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  1. Yeah, awk.skill changes many things, but only some soul badges/fusions get hit badly and require exchange. Other gear like bracelets still work fine for their builds.
  2. Here is what I think about not allowing players to exchange specs of accessories of less than stage 10: It becomes another gear trap, similar to how many players accidentally went to Raven path when they was cheaper than Dawnforged/Riftwalk path, just then NCWest dumps them a discount that make the latter PTS-free, thus becoming much cheaper. Since they cannot revert back without Support's help, they are stuck with PTS-required Raven path till Stage 9, thus eating a lot of time for them to grind the gold. Similarly, most new players won't have the kind of gold to just u
  3. Divinity/Starbreaker triggers on both Petal Storm/Petal Storm Toss for Earth, but Petal Storm is less impressive than Petal Storm Toss when it comes to bracelet buff, and Night Roll does not have good DPS contribution compared to Petal Storm Toss. Also, at lv60, there is a passive that allows you to stack RMB buff during duration of Petal Storm Toss. When hitting 30 RMB buff, you can freely throw a Night Roll even without traiting it. In the end, to maximize DPS, you still use Petal Storm Toss and Undying badge even when pink badge becomes fuseable with Magnum badge.
  4. Can you stop limit your own thinking in a dictionary term? If you look past the dictionary term, it always make something become more useful. Evolution in gaming has very loose meaning and ties closely with upgrades. When you hear "Evolution", you always imagine your item/character becomes stronger. l. If it gets weaker in some aspect, it will become better in other to offset. Job changes, for example, is a type of evolution. Let take job changes in Lineage 2: a Fighter can become either a Knight with weak offense but very hard to kill and ability to tank, or a Warrior
  5. The thing with communication can be solved if NCWest just enables Voice Chat. Yeah, this game has Voice-chat in-game, but NCWest refuses to enable it cuz they don't want to handle the data (they confirmed this themsleves), and suggests players to use 3rd party voice chat programs instead. The problem are: -There are many voice chat programs. Some uses Curse. Some uses Discord. Some even uses Teamspeak. What if I have Discord but the guys in my party only have Curse? Even installing and registering takes time, and you would need to have multi-voice chat programs just a single game.
  6. I feel there are some problems if there is an official Marriage system in the game: The popular Lyn race may be a problem. While you can make them very old, many people love to have cute little girls/boys with animal ears/tail running around instead. If a marriage system is adopted, it means that NCSoft may face legal/non-legal problems for encouraging players to marry underage-looking characters. Considering there are some people snapping at Lyn players and outright calling them "lolicon", "pedophile", this just makes a good bait for such negativity to thrive on.
  7. I don't think DST bosses can be grabbed though. But knockdown him with Summoner's Anklebiter is cool cuz it is a 4s knockdown, which is very long.
  8. Yeah, I don't know why people keep believing in this myth. If GC3 has higher proc rate than A9, then people would not even bother to waste time considering about staying or upgrading. Talking about GC3 vs A9. In general, GC3 is stronger than A9, but with more RNG involved to achieve that. GC3 also loses critical/critical damage buff by default and has to stack up to at least 3 stack to re-achieve what it loses when going from A9. This is really an upgrade despite of downside: overall DPS increase, though may require some luck. Not half-baked Skyshadowed/Shadowforged being weaker (a
  9. You never heard... Inheritor's/Myth Ring for classes with focus problem? Prophecy Necklace which is a hard-earned PvE necklace that pwns VT necklace in term of DPS, even is even comparable to ET necklace in KR? Also, the one that boosts your elemental damage the most is not your weapon. It is your Soul, with juicy elemental damage scaling by percent. So the thing with "Raid weapon must go with raid accs" is nonsense. You seems love whiteknighting every mistake of NCSoft. About non-raid stage 6+ < aransu 9, most
  10. You know those non-raid paths that parallel with raid path in their respective tier? -Raven vs Dawnforged/Riftwalk -Aransu vs Exalted/Storm Dragon -Grand Celestial vs Skyforged/Shadowforged Let not talk about raid path vs non-raid path of the same tier (Raven vs Dawn/Rift...), cuz it is obvious that raid path > non-raid path (though certain builds may favor more non-raid path). Instead, let talk about raid path of lower tier vs non-raid path of higher tier (Raven vs Exalted/Storm Dragon...) What happens? In term of power: Raven >
  11. The awakening skill patch which is speculated to be released next month (by players based on F11 deadline) will resolve any DPS problem that needs for tackling current daily challenges. To make it short, the patch will increase your DPS by A LOT, depend on classes. If you are can clear F20 Mushin at Baleful 1, then imagine you can do the same, that but with x3 the speed. If anything, NCWest has pushed out this list of daily challenge a little bit TOO SOON.
  12. Don't mistake people spamming runs for MSP 1-3 and think that the content is alive. It does not. People does 1-3 cuz the daily quest still gives MSP keys, and is part of daily challenges. After constant spamming MSP1-6 during the previous events, people now have a lot of MSP locked chests they want to open but don't want to waste gold/moon crystal to open them, and 4 free MSP keys + 12g make + done 1 out 3 daily challenges for doing MSP 1-3 once per day not a bad deal. However, MSP4-6 is very rare to see. The reason is that there is no longer x2 loot. While I agree that x2 loot sho
  13. Compared to the last time, Poharan event has become much easier to clear. -Adds now have very low HP. Except for the Soul Chef in Boss 2 still has a lot of HP for some reasons, all adds are now killable, even Poharan's tigers. Trash mobs and mini-bosses are also very fast to clear. -Your party can clear very fast even without SB/BB/AC, if all of you use Blackram Soju to boosts your DPS every minute. You can get them from daily chests, or buy them for 10s in Dragon Express. Would cost you a single gold to clear the dungeon in term of soju costs. -Poharan's attack becomes
  14. No thanks. First 6v6 event was when OP soul and pet was not yet released. It was actually fun, but also attracted a lot of afkers. Arena PvP event was so-so. By gating PvE rewards behind pvp dailies (nebula stones, oils...), it encouraged a lot of afkers, both 1v1 and 3v3, mainly cuz PvE people did not have any interest to actually learn about pvp. After the event passed, arena pvp went to to its usual state. So, if you want to make a pvp event, go ahead, as long as you make it pvp relevant only like helping pvpers to upgrade their pvp gear. Don't freaking g
  15. Normally, a cat outfit set costs like 600 Ncoin/HMcoin on F10. For the current Ninja Tortoise outfit box, to get a cat set , you need to get 12 tokens. Assuming you have worst luck and only get 1-token outfit from those boxes, you need to buy 12 boxes. So it is either 1,320 Ncoin (10-box option with discount + 2 other boxes), or 1,440 Hmcoin. This price is way too expensive for an outfit cat set. So yeah, I think outfit cat set should be cheaper. Only summoner class buys cat outfits anyway, and if it is too expensive, they rather save coins instead. Either make them cos
  16. I don't know why, but when you die or enter a portal and go through a loading screen, quest credit is not counted for you. I saw it many times a raid got impatient waiting for a guy to load into the dungeon (you know, you cannot really ask him if he is currently going through loading or not) and decided to down the boss with their whale DPS, killing the boss. The poor guy entered, just to see he lost his quest credit for not presenting when boss was killed, as well well losing the raid lock that week. Or, there was that another dude who accidentally 4 when the boss was
  17. I guess you don't play this game for very long? Before the current "cheaper-than-Raven" is a thing, it used to be opposite where it was Raven that was cheaper than Dawn/Rift path, due to various reasons: -Both still use PTS to upgrade -Raven only costs Elysian to upgrade, while Dawn/Rift used moonstones and some other materials. Moonstones were harder than Elysian to come by at that time, and VT gear ate like thousands of moonstones. You would not want to go Dawn/Rift cuz it would save you a lot of moonstones. -Raven materials were available cheaply and common
  18. Gilded Ruby gives you Piercing. Gilded Citrine gives you Critical Rating. What is the problem? Ruby is used for PvE and PvP, but Piercing is only for PvP Citrine is used mainly for PvP, and a filler for PvE when you don't have a better gem. However, Critical is more useful, pve wise, as pvp people would have enough critical defense to negate your critical chance. So as a pvp gem, its stat bonus is useless. As a pve gem, it is just a filler and will get opt out for something else. I think their stat bonuses should get swapped.
  19. HM skills will be turned into skill enchantment points, so better still to get them now.
  20. I'm not sure all F11 contents are like this, but apparently, Dens of the Ancient (the current F11 for solo dungeon) gets disabled 2 hours before maintenance mode happens. I don't see the point to prevent players trying to earn a better clear time or farming contents that are in F11 ranking. If you want to sort out ranking and give rewards, do that after or during maintenance.
  21. You should be glad that NCWest actively try to sink down the gold so that Currency Exchange is still viable for non-paying players to get their HMcoins by selling gold. And only by having Hmcoin, you can access F10 to buy outfits or RNG boxes. Yeah, it is only like 1:1.5 for gold:hmcoin ratio now. But, in other regions where they don't bother sinking the gold, Currency Exchange is a wasteland and no one sell/buy. The only way to get items from F10 is either from currency given from subbing, or buying Ncoin.
  22. Take a look at this gif Do you know why the cat keeps zipping? Cuz the Summoner has +25 points to Speed (for travel purpose), but the speed only applies on the player, not their pet. This makes me wonder why HM point system does not provide the same stat to the cat. Some would prove very useful to have, like Move Speed for cat to be able to chase after a moving target in 6v6 (or else, they will get lagged behind by the said target if they also have speed boost), or Health Regen for cat to survive better in poison/bleeding environment which they tend die very fast i
  23. Sum is now at lower-tier in term of pvp. Sure, they can still bully noobs, but so do some other classes. People now shift their hatred from Sum to the whole Lyn race, cuz of the well-to-do neighbor Blade Dancer, and the fact that NCSoft keeps giving new classes to Lyn. Just stop listening to other people's whining. They will never stop ranting when they see a Lyn, Summoner or not.
  24. I think it would be nice to have quests for Stage 4-5 and Stage 6 with respective currencies (yellow stones for 4-5 and purple stones for 6). Why? Cuz it makes further stage a nice goal to attempt for, especially when stage 1-5 has no enrage timer. You can also makes killing three times of boss 4 a weekly challenge, to encourage people attempting boss 4 more instead just dropping after stage 1-3 for daily quest. This quest should gives MSP keys for players to open their rewards. Also, weekly challenges's end-reward should offer MSP keys too, so that it will drive player
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