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  1. Dungeon Problem

    I am entering one dungeon several times.After entered I am quiting after 1 sec. 1-Players entering dungeoons 2 player and after did many quests until last boss they LF party members. 2-I wana run full dungeon but many dails let them leave before full run. 3-They dont care full run or they wana run after high item lvl. Players teling me this after asked why you entered 2 player dungeon. Becouse they can run alone. So why you dont run alone and LF party members and wasting our time? How many times ı must try to find full run party? This is specialy wasting our time and must be perma ban reason. If we wana run dungeon and cant run becouse of this kind of players what is the point of having dungeons? I cant do quests becouse they always doing quests until last boss. I tryed 24 time for just one dungeon.They alredy did all quests. I will have penalty after leving many party but they dont have any penalty+They doing this specialy. This means they specialy kiling our fun and cantroling dungeons like this SO they can sell items or game money. If ı look for party always they asking for enter dungeon without full party. 4-5 player ok for me too but WHY 2 PLAYER ALWAYS ENTERING ? We need to do someting about it.This kiling our fun+wasting our time+you pnushing us fır this not this kind of players. So if one player wana play for fun its like imposible. If you complain about they alredy did quests many times they rep you with bad language or swears. NC Soft ,ı am asking you chance dungeon run rules becouse its imposible play like this. All day waiting trying for one full run.Its just wasting our time and wasting your money.
  2. I wanted enter dungeons(Big mistake)

    Oh well nothing chanced.Everyone leving and 2-3 players doing dungeons until last boses. I tryed again again again.I just hate every player now I saw in dungeon runs. I hope never need play with other players after have fulll items.Basicly everyone hacker or money seller except me. Other player realy not normal players.I never meet somone playing game for fun.
  3. Its big mistake.All dungeon runs canceled.I quit from 6.Players leaved from 12. I quit becouse they alredy did quests and waiting for last boss.So ı wil run for lastboss and ı will not take anyting from side quests.1 or 2 player entering dungeons and starting play until last boss .When we trying enter eh well only one boss and its not dungeon run for us. You need to stop leting players enter dungeons without full party. Many dungeon under control of money sellers too. I entered many dungeons but after doing daily quests all players leaved like 12 time. I spend my hours for nothing. I can forgive you for anyting but let players spend my time for nothing and bad game planing its very very bad idea.Why you puting dailys like this? I wana run full dungeon not last boses.No one run.How many times ı must try? Oh yes full dungeon runs giiving normal players like us 2-3 gold and we cant take it becouse no one let us play full run.I now game under control of money sellers and hackers. Every part of game. Just asking NCSOFT why you dont let them buy game?They have better support they alredy controling game. Maybe we can play?
  4. Live Support Vs Me

    We have live support?Nop. I was mad today becouse of money sellers.Spamming like hell and my friend list always bugged becouse of them. I wanted talk with them.Oh wow they have live support.I clicked and 5 sec later someone come online. I told him I will not buy anyting.Stop to bother me or trying to add friend list. They told me ok.I gived my nick for stoping spam or sending friend request for me. I hope they stop now. I dont sweared(I wanted but I did not)or speaked nice.I gived them order like a boss. Stop it .I wil not buy never. I hope this works. Soo Dear NCSOFT. You have live support?Active game masters?Can you stop money sellers? Can you stop money sellers control game raids for take all cashs?I cant enter any good area becouse no one wants me.Only higest dps or AP players.This players dont have life? Its not fair.They controling game.We cant ern in game money eazly.I want enter raids or good game money giving quest but only money sellers controling.You cant enter.You cant ern money. Just talking NCSOFT 1-You dont have good support like money sellers. 2-You cant stop or dont wana stop money selllers. 3-You dont help players who pay for game or play wiithout do any illegal thing. 4-You dont have active game master who can stop money sellers,bots ettc. Good game but why you runing this game? I mean hackers have better support than you and doing better job. You are offical game company?What is this?You CEO is kid under 12 year old? Dont you noticed all game under control of money sellers and you let them do what you want? Rent some active players for be game masters.Many player can do it reeely if you give them in game items. Years after I returned game and same like before except one thing.You have more bugs.
  5. First 2 day ı was able to play without problem. I blocked money sellers like always I did in game. After 2 day (I lerned game again)I have bugs and many like years before. First bug I cant pick login items.I can see many many exp charm but never able to click or pick.I dont know why. I used chat for asking about games or talking with players(I know its very vrey big mistake) After that when I press F2 my game crashed for 1 day.I never used F2 after that.Hackers I thing. I lerned game and how to farm items etc and entering dungeonsfor farming. Now I have new bugs.I always having game crash in Shogun.I idid several times before.Nothing hapened but today its started. So.If ı dont enter shogun I am fine.Its like game company never fixed anyting.Aded new lvl cap items chenced everyting but aded new bugs only.We dont asked for new areas items or lvl cap. So only thing we can do is farm.Farm after we have max item lvls(its imposible if you have real life) The will add new lvl cap.All we do is farming. Why we play games?For fun.Soo you thing farming funny?How many times ı must do one dungeon? Another point. Old areas emty.New ones full for farming. Bugs,hackers,bots,money sellers,faming only game or pay to win. I payed game before.Now I never pay again. Why ı must pay?It money milking.We buying best items ok fine but you adning better items.It just stupit idea. I was hoping I can able to play without DC or crash problems.Nop always same. Always money sellers in my friend request list.Always same websites.So you dont do anyting for this too. I am playiing other online games.This one special.Buggy like hell.No one cares what we want. How about new gunner class?You thing its blanced?I am hiting 100 time and enemy player dont die. Gunner hiting 5 time I die.LOL AP what is this? So do you know old game name Rappelz?It was god game but company smilar to you.They have only 1 server now and maybe 100 player.They did same mistakes like you.Money sellers was always in game,Hackers,Bots and always aded new lvl cap with new items. If you start from lvl 1 in this rappelz game you can have best items and gears in 2 year if you dont sleep or eat. Soo if one new player come BNS.Without pay any money its like same.Years for max item lvl.Farming farming farming. If you rich player and can pay for items.WHY WE PAY FOR BUGGY GAME WE CANT STAY ONLINE OR ALWAYS ADD NEW ITEM LVLS? İf you wana mone milking look bigger game companys like blizzard.One costume for limited time.They erned 14.000.0000 USD. Just one. I can say you doing very very wrong.I am gamer.I have youtube channels and I never advice someoen play this game or pay for it. First solve bug problems.Second we wana stay online not have DC several time.If we cant stay online why we pay? Fix money seller problem.What kind of company you are?You working with them?warcraf is first game haved same problem and they dont have now.Ask them what you can do lol if you dont know or sell game better company.
  6. Ty for buggy new patchs

    I have 3 pc in my home,ps4,ps3,x-box.I never have connection problems in any game .I was primium player here before.I quit becouse of having many DC when ı am primium.I come back few days before.You always adding new pachs game.Its ok.I found game chanced much.Many areas laggy and have bugs.Some costumes(after year still buggy) etc.When ı started play game you need lvl up but now pay and max lvl.(You wasted my time before).You can have best items etc with money.Why?Play bugged game or game you cant stay in?I have many DC again after your new pachs. Did you asked players who pay for game for adding new items or pach?I thing you dont you just aded everyting they relesed.You know if someting not broken you dont need to try repair it.There is no more fun.Many areas emty.All new areas laggy and have bugs..You know in other mmorpg becouse of one bug repor they closed play one class for 2 day?Ok now ı am quiting again.I posted here becouse your game have many many bugs.Its ok ı can understod but why you trying to keep add new pachs game?If ı found good old version of this game ı will play.Your version cant playable anymore. Golden rule of all games.If players liked DONT CHANCE IT.I told my guild ı dont come back and kick me. You have 2 option in game. 1-quit from real life and farm every day for just play same dungeons again again(you can have many dc but keep try it) 2-Pay a lot of money and dont do anyting.If you try open map pvp ıts alredy died.Arena you dont need items and many bots,cheater non balanced game.You dont need farm soo pay for best items and sit somewhere. I found another option quit and find new game whic is without your company.Ty for everyting bby.
  7. Servers-Cash Store

    Hello.I am returning players.I was primium player.Payed over 300 EU and stoped play.Now ı can buy anyting for upgrade my wepons etc with credit card. Soo this is good for me or not?I have money for buy what I want.My AP was 551 after first login today.Now 751 and need 9 flover for upgrade my wepon only. I can buy from cash store after ?You chanced game too much.Now its pay to win.More pay =better items.Do you know some games pay to play never give items like this and they have 35 milion active player?Free to play but pay to win games always die.I know becouse ı played tera now they have 2 server only.I can understood addning new stırys and maps game but are you sure about it?You tested it and you have server machines for good play?Why we have always have dc in new areas?Why we have always lag in new areas?OK we have events and many player in this areas.Fine.Explain this to me.Whe we dont have lagg before when player number higer in old maps? Dont understood me wrong but your company doing wrong.No bodys wana pay for game he cant stay in.Have good servers we stay you dont have who cares?There is many other online game. Few days before I uninstaled game.I buyed new PC and I thing maybe my old PC reason for have lags and dc.Well 64 gb ram,8 gb video card new model gaming pc.Never having lost connection or dc in other games.Sorry I am lying 1 time I haved in 3 month.OK I started again.I joined one guild and did new story liine some dungeons etc.I have 4 time dc in new maps today for event.Many time my game frezed.I cant able to finish event wuest becouse of crashs like before every time you add new areas.I am playing new game and for play you must pay.All accounts must pay.I buyed 3 account and in game items whic is only cosmetics.I buyed over 500 item.This means I payed 650 EU in total with accounts. I never have lag,ıts work in my old and new pc but have better grafics than this game.I never have dc.Company dong realy good.You know we dont need buy new accounts but we buying? They have active 35.000.000 player. They are rich company.Difrent game difrent company.You still have game money sellers and hackers in game.I realy love this game but you kiling it now.Why you aded item for 50 lvl? Why you chanced game pay to win..If players pay money having better items.You dont know rich players never play games like this?I am rich.I will not pay for this game again. 1-Game always have hackers.Spammers. 2-Game aways have lag and we always have DC.Some hackers can make you dc in pvp too. 3-Game is pay to win now whic means there is no meaning of enter dungeons or lvling. 4-Before game like always farm and wait new pach and farm again.When we have max item lvl and you adding new items we again farm.Now pay to win soo if we pay now you will add new items and we will pay again.Its like circle you will do this until no one plays. 5-Your servers not good,game have many bugs and you dont do anyting about it. I just like game style.Not your company or your company policy.For me you fooling us.I hope you chance your company CEO and find new one.Just thing about this. Who will pay for game cant play?Me nop.Look other game companys who dying who have many player.
  8. I can use my favorite skil build before new pachs.Now I need farm again+You chenced skil window again whic is bad. If ı opened my skil before pach with my hard work how you can delete my all works in game? I realy liked my skil build now need farm again.No on was in game when ı login.Are you happy about losing all your players like you did in other games?
  9. Discconnect

    I tryed someting new in game.I dont played after new pach.Maybe 1 or 2 day after I quit. I am playing difrent games too.Online fps like overwach or other MMORPG games. Some games only pay to play like overwach some games free to play.I am paying here to. For costumes,primium etc etc. When I dont use chat I never get DC.I play with my alts,main etc etc.I dont get lag or DC. When I use chat I started have lag and get dc.I dont used much mayve typed 2 or 3 word. You can say its becouse your pc or internet.I dont dc or have lag from any game. Only blade and soul. I loved game when first started.I wanted play.PVP and pve very very good game.I see after many pach new items new lvl caps etc.New areas new dungeons.Nice isnt it? My problem is I lliked old Bade and Soul.I wanted pvp in misywoods.I wanted pvp in desert.Now only arena. Did any game designer or game master tryed to do faction quest and checked faction balance? 4 -5 blue aganist 500 red. Soo you did same mistake before you did your old games.Game can be free but I prefer pay over 200 USD another game for play.Why?I can stay in game without DC.I can be sure they keep balance and let let anyone or any grup over povered.You know how we haye when lag and dc ?I quit again maybe never back.I wish some another company work this game
  10. I disconnected just min ago again.My connectıon good and fast.I can wach online movies or youtube or can enter any website and use.My pc work good with new games or another MMORPG games too.Like I saıd its started after I block some players.One of them is play like non human whic is no body can play.Probably he is some kind of hacker.I fıgt with him before and its like his faster than any player or How I can say.Not normal player whic is you thing beter tahan word BnS champion. I was able to move his HP bar.Little bit like 1 or 2.I must report local police for trying hack me or I must report game supprt etc.I am paying money this game but cant play becouse of this.Its aganist law isnt it?What must I do?Do you thing game support help me?Maybe I must want my money back and quit?I realy dont care if game let us someone make dc.Its happened years ago in another game calling rappelz other players used game bugs and maked us dc in guild war.Company dont maked anyting but they told ıts bug and they aded new pach after it but we lost war.Soo I am sure my pc and my ınternet ıs good.What must I do.If I quit Ill do what they want.If ı stay ı cant play too.Soo help me.If need I can post here myy block list.Another point I am good with pc too and I am sure ıts nıt my mistake.
  11. My game started crash and disconnect after I remove my friend list and block many players.Some of them is good about PC and using somekind of macro when play or I am afraid they know some bugs and use aganist me.Before I block they I dont Dc or my game crashed.Last 2 day I dont able to play mpre than 10 min.I am sure bout someone doing this in my block list. I told I never open my block list too.I will not so I must chance nick?I must report everyone in my list or I must keep continue like this..I dont chanced my pc or aded new software too.Same pc same game same Internet connectıon.
  12. Why I blocked anyone talking with me

    I am not new player.I cant play becouse of my job.I cant be online when working.I play only in my holidays.My job is difrent.I make 6 month holiday and work for 6 month. When I come back my Ap was like 300.My high lvled charcter was sin and HM1.I buyed 32.000 Nc Coin and 1 month primium for fast lvl up and money.Maybe more than 32.000 I am not sure.I buyed accidently many times too. When I am tryıng to do misty wood faction quest I killed by crimsons many many times.I never sweared or sayed bad words.I am aware of this ıs PVP game.I maked my sin in 2 week hm9 and Ap 586 Ill be 620 in 3 day.I will not stop until I have best gears in Twin Wagon Server.I am playing minimum 8 hour everyday.I am doing every daily and avible quests.I realy like this game.I am not very good player but working hard and trying lern better play.Many players have crimson and curilian characters.I am only curilian with my all charcters.I know in my server crimsons more than us and powerful but Its my choice.Many players with hihg AP kiled me many times when I am realy in lov gears and now.Some players have like 700++or 800 +AP and can kill me eazly.Some players in my friend list when see me I am in misty woods come and specialy hunt me.Yup my friends.When I kill lover geared players they only swear me.Saying bad words about me and my family.When ı started to win fights many old friends used bad words too.Some guilds in my server whic is I want entered refuzed me becoue I am noob.They started to invite without asking me after I pass 550 Ap.One guild I was in talked about they share acount wiith family members and using some macros and we can get guild ban because of it.I quit after hear that.One of my old guilds started to talk like pervert and used many bad words after lern I am girl in voice chat.Soo I never meeet someoen kind or good in my server.Its common for me.I played many other MMORPG and always same.Your gender,your items,your nationality or regions.Nothing can stop players use bad words about this.Why ı must be some players girlfriend?I am here for play game nor for find BF or pervert talks.Soo I decided to blck anyone and removed everyone in my friend list.I dont talk in chat or rep anyone.If someoen say hii.Just blocking.I only talk in dungeon runs when need it.Another point.Some players trying to make my dungeon runs fail.Specialy When ıt happens I block and note nicks.When I see in my party I jut quit and look for new party.I created one guild and I decide to be stay alone in it.Some players from another game know me well here maybe they are doing this I am not sure but This all is my reason for talk others and block anyone.I am Eriniy.
  13. Win Trade In Battleground

    I am enterıng battleground for farmıng SS.Many tımes some players AFK ın base.Some players talkıng wıth us but dont play.They know enemy players and say the powerful etc.... They waıt ın bse untıl enemy wın.Half of my team or 5 of my team stay ın base.Sometımes 1-2 player stay ın base. I played other game lıke thıs one they put some rules.Lıke ıf you dont move or fıght youll get auto kıck from battle ground and you cant neter for 1 day etc. Illput some pıctures here specılay one player told me do what you want or report me etcc.I dont play and ıll stay ın base.Soo what must ı do?Free to play games have better rulses lıke dont let afk players or wıntraders enter thıs kınd of games.Soo plz can you do somtıng about ıt Ill report too.Here some pıctures. Forux named player wa sın my last 3 games and they never played but talked wıth me.He told me(gat screenshots maybe 300)Report me they dont do anytıng.Soo I open topıc and ıll report all screenshots I taked ın battleground.Faır play ıs dıfrent thıng but cheating with win trade isnt it illegal?Internatıonla laws+Game rules or Who wana play game after thıs kınd of players always there?
  14. Guild Traps

    He knows In this moment f up but I gat dc after frezeed.One of my arana mach.Funny picture:P Some guilds trying to hack or scam us.They teling look this website or sending some files in social media. My antivurus and firewall giiving warnings.........Money selllers dont whisper me after I comeback half year later for long time. I was happy and I noticed they started to whisper me when I buy NC coins from offical website and become primium. Soo ıt is proving for me someone in NCsoft working for money sellers.Whey they dont whisper me until ı buy NC coin? Well I never use another website for buy someting but I dont turust NCSoft workers. My reasons 1-They give NC coins after 12 hour.Some people like me can accidently try to buy again couse in game teling us just failed to buy. Soo they let us click again couse they want more money.It not good way for it. 2-Money sellers do not whisper me(I was very active)Until I buy NC coins. See you in game.
  15. I played NCSoft old games year before.They was have gold seller problem until they sold game servers. They dont have bot player problem becouse undiying mobs was everywhere becouse of game design. I gat hacked 3 time in NCSof old games.In forum and game.They taked my items.I payed game officaly over 1000 USD.Game suppot never helped me.I quit after 3 th hack.Not only me maybe 1000 player gat hacked and we was have hacked players list.Same korean games.when they sold game suprise we never see gold sellers again and no one hacked.They aded game bank protection password after ı hacked 3 th time but orginal game was have this protection and they romeved is for some reason. Soo they let it.They just aded again. Here I realy love game.I tryed use my antivurus program but for some reason Game dot work good and have big lagg spikes if I use antivurus programs.If I dont no problem.I am using same program with another Korean MMORPG games and never have problem.If you thing other game need better pc Its just giving me this idea.NCSoft dont want me use my antivurus program.If you tell me they have antihack game protection they do this better than big compans whic is originaly doing antihack and antivurus softwares. Lets talk about BnS.Its popular now and free to play. We just pay for simple items and its dont effect our pvp or its not p2w.Realy it is?If you buy gold from money sellers you can upgrade your items eazly to max.So its not true.If you look pased years and NCSoft.I thing they doing this or leting this.They take more money like this.So they are company work for money right?If they let this they can ern more money right? Game have many bots I figted with many.Sometimes ı dont noticed they are bots. Chat window useles.Firiend list useles.Some bots talking too.So ı need make test aganist other players real human or bot.If ı want to play aganist bots ı Prefer single player games. Bots faster than humans.If you fight with good programmed both you cant win. Basic ones eazy.How about fun?Its not funny anymore. I want to have friends I cant becouse ı am not sure they money seller or bot. I want use chat I cant becouse they se my nick name and trying add friend list. How they know my nick?If ı dont speak how they trying me add friend list? Everytime chat full with money sellers. So I decided to quit after gat best gears and max lvl 2 charcter. I dont be online and I dont want now.I am realy mad about it. I want to buy new costumes but I dont turust NCSoft about it. I want play and fhave fun but I cant.I want to have friends but ı cant. Ill come back after 6 moth.Ill call my lawyer when I come back and Ill tell him report NCsoft to local and international internet crime centers becouse of they did in past and now. I hope another company run this game becouse ı realy like and want play.If you ask why ıll come back after 6 month its becouse of my work.