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  1. About the rng box coming soon.

    you exchange the iron conqueror medallion on Dasari palace garden in gunwon, so yes you can choose.
  2. Support System

    Old system? i sent like 5-6 tickets more than 1 year ago and they all took 24h+ to respond, how old is your 'old'?
  3. Gilded Garnet Gem

    am i the only one who's curious, FaScInAtEd, TRIGGERED that gilded garnet is NOT bound to account like every other gem ??
  4. Right now u only need 100 cores for old accessories and no dungeon runs requirement, but yeah, you need to run these dungeons cause thats what u can run with your gear, maybe EL, IF mines and HH too if u find a nice exp party
  5. Do your dailies, lvl up alts if u have time. Aaand to get to 1400ap u need a lot of $ , or patience until u get there
  6. the class ranking is region wide The only way to get up in rank in bgs is by winning you must be gold+ AND top 300 to get venture tokens . 300-91 gets 2 green tokens, 90-46 gets 3 tokens i think ...etc
  7. 120 in game ping good enough to play KFM optimally?

    120 ingame ping is pretty good, you shouldn't have any problem playing any classe especially on pve. I've been Wind KFM for over 2 years now and i don't see any problem playing it even with 150+ ingame ms. I don't know why most people think wind kfm is more ping dependent than fire, Fire kfm is actually more ping dependent than wind cause you need to spam your 2, so the faster you spam the better dps you get so you need less MS, similar to fire bm spamming rmb. And don't get me wrong a class being more ping dependent doesn't mean its harder to play than the other, it just mean that ping have so much impact on the dps
  8. Wall dash problem

    Maybe you forgot to take the purple quest in jadestone village. Its the only quest i know that you have to take it yourself from an old man in jadestone.
  9. Lyn Warden... '-'

    Because they need people to spend money on rerace tickets when it will come out, which will not happen if they put lyn warden from the start.
  10. I did apply the code but no 7 days premium, didn't they mention a 7day premium ? O.O
  11. New Battle Royale + AFK animations

    I think it Will be a really good pvp mode, especially the fact that it is equalized gear.But the real problem in NA/EU is how much time will u wait to gather 20 players, even in 3v3 arena sometimes you have to wait more that 10 min to find a match.
  12. Spam, scam prevention

    The reel question is, how the heck are all those bots spamming in faction and region chat LVL 50, Lv50 ffs. If ncsoft was really doing their job and banning them, there wouldnt be any lv50 bot left. Everytime i log in, and see a bot spamming i immediately block&report ingame, and i'm sure thousands of players do it too, so yeah i don't see what you need a ticket for that, especially when their name is something like "kjdjsiwncrdos", like srsly, just ban them
  13. It's a shame that a 2+ years content still have the same droprate, we should be able to get BT accessories in 1 or 2 weeks max.
  14. Exchange service

    2 years 0.0, welcome to the present buddy, how is bns in 2020? Still alive?
  15. trove soon?

    Yes i saw it, i appreciate the idea of a garenteed rewards, but 1k keys for octagonals is wayy too stingy, that reward should be at like 300 keys, 1k keys should give gilded gems