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  1. I saw 'key' and 'giveaway' in the title i though it was a treasure trove key giveaway
  2. Whats is big 8 ?

    it's dungeons from naryu sanctum to sandstorm temple
  3. Go ingame, press f5, look at which ever mats you want, and look at the price at the prices over a week, or even just since yesterday, it continue to decrease. i Wonder what's the reason for that
  4. I don't think the trove will lead to increase of mats price, you can see even from now that mats price are decreasing on the market as trove is approaching, people are selling their mats cause they know it'll decrease even more when trove comes out. The last trove is an exception, NOT because of secret safe, but because of the 5M xp charm. Cause it came out in the same date of trove, so every whale was buying those mats to lvl up. I actually think that trove is beneficial for everyone, mats price will decrease so f2p players can progress faster, and whales are satisfied
  5. @SkFy, i agree 100%. few suggestions to make pvp alive: 1. remove dragon certificats 2. remove whirlwind keys 3. make the ranking system for 3v3 starts from 1400 like you did for 6v6, cause it's way more dead than 1v1 and 6v6 I actually made a topic about that 1 month ago and another one 2 months ago, but everytime it ends up with no one responding to the topic so it just dies. https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/239296-please-fix-3v3-ladder/?tab=comments#comment-2028570 I hope this time people will actually keep this topic alive so that they at least notice the problem.
  6. EME , if u were from EU playing Tera, you'll know what a real crappy company looks like
  7. I hope it will be account bound on 20 june well surely not gonna happen, making it account bound means less profit for them on trove i guess
  8. How to make old content not worthless

    I don't think treasure pouches Will motivate people to run these dungeons. I'm ok with them making older dungeons not worth running, but they should give new players enough gear from story quest to directly run at least naryu sanctum, Like giving free oath necklace and belt, and at least a baleful/seraph stage 7.
  9. Will Blade Dancer's Bug Be Ever Fixed?

    I see them responding to a ncoins bug topic in less than 30min, but when it comes to an ingame bug who cares
  10. locked account

    i had the same problem 1 year ago, locked my account for no reason, they asked me a couple of question with a 24h delay each time, even though i responded immediately. and then they unlocked it after 3 days, without giving me any explanation or compensation whatsoever.
  11. Did they really say they wanted moonstone price to go down? wow... well then, either they are lying or they are just being stupid, cause they did exactly the opposite, they removed daily challenge chest, and they removed moonstone chests from 6v6 weeklies, that explain why moonstones keeps going up. idk how they can't understand such an obvious thing.
  12. It's more likely that they did a mistake on the patchnotes, So yeah, they really intended to do 5min enrage timer
  13. Thise whole patch is just ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up, feels like they just come with stupid ideas and apply them without testing them out or whatever.