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  1. For this event, I think they try to goad players into two groups: -New/alt players who can get easy rewards. -Geared players who can take on challenges. The thing is that Group 2 barely wants any rewards from challenging contents, cuz they have geared past that. Meanwhile, Group 1 who would benefit more from Group 2's rewards are not geared enough to earn the right. That is why Group 1 feels left out and complain. Anyway, just keep trying to leave new/alt players out of the loop and make them ragequit, since NCWest always have spare servers in case they need m
  2. When I buy unity chests/keys in Cold Storage party that have orb for Boss 2, I often have to rush myself because the party will not wait for me to play RNG with unity stones to start boss 2. If I follow them to do Boss 2, then I will get locked out of Wintermane's room due to having completed it, unless someone afks and stays behind so that the door keeps getting open. If I stay for a bit to buy keys/chests, chance I will miss boss 2, because some party has very strong DPS and will clear boss 2 before I can even step into the room if I stay behind. Also, it is rude to m
  3. Outfits in F10 in BnS works in two-week rotation, or seasonal rotation for specific outfit theme (Valentine, Summer, Christmas...) The purpose for two-week rotation is making players feel they should buy it now, or they will never see it again. This is true for some outfits that once get out of rotation, it will a very long time for them to return. Sometimes, when enough time has passed, or NCWest runs out of ideas, some old outfits return with discounted prices. So, what is the problem with this system? 1) Not everyone manages to get their outfits when it i
  4. 1) Why do you change from giving gem tickets where players can trade for whatever gems they want back to limiting what gems players will get? Where is the octagonal aquamarine or diamond and amber? 2) Why don't just give Octagonal Gem Exchange Ticket? It will save NCSoft a lot of time to just add the ticket, instead of lines of codes for individual gems every time a new event comes. Also, it will make Dragon Express tabs a lot less clustered that way. 3) I wish there is an event where players can grind for Garnets. RNG drops and time-specific Koldrak runs are horrible a
  5. There is a difference between "gear enough to clear" and "overgear for fast clear". F8 with their ridiculously high AP requirement is for the latter. Assuming than you need Baleful 12 party to clear Sandstorm Temple. Now you get a dude with Aransu 9 that deals damage worth of a whole Baleful 12 party. It is like you have a whole raid of Baleful 12 in a single 6-man. Is it necessary? Nope? It is overkill? Yup, it is overkill, but overkill means super fast clear. You know what to blame? NCSoft and their game design: -Very big gear gap between new players and end-game players.
  6. From BnS Vietnam: Not even orange glow, what? Edit: Oh it is just a mod. Modded pet doesn't glow. Sorry for confusion.
  7. Why? They can basically make players hype for a whole year or more, if they release one class per 1.5-2 months. When a new spec releases, it will attract players to try out/return to the game to check it out, keeping them busy for a while. Meanwhile, they will have time developing other contents, as well as something that wallet-draining.
  8. What the OP describes is basically a Monthly Login Stamp system, where it marks and rewards players who dutifully logs in for consecutive number of days. In reality, this system is no stranger to BnS. In fact, some other regions have it running for a very long time, even in newer regions like Thailand/Vietnam. In those regions, sometimes they reward outfit as end-month reward. For some reasons, NCWest refuses to implement this.
  9. According to this twitter, Ultimate Mermaid should have blue aura: Of course, it may be just photoshoped.
  10. Everyone knows it is there, but why does it have to be a pain in the ass? Is there any reason for players to pvp each other in this area in the first place aside from griefing? BnS is never a good open-world pvp game like the old era of Lineage 2. Open world pvp, through faction war and this new Moon Refuse, serves zero purpose. Players even abuse loophole so that they can farm SSP in for maximum profits. For Moon Refuse, it is pretty clear than only whale can get the juicy loot cuz they pk everyone else, though I don't think whale have a reason to be in Moon Refuse, wh
  11. I thought I can finally get 3 TT-set on my alts by spending like 500 solar energy for lavender (purple) to get the 3rd piece. Take me a while to get those energies through daily challenges, cuz I missed the chance to run MSP 1-6 on alts during MSP event. But as I visit MSP, there are no longer any solar-based exchange. There are not even any replacement exchange. Tawny and Lavender Nightstones just get removed from MSP vendor. Then I discovered that they are now in Cold Storage vendor, asking for Lesser Demon Spirit Stone. You know that these stones are used to craft Sa
  12. Despite of being dungeons of many years old, Cold Storage and Heaven's Mandate are still being preferable dungeons for NCSoft, cuz they are dungeons where F10 is involved (resets). Also, cuz they have daily lock, NCSoft can give them good rewards without worry about inflation of currencies. I'm not surprised if NCSoft will revisit these dungeons again in future, or even make more. However, the thing with orb entry are annoying: it promotes players' selfishness by hoarding fragments to sell on F5, and leech orbs from people who gather/spend on orb fragments. While Cold Storage can b
  13. Pros: -Streamlining some classes' rotation, thus resulting in easier, more fluid and efficient DPS. For example: Earth Summoner becomes less dependent on timing. -Fix some years-old class frustrating problem. For example: Warlock's problem with skills being critical and focus dependent. -Overall, the system provides DPS increase to all classes. Cons: -Talents give players no freedom of choice cuz some skills get bundled together in a single talent. For example: as Summoner, in order to have cat curl that recovers focus, I'm forced to select the tal
  14. You guys know why Cold Storage is harder to clear than Heaven's Mandate for low DPS players? Because Wintermane STACKS DEFENSE BUFF. The longer you fight him, the more defense stacks he get, to the point it efficiently half your DPS at 5 stack. In order to overcome his defense buff, you have to do mech to stack Piercing buff, which requires someone to stand farthest and lure the spinning mobs toward him. Then you have to hold DPS (you can over-DPS his mech phase) so that the boss will go into mech phase where he freezes the furthest, then the furthest will get his freez
  15. You know what is a better way to handle the situation? Make HM/CS orb-free, and oil craft spirit stone-free during the event, as a way to promote new/revamped contents.
  16. I read about daily challenge becomes less players friendly for being harder to just LFG. Older players want fast run and recruit Aransu+. New players with low gear party struggle against revamped Cold Storage/Heaven's Mandate with buffed bosses. Then I check out the newly-introduced Moon Refuse to upgrade my Talisman, which is said to be Celestial Basin 2.0. Turn out quite a disappointment. For a place designed for new players to catch up with VT soul shields and trade-able BT accessories, as well as chance for gilded gems, it is quite empty. Feel like just a large area filled with
  17. Alpha Emblem fragments already have good drop rate in 1st two bosses. Around 50%. I got my necklace mainly from farming boss 1 and 2. Only do boss 3 for quest. I play at 250-300ms as a Summoner. This class is heavily affected by ping so DPS is kinda subpar. For high ping-players, you would want to overgear to make up DPS loss.
  18. Tell me until sealed version of raid mats or NCWest sells it in Trove come, where are you supposed to get raid mats if you don't raid? Fall from the sky and dig from the ground? And why do you immediately assume the costs as expensive as HM scrolls? Remember HM scrolls are whale items, you either whale it with gold or with wallets. Why don't assuming it is just 500 elysian crystal, 500 moonstone crystals (as expensive as breakthrough for first stage of TT earring), and 1,000 gold? It also consume 3 raid mats that no one needs. Also, why do you protest it before giving i
  19. Would be cool if they make the exchange a clan crafting: Input: -x3 of non-desirable weapon/badge raid mat -some gold -some mats -one week of crafting time -Max clan rank Output: -x1 desirable weapon/badge raid mat
  20. Or all classes become available to all races. Honestly, the whole race-class restriction is stupid. BnS is not TERA with too many races that makes it hard to develop animations of each class for one-or-two gender of every race. Four race, 7 genders (Yun only has one) is what BnS has. Even racial lore about Lyn being weak in physique is a joke now, with BD and WD already physcial-weapon classes for them. Also, NCSoft actually never cares about racial lore in the first place. There is no racial difference in the game: everyone is counted as human: from a hulk-like Gon to
  21. No feedback? Here is mine. -Should have make a short video to introduce what skills do what instead of wall-of-text. -Introduce around talents, not skills. Talents is what make this new awk.skill system different than what we currently have. Talent adds new skills or modify existing skills to suit situations. -Blade Master's "Slippery" sounds like funny translation. -Destroyer's Stone Breaker skills are just different variations of a single skill, and these variants all exist pre.awk. So nothing new about it. -Same deal with Summoner's Cat Nip, Surprise Gifts, P
  22. For some reason, this part of my opinion just slipped from my mind when I made the long post above. Regarding of not letting players to switch accessories freely, here is another cons: Accs switching would provide players another chance to explore both builds, instead just sticking to what they are having. For example, I have a Ice Warden with Ice Earring - Stage 6 and Ring - Stage 6. . I select Ice cuz I heard it was better for tanking, but I never experience Lightning build to tell the difference. As awk.skills come, I should have a chance to experience L
  23. All obsidian with different elements will become one type, and all of them can be used to transmute into higher tier, regardless of previous elements.
  24. I saw an afk player today in Hongsil's Workshop. I saw a player ragequitting cuz he did not want to offer the afker free carry. Meanwhile, like most parties that had afkers, they decided to ignore it and continued to finish dungeons. Cuz they did not want to spend time going through loading screens, or the boss was already half-die and it was a chore to redo it. It certainly made it slower for them, but it was not like quitting half-way rewards them anything. Meanwhile, the afker just waiting patiently for his reward without inputting any effort. Even if the
  25. China, Vietnam and Thailand servers have their own version of raid accessories.. The difference is that raid accs in these regions adapt to your current spec. If you are in Ice build, your ring will boost Dragoncall. If you are in Shadow build, your ring will change itself to boost Dragon Helix. So yeah, they only need a single raid acc for both builds, or even all three builds when 3rd spec comes out. However, accessories in VN and TN have their own upgrade system: to upgrade a stage of a raid acc, you need the same raid acc. So Stage 1 + Stage 1 = Stage 2, Stage 2 + Stage 1 = Sta
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