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  1. At least reduce the mailing fee of Flower of Laments and Taikhan's Hides. Make no sense that the items themselves are cheaper than the fee to mail them.
  2. Yeah, every time Trove happens, premium players basically lose nearly one month of Premium Daily Dash, which can potentially give me a lot of HMcoins. Basically, they promise a premiumship feature, but then turn it off during Trove just cuz they feel like it.
  3. They price Soha's outfit based on the hype for Gunner, hoping to get some bigger revenue than other outfits. Also, it is an iconic outfit as it is the first outfit Soha, the first Gunner you meet in this game, worn. If they launch it without Gunner's launch date, I guess the outfit is only price at 1,400 coin at best. It is just how the market works. You see something that can sell well, you put it at the best possible prices.
  4. There is no such a thing called "X weapon is not suitable to Y race cuz of Z reason" The only thing that stops the developer doing so is either lacking of imagination, or lacking of motivation. The first is not something we should worry for NCSoft, since they are capable to imagine good things. The latter can be caused by either too much efforts or money or both to make animation for every single race. Look at Tera, for example. Why does every single new class locked to female gender of one or two races? Simple: sex sells, and you don't need to d
  5. Blame BnS China, cuz it has the weird law "Player must not be evil", thus you cannot choose the evil path. Since BnS China is a big market, NCSoft made the change on its whim, and to make it more convenient to develop later, then imported back to KR version, before having the change re-exported to other regions.
  6. Are you playing in EU or late time in NA? I don't have much trouble seeking afk or non-afk partners.
  7. Here are mines. I made her as an adult adaption of my Lyn :3
  8. It is an additional option. If you read my post carefully, I already said that "if you come across the weapon you need, you can save the stones for the weapon you don't have". So yeah, if you grind 10 times, getting 50 stones and manage to get the weapon you need, you can move on and save them for the next weapon you need. Even if you pass the stage where you no longer need them, they can still be used on alts who have to go through the same grind. Also, Trove (at least the last one) also give Dark/Light stone, so together with refining stones, they can help players nicely skip som
  9. Afkers who are PvE players won't try to climb high. They are much comfortable at lower rank, where they can prey on other afkers or bad pvpers for free win, thus minus one daily challenge quest (1v1 or 3v3 win). Higher rank see less afkers and PvE players don't often have the skill to deal with high-rating PvP, so they prefer afk to save time instead. If you're serious about pvp, climb high in 1v1 (afkers should not be a problem here, cuz they... afk), or make a tag group for non-afkers and avoid LFG. When you reach high-enough rank, you will no longer see afkers. You s
  10. At the present, we can exchange 200 Silverfrost Refining Stones for a Dark/Light stone to upgrade True Ivorymoon in to Baleful/Seraph Stage 1. After this stage, we no longer need refining stones, and it will keep stocking up in the warehouse uselessly. It can be used on alts, yeah, but only for a brief time I think it is a good idea making use of Refining stones as a place holder for Baleful/Seraph 1-10, by allowing these stage make use of Dark/Light Stones with increased number the higher the stage is. In short, it goes like this: -Stage 1-4: one Dark/Light stone
  11. Easy: Just make Trove event allows players to spend 15g per attempt per directly, instead of having to buy keys (which is a cheaper alternative when bought in bulk). This will drive people's gambling blood, and make them broke in no time. There is still daily limit of 20, of course, so people still have an incentive to whale for keys. F2P players still have their daily free keys. Outside of Troves, just make something gambling but profitable to sink gold. For example, you make it cost 1/3 material to make an oil, but the oil only have 50% chance of success (a.k.a another Premium Si
  12. In other regions, they use 3-round quests as daily challenges. In NA, NCWest changes it to 1-win quest to discourage afkers, though the current event is actually doing the opposite. However, it makes it hard for new players to finish daily challenges, especially during Monday where you ask them to do one of Desolate Tomb/Ebondrake Citadel, which is cancerous to LFG or with a sub-800AP party. AP is not a problem here, but it is more like a mechanic-check, where not every LFG players bother to read the guide, or even know how to use their skills. I think the 3
  13. The only way to reduce quartz prices is increase the supply. -Make all quartz node to be rich quartz, or randomize rich quartz locations to thin out campers. -Increase quartz volume per node, or reduce spawn timer of quartz nodes. -Make quartz node can be mined by multi people, similar to Tera. -Just make quartz spawn everywhere like what you see in WoW or WoW-clone games. -Add 10-quartz per Daily Special. I doubt they will do anything, though, since quartz problem will be resolved with new crafting system where it no longer requires quartz to craft.
  14. The list is: -Avalanche Den -Desolate Tomb -Ebondrake Citadel -Cold Storage -Tag Match Win -(some sort of battleground win) Desolate Tomb and Ebondrake Citadel is out of reach of a fresh characters who just complete story. The minimum requirement for a doable party is 800AP. Yeah, you can make your own 750AP or LFG or whatever, but be ready for wipes. AP is not really an issue here. Even a subpar rotation or high-ping would not cause much trouble clearing the dungeon. But new players tend do not know mech (where is the guide sector that you
  15. Go ahead if you are short of money. Destiny Ring sucks and should be only considered when you only have Pinnacle Ring. But since you already have True Yeti, stick with it until you get something else better. If you go Destiny Ring, you will salvage the Yeti one to get 30 jewels, which are 600g worth. I forgot about how it costs, but I think it will cost you some extra jewels to upgrade the ring to Stage 6. Meanwhile, 30 jewels are enough to fund both BT ring and earring to stage 3, where you breakthrough to stage 4 in order to have their stronger buff.
  16. No, don't invest too much in Destiny Ring. For PvE, it is not that big of an upgrade, and it is kinda expensive too. If you want the two set, you need it to stage 6. Better get Oath necklace and Eternity Belt instead. For PvP, it is useless against non-Galaxy users, and it overshadowed by Skyshattering Ring. Its effect in ToI is barely noticeable.
  17. 1) Make it so that players can only sell at 10 gold, 20 gold, 30 gold... and so on. If you don't sell at every tenth number, the tax will cut into your sales and always get rounded down your Hmcoin by 1, and 15 items on the list will always result 15 coin loss. This will also make the listing looks neater without those gold sold in batches of 1 to 9. 2) List the items following chronological order. People who list for a long time of their timer should have better chance selling their gold then some fresh sellers who sell at the same amount.
  18. Current market prices of the sealed versions: +++ Current mailing costs of unsealed versions: +++ No one would bother mailing their stocked flowers and skins to alts, since the costs are too expensives compared to just pick them from the market places. Reduce mailing costs of these two items to 10s and 50s each would be sufficient. Also, reduce flower petals to 1s each.
  19. As an Asian who are pretty tolerable to Korean grind, I feel kinda burn out now. To achieve what I have now (Raven 9, Full BT gear, true ascending soul, Unleashed pet, as well as a plentiful wardrobe), I have to grind 5-6 hours per day, and have an army of 18 crafters to ensure my daily income (logging in and out costs me 30 minutes). I spend a bit for premiumship and around 100-200 keys during Trove. This game is also extremely alt-unfriendly. As if the developers really hate the idea of players playing more than one character. Despite of efforts trying to make it more
  20. Wait for Trove then. That is the only time when everything is the cheapest.
  21. I wish Premium Rank 10 have something calls Loyal Points. After hitting the max rank, Premium Points are no longer applied. Instead, the spends will now gain Loyal Points at the rate of 10:1 (10 coin spend, 1 point gain), which can be used to buy products in F10. When I buy 10 outfits each worth 1,500 coins, I think it is cool getting one extra.
  22. As long as Daily Specials still exist and spam gems/outfits three times per week, currency exchange will never recover and always stuck at 1:3 The only way is either: -Stop adding attractive items to Daily Specials so that currency exchange can recover. This, however, kill the purpose of Daily Specials in the first place, so might as well just shut it down. Or: -NCWest intervenes again (they do this once before to make it increases to 1:3 as minimum) and increases the rate to 1:4 or 1:5, and hard-set it so the rate will never fall. For players, you can on
  23. Except that only a handful of people doing them, or don't even bother killing them unless quests in Yura. The drop rate of Evolved stones are not that attractive and the hype has died down. No matter how you look at it, these bosses cannot be a replacement or even on-par evolved stone suppliers like Battle Bosses. If Riftwalk/Dawnforged users want to save 3,000g going Rift/Dawn 6 -> Raven 6, it sounds very "fun" killing these 40-70mln HP bosses by themselves for a small chance of the Skyrok weapon box :3
  24. Reasons: -It makes it hard for players who need Skyrok weapon to upgrade their Riftwalk/Dawnforged, as those bosses are only ones that drop them. And, the pouches do not drop the chest 100% either. -Even with a chance for Evolved Stones, players are not that enthusiastic enough to farm those bosses, as the chance to drop is too low to bother. Since there are often not enough players hitting these bosses, only Riftwalk/Dawnforge users struggle to fight the HP-buffed bosses for their weapon chests. -It also affects players who grind peaches when the event quest that requires to ki
  25. Easy. Make the battle bosses have reflect 50% damage back to attackers, reduce incoming damage by 50%, and increase damage by 100%. In order to counter these, you need 50PP drum buff to immune to the reflect, 100PP buff to bypass the incoming damage, and half the damage caused by bosses with 200PP buff. The latter is not matter if you have enough people to kill bosses before they do anything dangerous, but will be useful against Berserker. This setting discourages channel jumping to feed only on Battle Bosses, and also makes boss last longer. Only people wh
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