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  1. i sealed my kfm 3rd spec bracelet and transferredit to BD but i cant open the box cuz its only allowed for 3rd spec chars and now way to move it to kfm again cuz no gear what should i do is there any willing to give us option to open it or i send ticket or what just any support reply to me please
  2. how by farming again and buy seal charms to send all my items back to old char to be able to farm 11 elder scale to just change 1 item thats stupid
  3. why i cant open thundercall bracelet box after i reseal why its only allowed to 3rd spec chars make sure all item can transfer and i can chose what item to get like ring or earing thats stupid need reply please or make it able to open box on eny char if you wont make us chose the bracelet at least let us open the box so we can farm and change it
  4. if ncsoft opened General Discussion they will see that 90% of posts for player upset from how bad this game going and they trying to help ncsoft with good idea to make game better so they replaying only on posts that will not help i have a good idea player farming CB for matts and it realy help the so much what if you removed that pouch from CB and put it in F10 every day so they have to donate or make something better remove all matts from game and make it only by donate its very good idea
  5. they dont care bro they want to close this game not to make it better lol bro you should know that
  6. LOL bro they will not do live stream CUZ there is no player in game to watch it they know game is dead and player not interested any more for any thing they do so they just move on they realy think if they killed free to play and make it pay2win they will get more player they dont know that every one in game start as free to play then they would love to donate for them not start with donate no balance in pve or pvp every thing price is increased by 10 gold per day PTS was 280 gold now 450g in 2 month oil was 330~360 now it almost 600 gold in 2 month sacred orb was 70S now
  7. is that what you want NCsoft ppl doing 40m DPS killing Mao 99m HP par in 2.5sec realy im trying hard to get end gear to deal 2m+ but now no i will not fooled my self with playing this game i will not donate to this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ again im quiting this game
  8. frist i want to say that so much ppl left the game this month cuz they cant donate (yeas cuz game now is P2W) so i have some suggestions that may help 1- about PTS ( premium transformation stone) after last update you made MSP key with (sacred orb ) now its over priced cuz sacred orb now cost 1.5 gold each so what about make PTS like sacred oil i mean give us an option to carft untradable with more cost but with normal matt not sealed like ( 16 MS crystal +16 elysian crystal + 60 sacred crystal +60 soulstone crystal ) with 100% success rate thats realy will make so much ppl co
  9. i had same problem on my old pc till 2 days ago i got new one ryzen 5 2600 + M.B msi b450m bazzoka blus + 16gb ram 3200 +ssd + gtx 1050 ti now my fps with max graphic is 40fps in combat my old pc was 9 fps in combat with low setting
  10. what are you talking about ?!! you mean ues blue dragon crux to upgrade path or to open TT ring or earing to stage 1 cuz you cant you them to upgeade path and im talking about upgrade cost from 3 to 4 & from 6 to 7 & from 9 to 10
  11. I just want to ask about whan we get Ring and Earing cost decrease Cuz it just madness to pay (960 MS = 7.5k gold )+( 600 ELy = 3k gold )+( 2.4k sacred = 1.8k gold )+( 1680 SS = 1k gold )+( 6 PTS =1.8k gold) +( 2 pristine oil = 900gold ) total = 16k gold for 2 acc and please dont tell me you can farm that may take 1 year of farming ( im sure you will not do anything ) i just hope you can hear me and do something
  12. you said you will reduce Rift-Dwon costment but nothing happend so if you can do it in today update
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