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  1. Cuz in Drowning Deeps, well-used Skystone prevent you getting knockbacked. Cuz when you don't feel like tanking, Skystone allows you to float on boss' head, thus reset aggro for someone who is more willing to tank.
  2. Else, there is no point hitting him more than once per day, unless you multi-alt him, or hope for that super-duper rare drop of garnet from loot. I got two garnets from boxes after two months and made a hepta garnet, but I prefer something less RNG. Other gems already have upgrade cost reduction, a full set of hepta, octa is within reach, and the future with gilded garnet and dyad garnet-obsidian and 8 gem slots is not too far away, so I think it is now time to speed up the grind a bit. Ideally, the box quality will drop respective number of scales: -Normal/Last-hi
  3. Prefer them to be trade-able with Black Feather from Heaven's Mandates. That dungeon has its own currency, but literally nothing to spend on.
  4. Would be cool if I can show people the outfit I'm making so that I can ask for their opinions directly in-game. People can also don in the outfit sample to see if it looks nice on their characters.
  5. You can max out all slots like me, but you will find yourself lacking of slots cuz the game keeps adding new currencies, materials. I have to offload some materials to other alts, but some materials are very expensive to mail in large number, and many of them are still bound-to-characters. The first vault slot is the worst, as they only have half of the capacity.
  6. First, remember to log in your account. Second, disable your ad-blocker. There is a pop-up for successful registration, but it can be blocked by ad blockers. Third even if there is no pop-up cuz ad-blockers, you still finish registration. Click on the Register button again will prompt you a message that you already registered it. Everything is done at this step.
  7. They want to get profits from that fat mobile market, especially when it costs less to develop a mobile game. However, 4 mobile games (including the upcoming BnS Revolution, which is made by NetMarble) is just greedy and lazy. Actually, it is 6 mobile games, since there are Aion 2 and Lineage 2 M too Meanwhile, Unreal 4 update for BnS is nowhere to see. Really, I hate this kind of greed enough that I wish them just fail miserably, like how they ignore players' feedback with Master x Master and has to shut down the game. They blatantly ignore players who actu
  8. They will eventually be account-bound, I believe. However, not before the next bracelet is released. The next dungeon drops necklace, so no reason to make Master Hong's tokens being account-bound even when the dungeon is no longer in ranking. Like how Yeoharan's coins still stay character-bound.
  9. The outfit I got is zero for now, cuz I don't open boxes daily. Instead, I wait for the end of the event and open them all, since NCWest may implement quality-of-life improvements in the meantime. Like what they have done with salvage-able tokens. And from what I see people opening their boxes, there is this dude gets 4 wheel pouches and proc 4 outfit pouches, after wasting like 100g + materials opening boxes on many characters. I guess he is very happy now lol. So yeah, assuming all what you want. If I have outfits, I rather gives them to 11 characters I have instead.
  10. This event is just your common Daily Challenges + Extra Dungeon event formula, with extra steps (craft items and cost gold to transmute) and less rewards (cannot grind for oil).
  11. People who whale for materials from Trove will spend thousands of Trove keys and eventually get all items of outfit sets. People who spend a more humble number of Trove keys mainly for outfits tend to not be as lucky. They may end the Trove with incomplete set of outfits. Personally, I have a Mythos outfit without Helmet, and a Kitsune hair without outfit, for example. It feels very... unsatisfying, and no, it is impossible to spend more cuz reasons. I think NCSoft should just add all outfit items of the same set to a pouch instead, so that once a player manage to roll
  12. I think there is the case of mobile phones porting to PC. Maybe NCSoft will consider this if BnS 2 on Mobile is successful enough. Not what I hope for though cuz of simplified gameplay.
  13. From what I remember, the preview stream said the outfit pouch drop rate this year is increased, which is an extremely bad move. First, unlike last year, the outfit pouch is already trade-able. Unlucky players can just get from lucky ones, following the supply-demand rule. However, since you increase the drop rate of the pouches, the outfit becomes oversupply and drop significantly in prices (only 30-40g now in NA and keep dropping). Yeah, yeah, I know cheap outfits means every player can get it, but check the second point below. Second, increased drop rate of the outfi
  14. I remember the preview stream said that the outfit drop rate from the wheel is increased, which is a bad move since the outfit pouch is all trade-able. It would be understand-able if the outfit is rare and account-bound. However, if it is trade-able, it means unlucky people will be able to get it from other lucky players. Giving it higher chance does not only devalue the outfit pouches (it keeps getting cheaper on F5), but also pisses off other players who aim for non-outfit prizes.
  15. Yeah, assuming all items are self-supply Elder's Tables cost 7g per transmutation. So you basically waste 63g for nothing.
  16. Just notice today that there are differences in transmutation prices of the three tables: Kid's Table = 1g Grown-up's Table = 3g Elder's Table = 5g What does this mean? You will earn 82 boxes at the end of the event. Assuming you craft all event materials which, which cost 2g per set per daily craft. Events have 28 days, so you need 168g to craft for 82 boxes 82 Kid's Tables = 82g + 164g = 246g 82 Grown's Tables = 246g + 164g = 410g 82 Elder's Tables = 410 + 164g = 574g "It is just 246-574g. Don't be a cheapstake",
  17. Naryu Foundry is in the same map too. The quest giver both appears in Shrine of the Ascendant and in front of the dungeon. So logically, BT should have that too.
  18. It will allow players to experiment new badge combos to their heart's contents in both pvp and pve. This alone provides a better depth of badge fusion system. It will also finally allow a pvp-oriented badge fusion, instead of just using solo ones. We have four pvp badges after all, but no fusion for them. And the developers don't need to think a name for every available combination. Name like "Magnum & Primal Force badge" is good enough. Or, we can just abolish the whole badge fusion system. Instead, add a second slot for soul badge. This way, the devel
  19. I think the drop will be more suitable and more desired by players that way. Unless carrying someone, a Hard-Mode party tend to have full VT SS already, rendering the extra SS drop mostly useless. Its misleading light is kinda annoying to see too, as these SS perfectly take away the chance for something rarer to appear, as the more loot in the loot table you have, the less chance you get rare items. Nowadays, VT SS are become more common thanks to Hive Queen Wings become account-bound. So, I think it is okay for pre-VT players that can do Starstone Mines and above can o
  20. They will, cuz Lyn Warden will attract a good number of new players who will play the game, or existing players who will spend on Race Change voucher. NCSoft is now aiming only for maximizing profits and regards nothing else. -They discard blue quests cuz they want to rush new players toward end-game where they will meet the community hub and begin to play with their wallet. They -They add Lyn Warden cuz said-above reason, ignoring lore reasons why Lyn is not suitable for big weapons in the first place. -Release of pet collection that provides st
  21. There was an event that used to offer trade-able currency. It was Corallite event that was held in the first summer of this game Technically, the first Harvest event was also this, when they were not gated by anything extra.
  22. From last year's experience, any ongoing crafting during server maintenance will continue. But you can only receive and not craft more as the options are phased out. For table transmutation, it is the same as old event currencies in dragon express: they will stay there for a while until they finally phase out too, which is often at the end of the next event.
  23. Nope. I'm not the one who discovered this. Just took it from reddit. Anyway, I think we are too late. Someone posted this.
  24. Do not buy crafted event items from F5 now. They are leftover from last year, and are unusable for this year. I'm puzzled on how NCWest can let such a thing past their radar. The new and old items even have the same name, so gullible players may buy wrong ones. It is better to wait until near the end of the events where materials has become much cheaper to buy.
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