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  1. Instead of gating outfits, especially event ones, behind a wall of RNG, I suggest to let the merchant to sell outfit tokens instead. Every merchant that spawn will always sell at least a single outfit token, which can be accumulated to exchange for outfits of players' liking. Or, we can take it the way of Rosethorn box: outfits obtained from merchant of wonder can be salvage into tokens that is used to exchange for other outfits. This can keep RNG at a tolerable level, as not every merchant spawn offers outfits.
  2. Welcome to the world of kitty lovers, where you do not only feed yourself, but also your cat. I still miss a purple cat item and two red cat items in the end of the event :( I think Merchant of Wonder should sell outfit tokens where you can use them to exchange for outfit of liking instead of challenging player's RNG luck like this Or make the merchant only sells materials, while outfit are obtained through a token-based system.
  3. Ebondrake Lair, a dungeon that is harder and released after Irontech Forge, already has its own tokens. But IF still requires your luck to get one of those engines to trade for element gems. I run this dungeon many times and not yet see any engine drop. Compared to what lair can drop, less and less people want to run this dungeon. Trove and previous event certainly have chance for element gems, but the keyword here is "chance". I spinned 200 keys, got full set of octa/hepta gems, but not a single black gems. I did dailies everyday during Halloween event, but not a single engine dr
  4. Nightshade for Pirate Tokens and Cobalt cosmetic items. E.Fleet for Siren Bracelet that is worth like 20g in NA.
  5. How it work: -Assign a key for Auto-Windwalk. Maybe double Shift key. -When you use it, your character will windwalk forward. -When stamina bar is depleted or you get in-combat somehow, it will switch to Auto-run instead. Need to re-apply Auto-Windwalk. -Work for fast gliding and wall run too. -Using any direction keys will stop auto-windwalk. Why should we have it: -Let player rest their left hands a little bit. It hurts your pinky for prolonged holding on Shift key. -It is easier to have selfie during Windwalk.
  6. It is not the first time that NCWest sells outfit/adornment related to event/RNG-box outfits. -When MSP was first launched, the event gave Bright Moon headgear, while F10 sold Bright Moon outfit. -When RNG box with Countdown was released, Countdown Hat was in F10 -When RNG box with Shadow Phoenix was out, Shadow Phoenix headgear was in F10. Since the Amity Wings have unique color scheme that makes it hard to match with available outfits, I just wonder if there is a respective outfit too. Would be cool if you can both get the wings and the outfit that akin to the succ
  7. It is cost-saving when you have legendary accessories to upgrade. Instead of 600g per 30 jewels from dragon express, you can go around and get them somewhat cheaper. And you need more than 100 of these jewels per accessory, and you have like a ring, an earring, a necklace, a belt and a bracelet to upgrade. Not mentioning that you might change accessories and start it all over again. People still use HM bracelet (from Bloodshade Harbor) to gain jewels this way.
  8. Till moonstones are back to 50s like before the introduction of crystals :3 Wish I can sell these useless keys to these 6v6 players since I don't 6v6. Have 600 of them sitting in the vault, waiting for "one day, when I feel like it..."
  9. How many chests do you buy before getting 1,000 gold? :3
  10. I prefer Winged Jinsoyun's outfit and wings more. This wings seem hard to mix with other outfits too.
  11. From the article about the event: -You can craft those six event items once per day. -Each items costs one gold and a few normal, premium materials. -They are all trade-able (scale symbol on event items' icon). -Box is, of course, bound (no symbol on the icon). -Six dungeons from Sogun's Lament to Naryu Sanctum drops these event items too. -One daily box from F10 at one Ncoin. But it is still kinda vague: -Is there a level requirement, or as long as you're at lv11+ to learn crafting? -Is there a guild rank requirement, or you can craft event
  12. This game does not need a pure healing class, as all classes have sufficient skills/gear for self-healing and stay alive. This game emphasizes more on your ability to avoid attack then tank and spank like Holy Trinity game. If anything, in term of pvp, this game needs an anti-burst class or equipment, as current 6v6 is very burst-oriented where you either kill or get killed in matter of second.
  13. I still see players get scammed by bid scammers who do copper bidding then just suddenly throw hundreds of gold. Sometimes, other party members help the scam by quickly pass to get extra gold before the victim can event react. Regardless whether it is the evildoer's fault for committing evil or victim's fault for letting evil be committed, I think by having the Bid button greyed out for the first three second of the bid, bidders will have time to take a good look at the gold amount before the bid hype gets into them. There is no need for handrail to avoid falling if eve
  14. IMO: -Ranged tank: with proper threat building and block/counter skills, and can DPS from afar. There are contents that require ranged tank, and the only way for a ranged class to tank is having the highest DPS (threat candy maybe help a little). Of course, the class can melee tank if the situation requires them, just like any ranged classes can melee tank. -Debuffer: increase incoming damage on the target for better burst, make the target hit weaker or miss their attack for a certain time frame for party to have some breather time to heal up (not work on mechanic-wipin
  15. Naryu Gold still exists in Korea as an equivalent item to Dragon Trade Pouch to expand inventory/vault slots. TW/JP/NA/EU seems not having Naryu Gold. In more recent regional servers, Vietnam and Thailand can sell Naryu Gold for hefty gold amount. However, this causes inflation in these servers, with black-market price being less than half of NA server. In any case, it might be a good introduction to deal with the surplus of Naryu Coins/Silver, as you can get a lot of them through time but nowhere to spend.
  16. Do you know that Seraph reset is extremely hard to proc, even if you stand really still and let people hitting you for minutes, assuming you are still alive by the time it procs. When people select the Seraph path, they accept that they won't get any weapon reset, pve or pvp wise, until they switch to Riftwalk or Raven. So saying using Seraph to benefit like Seraph bots are pretty funny, considering how fast Seraph bots can proc the reset And gear is really relevant in ToI, since the higher you climb, the tougher and hard-hitting bots become. Top-ranking who clear ToI without probl
  17. I notice that with the skill revamps, if you tick on "Only show train-able skills" option, every class now has their train-able skills fit into a single page. You never need to scroll up and down. This makes me wonder if there will be any other new or return trainable skills in future. Some classes would certainly have some of their annoying skills being trainable to opt out of it, like Blade Dancer's Take Flight changed into non-launch up, or Soul Fighter's SS that does not automatically change them into Force Master stance.
  18. If anything, Summoner needs buff/quality of life improvement: -Better cat's response time when using skills related to it. Sometimes, it simply does not listen if you try to do so when DPSing, so you have to suspend DPS a little to make sure that the server receives your command to the cat. -Shorter skill animation and less animation lock. Everytime cat uses C or V, they stand still for split second like an idiot. -The ability to execute cat command REGARDLESS line-of-sight. In 6v6, an easy way to disable most of Summoner's CC/resist skills are running round and round the cauldr
  19. They pile up a lot in many characters, and there are not many things to use them on like before. From what I know, in Korea server, you can exchange Naryu Silver for Naryu Gold, which is an equivalent to Dragon Trade Pouch that you can use to unlock storage and inventory slots. In Vietnam and Thailand server, each Naryu Gold can be sold at vendor for some gold (I think 100g per Naryu gold?) I think it would be neat to be able to turn Naryu Silver into Naryu Gold in NA/EU too. Maybe not to open inventory slots (NCWest's profits) or sell for gold (cause gold i
  20. It depends on what you need. For example, at Dawn/Rift and above, you will not care about Forging Orbs and Xanos Discs. However, for new players who still in need of them to upgrade weapons before worrying about luxury upgrade like Soul, they would go with Forging Orbs and Xanos Discs instead of Gems and Oils. It saves them a lot of time grinding peaches. If you feel it is a waste getting gem hammers from F5 and F10, grind events for it then. You can use the gold you save to other things you need. Skip an event and unlock your weapon slot to six, and you will be done wi
  21. I rather see faction choice being individual's choice instead of a whole clan.
  22. They have different icons, or symbols to distinguish. Currently, soul badges come from the same season share the same icon image, so if you happen to possess multi badges of the same colors and tend to switch build often (like Earth Summoner for PvE and Wind Summoner for PvP), you might forget to change to the right one for your build. This also applies with Mystic Badge, cuz they also have the same icons for MSP badges, BT badges and VT badges.
  23. Try to grind for them during events that provide them. Not the current event, but maybe they will come back in next event. They can be mail around now for the cost of 5g per hammer, so spam it with alts too.
  24. Fire Gunslinger: -Pre-8 BT or 3 VT: Holy Fire. -8 BT or 3 VT: Holy Fire or Primal Force -8 BT or 3 VT with True Transcendent Soul: Primal Force Earth Summoner: -8 MSP: Magmum -8 BT: Magmum or Alluvion -3 VT or 8 VT: Magmum Wind Summoner: -8 MSP: Holy Fire -3 BT: Holy Fire/Courage -8 BT: Courage
  25. Or they just simply not yet think out a way to deal with them without making profit from it. Like nobody actually knows about the value of Evolved Stones before Soul upgrade becomes a thing. It is intended to be a long-term grind. You run Big Six in daily basis, unless you're a devoted SSP farmers, a peach grower or a 6v6, or at least for daily challenges. Chance for you to get a weapon chest (or more direct weapons from Hard Mode) is pretty good. Doing dailies, collect powder along the way, and one day they will benefit you back when they are accumulated big enough.
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