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  1. Pet skin is already expensive and you need 3 of them for upgrading to ultimate. No point to add more burden by asking for 5 pet packs, which should have been used for upgrade Pet aura instead. In fact, it is extremely weird that upgrading cosmetic items ask for REAL upgrade materials. Through events, players tend to accumulate oils and pet packs in one way or other. For oils, it will keep piling up until they can upgrade. For pet pack, they tend to flow into pet skins instead, thus players rarely accumulate enough to upgrade a stage after a long time, lest reaching the end of a tie
  2. I don't see the point? Granted, having HM Points on Threat will non-tank classes to be able to tank in case of no proper tanking class. Or it will help weak tankers to be able to tank for whale. Then again, why don't just add Threat generation skills to all class instead? Tank classes can tank without spending a single point on Threat if they are geared enough and can opt for more offense or other options like Move Speed, Regen. Non-tank classes need to waste points in order to achieve the same threat effect, thus blocking them out from having other options.
  3. tl:nr: Add shorter-distance Moves for Summoner's F roll and 2 roll, so that their escape skill can properly serve as escapes instead of additional punishment. Similar to FM has three type of SS: 8m, 14m and 14m with long cooldown if used during CCed, a.k.a another escape skill. While I guess the 10m distance jumping away when CCed is good for pvp, these skills hardly make a good escape skill in PvE content for Summoner, mainly solo contents Countless time where F roll and Second Wind harms me more than help, cuz 10m distance will trigger bosses to do their d
  4. You would have to have better Pet to survive deadly attack (the one that create Guardian Shield that absorb attack). Also, high HM level helps a lot with more points into move speed (also PvP AP) and Debuff defense. And, don't get bursted.
  5. Golden Harvest Revitalizer helps if you want to face-tank attack in F16-20 or Outlaw's Island. However, people tend to do those pretty comfortably with right gear, and face-tank attack may cause DPS loss if a Dragonblood is used due to animation lock, so they don't actually use them, or only use them for some peace of mind. The more relevant content where people die a lot is Circle of Sundering does not benefit from this. I think they should have at least make Boss 1-3 in Circle to benefit from the event dragonblood, and disable it on Master Hong due to ranking reason. For Chocolat
  6. I think the reason is simple: Awakening skills, even broken, is still a generally a DPS increase to all classes. By having Awakening skills, it is possible for players to trivialize all contents that are released before awakening skill patch is launched. Namely, dungeons that are below Demon Hatchery (our next dungeon after Dreamsong Theater), since their difficulty is not designed to adapt with the patch in mind. When the patch is out, you will pretty much just LFG for anything starting Drowning Deeps and below, and ask for a bit of better gear or brain for higher contents. This
  7. tl;nr: A lot less satisfying compared to last year. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/253311268306288650/519599818646093834/unknown.png Here are what I get from 168 Kid's Tables and 168 Elder's Tables from 4 alts I won't list the pros, cuz this event has no pros. It is just too pale compared to the same but wonderful event last year. 1) More work to do. Doing solo dungeons are not something I particularly enjoy in a MMORPG. Plus, you have to do DCs in order to get the boxes, together with crafting or buying the materials for transmutation.
  8. Don't have full list cuz no one bothers, but some memes about WL gets throw around: -Ice WL and Shadow WL have their strengths reversed in term of pvp and pve. Ice is more mobile, while Shadow WL plays the same way Ice does. -Critical and Focus problems have gone with awk.skill patch. -Shadow WL is top, if not strongest, DPSer. Ice WL becomes very pale in term of DPS compared to Shadow,. -Ice WL used to heal boss instead of damaging until it was fixed. -Ice WL used to not be able to Time Distortion until it was fixed. -Ice
  9. Tera has two-handed sword class before BnS, and many other games do so, but it doesn't stop the latter having its own 2-handed sword class. This excuse doesn't make any sense at all. But yeah, BnS Assassin is pretty much your Ninja with stealth and backstab, so I don't think they will developer another ninja class.
  10. tl:nr: Introduce new tiers of soul/moon/sacred/elysian materials, so that you can freely provide more supplies of old tiers without having to go through cost balance and cost upgrade. If this is too hard to understand, then try to think about the supplies of Blackstone/Silver Scale/upcoming Onyx Scale, and you will get the general idea. +++ NCSoft makes this game's gear progression revolving around four basic materials: soul/moon/sacred/elysian. You see the usage of them everywhere, from gear upgrading to crafting and transmunation, which are also for the sake of gear u
  11. Obvious you don't spend much time thinking about it deep enough. I don't think it takes more than 5m to do the event dungeon, lol. The event soup is supposed to last that short, or you guys will just stack them up and abuse them somewhere else like in Celestial Basin. Unless you stack up key and do the dungeons in one go at weekend, you won't utilize 60 minute soup if you do it daily, which is what the 5m soup comes to handy, especially when it comes to you free In addition, 200% crafted soup take some times to reach max level of Acquired Taste to craft, tak
  12. I mean these: Note that they only last for 5 minute, so you will pretty much use one per run. In other regions, the 200% exp soup is transmuting our 100% exp soup. The 300% exp soup seems to be event-dungeon drop only. I'm currently crafting Acquired Taste for 200% exp soup. If they add those event soups, then I don't want to waste my resources :(
  13. The thing is that they used to be generous enough for players to do only event dungeons to get good stuffs. So why changes now? Why asking players to spend more efforts for pretty much same rewards? If anything, more efforts should equivalent to even better rewards. It is just like salary. First year, boss gave you US$2,000 for doing 8-hour work. Second year, boss gave you the same US$2,000, but you had to do 12-hour work. I would be surprised if you don't want a salary rise, a workload reduction or just quit the job.
  14. Save us players a lot of time if you do so, cuz ToM this year is just there to be a time-sinker that require too much efforts for too little rewards (5 minute run for a single token, unless you make boss DPS-able with normal means). Hongsil's Room, meanwhile, is the main star, with load of EXP rewards along with cosmetic drops, as well as extra chance for tokens. Save ToM for another event.
  15. They are purposefully made to be alt-able, cuz alt-players are pretty much the most active players in the game who invest a lot of time playing BnS and make the game looks lively. It is the only way for non-swipe and half-swipe players have a chance to upgrade expensive soul/pet. However, alt-able is different from time efficiency. ToM last year leans toward being time-efficient alt-able, as running event dungeon alone would be enough to net you a few oils (and gold too). And you can even do that on a lv16+ alt. This year, ToM is just there for the sake of it, dropping
  16. After seeing the upcoming arrival of Skyforged/Shadowforged weapons, the new non-raid weapon path after Exalted/Storm Dragon, I wonder why NCSoft keeps developing two non-raid weapons. I don't see the point of having two different weapons for non-raid path, aside from showcasing the their skins. Certainly, they offer different skill bonus, players are pretty much shoehorned into a single choice: -Summoner: the higher gear they become, the less they depend on Flying Nettle cooldown reduction. Earth Summoner doesn't even need this since their VT combo reset the Nettle cooldown i
  17. Either you swipe hard to stand among the tops, or swipe moderately to stand in the middle to feel contents and feel "contented". There are no places for non-swipers to stand among them, and non-swipers will play an eternal game of catch-up. Players who claim they are F2P and can still stand at the top tend to have played this game from very beginning, and have invested an unholy amount of playing time in the game. Personally, I think that you should just leave this game. No, I don't hate new players or F2P players or anything. The thing with the game being too whale-cat
  18. Nope, just an excuse. 15s Chi rez is applied to everyone in other regions. Only NA version made it a premium feature. I believe the reason behind of this removal is to sell raid rez charms. With 15s rez, you can rez someone much faster, and you can even do this in a room-wide DoT environment if both rezzers and rezzed are fast enough, thus negating the need of raid rez charms. However, now it requires 20s to rez, such a task become much harder, and people opt more to use raid rez charms.
  19. Thanks for the reply. Um, you know why I and some other people don't take out the charms from mailbox? Cuz as long as they are in mailbox, they are account-bound. And since they are account-bound, nothing better than offload them when you decide to new class to save you a lot of time grinding. Also, the fact that some items are character-bound or expensive to mail, or lacking of inventory space makes players very reluctant to take out items from mailbox. And know what? The mailbox design is very problematic. If you have over 300
  20. You know those Eminence Charm? The cheap EXP charm that gives you 1m EXP each up until you reach HM13? With the upcoming HM Level revamp, you will pretty much get increased HM level. The following table is based from other servers, which I think NCWest will just follow the suit. As you can see, a HM13 0% will become a HM18 after the update. However, the thing is whether the Eminence Charm will have maximum level requirement scaled up until HM18 or not. Or whatever HM level floats NCWest's boat. In case if the charm does not get scaled
  21. Cuz English is an international language that Asian tend to learn more than Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese? In a MMORPG, being able to communicate is important to some people, enough that that they can tolerate high ping, low DPS, as long as they can blend into the community. Sure, you can get a small group of your own people in those servers, if you search hard enough. However, remember that your group will be very small, similar to how small English speakers in Taiwan server. It is like staying at a relative's home in a foreign country without understanding the language: your activi
  22. Similar to how you mass convert token fragments into fragments. Before someone jumps in and said "You can just transmute them into bigger charms, slot them into an item slot, and use them while doing stuffs", let see how the process actually happens when you have over 5,000 of those 10k EXP charms: -Transmute them into 100k EXP charms: unless you mod, each transmutation takes you 5 seconds to complete. So, 5,000 of those will take you 500 times of transformation, thus it will take you 5x500 = 2,500 seconds. -Now you have 500 of 100k EXP charms right? Time to make t
  23. Farming 45,000 beans for Royal Zen Bean on all alts must be fun. And guess what? These 45,000 beans can turned into soulstone/moonstone, thus you lose gold if you choose Royal Zen Bean. And guess what? Bravery Coins from Daily Dash are too many that they just stock up uselessly in storage if you don't ever try to get some pet pods from them. Better to use them instead. And guess what? When awakened skill patch is released, HM skills are abolished too. Instead, all HM books will be converted into some kind of points which are only meaningful to PvE. So, you a
  24. Another fun thing about this game: After you spend like nearly a year to reach a certain high-end stage, NCSoft just decides to be generous and throw in upgrade discounts. Yeah, it helps new players to have better gear. Yeah, it doesn't affect players who already has the said upgrade on day one. But, what about players who just reach that stage one month ago, then NCSoft announces the discount. Support refuses to revert more than three tiers and the upgrade must happen within two weeks for them to accept your revert, Not mention they only do this favor once. Plus, if players have t
  25. Here is the Hustle set Same set and still has hair-clipping problem. And the hairstyle is fixed so you either bear with it or stop using either the hat or the cloak. This happens to Gon and Yun too. If you make a Lyn with big head like the default Lyn, they may somehow bypass this clipping. However, if you make a tall Lyn with more balanced body proportion, they you're out of luck. So no thanks, I won't buy this outfit set just to trap myself into an eternal cringe-fest. Suggestion? Stop using long
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