feature”, just like the countless bugs that exists on this game for months or even years.
  2. I actually did a topic more than 1 year ago, 3v3 was dying but no one cares, i hope they notice this one..
  3. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    "Do you need to play bns to live? no" those kind of arguments are so bad man, YES i need to be geared to COMPETE with other players either in pvp or pve, and with the current stat of the game you CAN't unless you grind 24hours a day, it gives whales so many advantages over f2p players, yes they are paying but its still unfair given that you can't even farm what they get with their money. Games are all about COMPETITION with other players and not just mindless farm that will get you nowhere. Please just tell me you're trolling with your comments or i'm gonna lose fate in humanity
  4. Quintessence legendaire

    Tout en bas sur ton inventaire, y'a une icone ou y'a "coopérative du dragon", clique dessus -> premier onglet tu trouverai les quintessences
  5. This post made me doubt my english level cause i didnt understanding anything of what you're saying but looks like i'm not the only one. Can't tell if he's trolling or not.
  6. ummm, idk if you're serious or not but, outfit cost 20-30 gold on f5, and lowering the droprate of the outfit will increase the drop rate of other items like oil, pet pack, grace stones, So yeah i hope you got what i mean. But all of that doesnt matter if you don't even get 1 wheel ticket from 30 elder tables like me Trash event
  7. Focused Feedback:Harvest Tables boxes

    TRASH EVENT like usual, everyone was hyped for this event, then they gave us a hard slap in the face
  8. There is no way to know unless someone opens 1k+ tables. For me i opened 27 so far( elder tables btw) and got 0 wheel tickets, so that must give u an idea of how shitty the drop rate is, last yea'rs drop rates were waaay better, and well now that we need more mats/oils, we get less :D
  9. Gilded Garnet Gem

    Ok thanks for the info, i thought everyone who had gilded garnet farmed koldrak :( Yeah i guess that makes sense but still it sucks, who would go for gilded garnet if he had alts ( and who doesnt have at least one alt now) , i guess i'll keep those triple octa garnet
  10. Gilded Garnet Gem

    Well i can't find that anywhere on f10 but that's not the question here, why is it the only gem that is not bound to account? ps: if you're that familiar with f10 i wonder who's the whale then
  11. Gilded Garnet Gem

    idk if you're seriously saying that or not but everyone can get it if you're doing Koldrak everyday, you can't even get it other than that so what do you mean whale? that was a funny joke though nice one.
  12. Gilded Garnet Gem

    Not bound to account, but to character, Why ? All the other garnets are bound to account other than the gilded one, just why ? TRIGGERED
  13. Shameful Golden Harvest "event".

    Excited to end the stream
  14. Don't worry they will just ninja nerf the loot of tower of memory