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  1. This isn't a UE4 bug, as I remember having the same issue on UE3. The skill illusions are just screwed for me and it seems like it's just random players who have the same issue as me as well.
  2. Why do people say the game isn't p2w but just pay to progress? When you can pay to skip months or years of farming, that's p2w. The point of a mmo is to gear up and carry on in a constant gear treadmill, when the difference between "semi max gear" and completely maxed gear is like 2x the dps that's ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  3. Nagisa there are limited spots in rankings and not everyone will get that high right off the bat quick enough, especially if they're a new player. You only need to look at unity system to see the p2w in the game, how was it feasible for any f2p to leg ascension stones before the boxes came out in f10 just yestsrday? Hell just look at the ap of a fully maxed char. You will never reach that as f2p starting now.
  4. @Grimoir Have you even seen what the bugs are? Blind defence isn't going to give you brownie points my guy. And what's the gap between skill changes again? What makes you think they've even tested this? Man as if they care the amount that you think they do about this game. They fail on several fronts and you always seem to defend them giving excuses rather than actually addressing any issues. Do you at least get paid for this?
  5. Yeah it's a you issue lol. Switch to the appropriate shields at least I guess, and well, even if there's something horribly wrong, kfm has been busted in 6v6 since vt. So it's whatever lol.
  6. Which is why saying it's free if you farm the mats is a bit silly.
  7. I guess you are a kfm main lol. Your v4 is resettable how many times? And you don't have any lack of iframes, if your damage is bad as a kfm either you have literal no gear compared to your opponents or you just suck hard. And no, kfm does ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out damage, you just need to look at kfms in actual games right now. It's like me being unable to rotate iframes and skills probably on warden and then complaining how weak it is, hell kfm can just go in blow their skills and more often than not they'll get a kill. Speaking for fire kfm ofc, wind
  8. The servers give you a 0 byte file for sk lmao. Only way around it is getting the file off another player who has bns installed before last month when this issue was first introduced. There's a fix here:
  9. They can, they did just get a big investment from kr actually. But, blindly defending them with far fetched reasons is a thing in this forum apparently.
  10. How can you say kfm is weak in bg lmao. Are you a kfm main or something?
  11. There's reasons why but that doesn't suddenly make it acceptable for how long it takes. The soulshields being fixed wasn't evem documented it was just a result of copypasting whatever kr had. You could even tell they weren't aware of it because of what's stated in the patch notes for assassin's shields. Whether your speculation is the reason for the long delay or not, it doesn't excuse the length that's being taken in fixing such an easy issue. I doubt the tickets made do anything either :')
  12. They fixed the soulshields last patch what even are you saying anymore? How is that bunch of bullshit you've just said, not whiteknighting? Like what even makes you think the situation between ncwest and kr is like that? And in what world besides bizarro world is it fine to have this bug persist for so long? We both know that it will since the highest level pet is unbugged so who cares right, but that doesn't make it acceptable.
  13. It's been borked on eu for so long, since gunner release or something
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