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  1. Only in big six dungeons (everything starting Desolate Tomb and above) have their SS removed from the direct loot of final bosses. Mid-bosses drop them normally. Of course, the normal mode - loot box and the 10-run bonus box still drop SS when you open it, Nope, I'm pretty sure I run normal modes often enough to see this, or else I would not care about SS in the first place. I only run IF/EL in normal mode, btw. Final bosses no longer directly drops a SS in Normal Mode, so you miss a RNG chance to get piece 5-6-7-8 from final bosses to upgrade soul shields or to
  2. This makes it harder for new players who need specific SS for their build before they can have better one.
  3. With the new exchange rate that keeps going toward 1:1, some items need price modification in order to be actually benefit players who buy them. For example: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/78ke7x/hope_nobodys_been_buying_max_elementsjewels_from/
  4. They used to sell pet stones on F10 too, you know. Both sealed and unsealed versions.
  5. Because whales need a place to faceroll other players, when they are tired of facerolling scripted bosses. Kinda like a noble who goes on a hunting trip where he is accompanied with a lot of people and weapons, giving the wildlife no chance to fight back. It is an one-sided slaughter. In any case, 6v6 in this game does need a defensive build that can counter burst build. At the present, we have those stat and counter stat: -Accuracy vs Block/Evade (no, Pierce don't reduce Block rate, but damage reduction when block) -Pierce vs Defense. -Critic
  6. Cat is now squishy enough that some classes can burst it to death even during curling. How to fix this problem? -Make cat immune to damage during curling. No point to give it 90% damage reduction when it can be still be killed by some classes, and 100% of bosses already cannot kill a curled cat in their normal attack. In arena, no class can kill a curl cat anyway, so it is no different whether it is 90% damage reduction or completely immune. -Give cat on-par defensive stat similar to the Summoner. We don't need cats to be strong offensively. We need it to be tough defensi
  7. tl:nr: The title Nowadays, with Scaleburn weapon, you no longer need to transmute elements for weapon EXP -> render element powder useless (they drop commonly in Ebondrake Citadel for some reason). With the current material prices, it is also no longer cost-saving by going through HM bracelet for 30 legendary jewels, which use jewel powder/jewels to upgrade the item. Some can argue that you can use bound materials for this to save costs. However, it doesn't work that way when moonstone crystals are relevant to a majority of upgrade. If you use 60 moon crystals to upg
  8. 1) Nope, high ping is not an excuse to not be able to avoid the punishment. I play at 250-300ms on various classes both melees and ranged, and can stay away from punishment with ease. It is extremely simple. You only need to know his rotation to predict next punishment and prepare for it. Either stay at 11m and walk in/out or out/in depend on the punishment's placement, or stay 16m as ranged class (unless tank) and SS away to avoid all the circles. Also, if you get too many punishment stacks, run to the corner to die there and Chi-recovery back, saving yourself going th
  9. PvPers who spend most time in arena/6v6 get bottle-necked by the lack of Dragon Certificates/Sparkling Whirlwind Keys, which can only be obtained through PvE contents. Once they run out of certificates/keys to spend, they stop doing pvp contents until they manage to get some again. Meanwhile, PvEers who dread of any pvp content has them piling up uselessly in the vault. Personally, I have like nearly thousand of certificates and 600 keys. I think these items should be trade-able to benefit both side. PvPers can buy them to get more soulstones/6v6 chests. Thu
  10. It is better if they allow to exchange accessories drop from the same boss to another, in addition of Raven Feather/Soul or something else. Or they can use the two not-so-useful legendary accessories from purple dungeons. Immortality Earring Stage 10 + a random BT earring + Raven Feather = Your earring of element choice Destiny Ring Stage 10 + a random BT ring + Raven Feather = Your ring of element choice This, however, is gated by 10-run achievement of the bosses that drop your element of choice, and you can only trade ring/earring drop from the
  11. At least, I don't have to RNG to get the event outfit. In fact, RNG actually helps me to save event tokens, since the event box last year also has chance to give outfit. This is a good example how an event can be well-done between grinding and RNG aspects. Back to grind other 9 outfit items from this Merchant of Disappointing Wonder.
  12. She actually spawns everywhere, just with different rate. -Den/Necro/Lair: lowest spawn rate. Virtually non-existent to prevent spamming. However, this act as a nice little surprise gift to players when she actually spawns here. Maybe necro has a little higher rate due to how long the dungeon is. -Gloom/Nexus: Not sure with gloom is excluded (maybe cuz of afk-prone?). Nexus keeps getting a cold shoulder, especially after it is no longer needed to do it for HM skill achievement. In any case, these dungeons would have current spawn rate of Mast/Sogun, kinda rare but she i
  13. I heard that they are going to revamp it. I suspect it will be revamped to similar to TW version, where: -You no longer have Rank 1-10. You are only a F2P or a Premium player. -Premium player of whatever rank will have Rank 10 benefits upon subscribe, including Remote Storage and F5 Sales slot. -Wardrobe free to everyone. -Daily HMcoin allowance that is enough for you to buy 1-2 outfits per month. In exchange for this, you will no longer receive Brilliant Venture Tokens as a RNG source of HMcoins. -Some stat boost. Nice to have but not totally game-breaking
  14. Really desperated to find space for weapon skins and pet skins in my first vault tab where it is filled with upgrade materials, soul shields and other stuffs. Silly thing is that you cannot glamor a weapon skin onto another weapon skin to save space. Only weapon with gem slots can be glamored. I read from a patch note that KR has already have pet skin and weapon skin wardrobe. Hope to see it soon enough.
  15. To make them feel the pain of a Summoner who have both a character and a cat to dress up :3
  16. Would be nice if NCWest makes Dragon Pulse to be usable during combat. Dragon Pulses are disabled to boss room when the fight happens, or the entrance is blocked by Firewall/Orb of Death, anyway, so I don't see how it can be abused.
  17. Sound like a farmer class :3 Grow plants to debuff bosses, and harvest them to deal damage XD
  18. The only point to turn square into pentagonal gems now is to clean your inventory, as well as give you a single powder. Not sure if this powder is cheaper than F10 or F5. With three alts, each with three square gems from story quests, basically give you a third-fourth of a hexagonal gem for your main XD
  19. NCWest hurts their own sales of Duelist's Bundles and Premiumship with this change. With the upcoming Premiumship compensation for Radiant Energy, it is actually a very good time to boost sales of Duelist's Bundles, if ONLY they keep the no-rank-requirement for HM skills from pvp.
  20. tl:nr: the thread's headline +++ I still see people get baited when the party leader sneaks to change min.gold requirement during fight, making careless players pay dozens to hundreds of gold for misc items. Not everyone is fast enough to quit the party (some don't even know that they can), or greed gets intensified and the whole party quickly passes the item so that they can gain extra gold from poor victims. Personally, I don't think min-bid is necessary. In days of Naryu Labyrinth, people use this to prevent petty copper war on Nayru pieces. Nowadays, ho
  21. Story-wise, I think Zaiwei's Ruins and the fight in Heaven's Mandate is kind of related to each other. This will also makes Heaven's Mandate a little more attractive to grind. The outfit can either: -Drop from the last boss, with chance similar to Hongmoon Duster. -Exchanged with feathers (200 for outfit and 100 for the headgear). This gives an incentive to grind Mandates in daily basis, as well as promote reset sales and the consumption of White Orbs. If you need an achievement requirement, maybe either 10 runs of Heaven's Mandate (either 10 days
  22. I have different approach for each content when it comes to soul shield: -PvE soul shields. -6v6 soul shields. -Aggressive ToI soul shields. -Defensive ToI soul shields (higher floors). Since there are only two soul shield presets, I have to manually setting them up for respective contents. Not mentioning that if I have soul shields that I want to keep for later use (like not have enough VT soul shields for a bonus set, or to feed to another soul shield when I get better roll), these soul shields will quickly take up all space in my vaults. The primary tab of th
  23. Let be honest: not every class has pretty Windwalk effect. For example, Assassin's Windwalk effect is two ugly shurikens flying around them (lol). I don't know if this is an attempt to tell people "Hey, I'm a ninja with premiumship" or not. Also, there are certain adornments that add to pretty effects during Windwalk, hence: Grand Phoenix Wing, Ebondrake Wheel and Rosethorn Wing. However, the visual effect of Windwalk tends to dumb them down. For example, I really like the rose-colored light coming from Rosethorn Wings, but it get overlapped by green butterfly of Summoner class.
  24. It is kinda hard to tell if the weapon is too big/small, or will clip into your character's body through the normal weapon preview window. For example, the size of Riftwalk Staff is gigantic: it is as big as a Destroyer's Axe, even with minus-slider hand-size. Dawnforged Pistol has the size of a handcannon. Meanwhile, Scorpio Lynblade tends to clip into your character's head. There is also something about outfit/weapon combination. I think it is better if we can see the weapon preview directly on our character, so we can know if a cer
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