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  1. Looks like tickets are getting auto-closed now. Looking back, the thread asking everyone to post their affected character information always felt like deflection and misdirection at best. Those ticket numbers reflect a bracket of at least several thousand. Unless the thread was meant to somehow bump people in front of everyone else in queue, not the first time a certain demographic were given priority, there really is no point in having people post their ticket number. Support keeps telling everyone to post on the forums so that our concerns would be read. But I wonder if we are posting o
  2. At this point, your excessive purge has created more damage than the initial exploit. A roll back should have been the first option, ASAP. The flood of pet pods were extensively saturated into the market and playerbase within the first week. Countless soulstones were exchanged, and countless people spent hours farming and then selling them. All the gold that were obtained from trade. How many people now go around with maxed out pets and are allowed to keep them? What about pet gems? How many dungeons and raids were run with the additional boost? And now our paid for outfits are wi
  3. You even managed to wipe extra duplicates of legit costumes from my premium tab, which is disabled since I haven't subscribed in a while. Just rollback my account to the beginning of August. #23600113 All characters Yura
  4. Lol the web design for this site has a lot to improve on. Those borderlines would save a lot of squinting. White text on black background is always going to be hard on the eyes. I ended up creating my own custom stylus skin for the forums just to be able to read without eye strain. I wonder how people still using the default skin are holding up.
  5. You can also try disabling quest tracking or minimizing the list of tracked quests in the side bar. Settings > Game tab > Interface > Quest If you want to keep anything active, you can manually add them with the check box on the right side of quests titles in the quest journal. This is something that helped when Celestial Basin was lagging and dropping tons of frames; but I also found it helping in other raid instances. It sounds odd that it's related, but it was something about the Quest tracking distances?? I forget the details now. But give it
  6. You have escalated quite a lot from my one liner of text, and as a result, validated a good amount of my points with your essay. Thanks for that. I am intrigued by your use of certain words and phrasing. Is this what you expected in response to my thread? Where are these "other", than yourself, angry and harsh players with mental and anger management problems? I don't see how my thread with rhetorical facts presented in an explanatory manner can garner such a reaction. A reaction which, by most standards of definition, is actually an extreme version of "tilted". I
  7. At this point, I feel I should clarify: this thread was created to raise awareness of the low success rate of clearing the Winter Mane boss in regards to all players currently recommended by the game requirements, not just the highly geared ones. There is a serious sense of baiting; as the current event involves CS completion and many players are barricaded from this. It is purely RNG whether you can LFP into a party with enough DPS to clear a supposedly 960AP recommended dungeon. The MOML parties are of course an alternative, but people do also get kicked and the sniping is hair t
  8. I don't assume people are stupid, and whether they are "up to my level". I form my conclusions of them based on their show of competence, or their utter ineptitude. I also didn't say everyone was stupid, please don't insert that in my mouth. I understand you are tilted by my phrase in whether people "possess a brain", but that is sadly indeed a broad statement that is valid for everything in life. Perhaps I should augment it by adding "and the will to use it". Sadly as Blade and Soul stands currently, everything in the main story dies in a few hits. There is barely anything that wo
  9. I understand that. They have sk / vt accessories, crit and accuracy. I just didn't bother listing everything. The issue is the dismal output overall across multiple parties, with multiple players who should theoretically be at a much higher statistic than they managed. Whatever.
  10. :T Perhaps I've been super unlucky, but failing half a dozen times in a row failing does not inspire confidence. In my one clear of the day, with the bw buff, may I also add that the 3rd person on the DPS meter came at around 110k? We cleared with less than one minute remaining. I can't understand how people are achieving such low dps after update, with on average 1100-1200 AP. Much less how a 1400AP with bw and Aransu fails to break 100k.
  11. Good for you~! I also remember the days clearing 24man DKV with only 13 ppl at 400-500AP. Sadly I just finished a CS on my main, where a warlock in party had 1400AP and BW badge, yet failed to even blip on the dps meter.
  12. This is infuriating. I've had a ton of consecutive failed attempts where people either a) bail upon loading in (Bloody say something while at the recruiting stage, don't waste time) b) have 1100-1200 AP but can't maintain higher than 30k dps c) join as a HM 9 with story gear and solak accessories The recommended requirements for this dungeon are seriously out of date. 960AP x6 members is no longer a valid baseline to defeat the boss. CS is no longer a free ride for people fresh out of story. Either nerf the boss so everyone can do this event, or raise t
  13. The latest Warden update removed the following crafting recipes: Pentagonal Diamond Pouch Hexagonal Diamond Pouch This leaves two achievements unobtainable as it requires these two crafts. Can the devs consider changing the craft requirements for these two achievements to something else that is actually on the crafting menu? Preferably something that requires roughly the same amount of materials as the other crafts required in other guilds for the equivalent achievements. Furthermore, the current diamonds that can be crafted are entirely RNG in regards to sta
  14. The event dungeon is much easier than back in 2016 due to DPS advantage AND in terms of mechs. Previously, in the 2016 version, you couldn't pull aggro, and thus had to keep on killing as many mini yetis as you can while the timer run down. The only ill thought out part is that the snowball hits by the mini yetis can do a lot of damage. A lv 16, as recommended by the level range, would be OHKO'd. Frankly my issue with this dungeon has more to deal with the community response to it. - the amount of AFKers, botters, people who take forever to load or sit outside for no good rea
  15. You only get flagged as crimson/cerulean faction if you wear the clan assassin cloth mask on top of your clan uniform.
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