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  1. Why is eveyone talking about 6v6 when in the title it says 'ARENA' not'battleground'
  2. KFM Flame Build

    Wind> fire KFM, just saying
  3. Live Support Vs Me

    I do that everyday i log in into the game, cause everytime there a new BOT(lv 50 btw), but that doesn't seem to work :)
  4. Disconnections at BG

    The worst thing is they are making it even worst after the last patch, now you get timed out if u dc. At least let us rejoin even when we're dead, ffs
  5. Years Later I returned

    hmm so how come everytime i log in i have to report/block for spamming a bot ( and everytime its a lvl 50 bot 'for some reasons'). I see that they are doing quite a good job by letting bots lvl up to 50. I wonder if reporting a bot even works
  6. I miss the time when i used to farm tradable moonstones Naksun, 10bundle drops too often, and 100bundle drops every 70 runs or so. Plus you didn't need as much moonstones as now to upgrade your gear.
  7. i think he's just making a point of how it would be if you force PVE players to do PVP, and your reaction is the perfect exemple for that, as there is people who do PVE and hate doing PVP, there is also people who does PVP and hate doing PVE, that's why they should make pvp accessories obtainable through PVP.
  8. Ya pas de changement de classe
  9. PVP is dead. Its already 3 weeks since season reset and when i look at spectate matchs i only see a couple of bronze and silver matchs, 0 gold match most of the times. Thats what happens when u make PVE waaaaaaay more rewarding than PVP. PvP is only rewarding for top players with a lot of smurfs to abuse season rewards.
  10. @Kyootic at least you can still farm them through PVE. whoever read your post will think that PVPers are more favored that PVEers which is definitely not true. Unlike pve, all PVP accessories are ONLY obtainable by FARMING pve.
  11. Hollow Hearts gloves

    yeah i read what you said, and NO there is no sneaky nerfs, i watched steams from when HH just came out of people doing 200+ runs and only saw it 1 or twice. it was crappy drop rates from the start.
  12. Hollow Hearts gloves

    20% O.O, i'd say more like around 1%, and i think every other legendary item is around that too, i did like 150+ HH and only saw it once, i saw 1 belt too on around 160 DD runs, 2 bracelet on 180 ST runs. So yeah, saying 20% that's like 1 every 5 runs which is not even close.
  13. Hollow Hearts gloves

    Only god and Nc$oft know the drop rates
  14. You mean 1 step forward and 2 steps back? :D, bns when it just came out 2 years ago was way waaaaay better than right now, all i do in f8 right now is searching for a ST pt to farm it all day, cause there is nothing else to do, they nerfed everything, there is no need to do anything other than farm ST, and do raids for gear, that's it, that is bns end game right now. back in lv45 there was a lot of things to do to gear up and it was fun. woops, that was a little bit off topic, well yeah that's classic nc$oft with the ninja nerf, everything that will harm players they don't say it on patchnotes and they only say what will make them look good , which is pointless tbh and will only worsen their image and made them look even more bad. I just don't see the reason behind not saying anything and just nerf rewards.