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  1. 1) Add the option "Show confirmation window on selling/destroying/salvaging items", so that I can uncheck it and stop being bothered by that Yes/No window when I try to sell/destroy/salvage items. Especially in heroic (purple) items. 2) Add the option "Show timer upon opening a box", so that I can uncheck it and stop waiting for one second on every single box. 3) Add the option "Play the game's music in the background", so that I can heard the game's music and sound effects. This is particularly helpful when you are waiting for a boss fight, but don't want to miss out a
  2. The accessories themselves don't need to be account-bound. BT can give accessory tokens which you can collect from dynamic quests, or salvage earrings/rings. You still have to raid the thing to get your stuffs, but at least, you can progress toward your end-reward instead of facing RNG in weekly basis. In the end, BT is now a very old content. Even a simple pug that has a few competent players can easily carry the whole raid up to boss 3 where all accessory drops. It might be painful, but doable. However, since it is a weekly content, it unnecessarily becomes a block on
  3. They fixed the notes already. So 8 mushrooms per days on event dungeons at the highest performance. Here are my event spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FhsnfbqfgfXUv2AeN0iNZbHN62wrJ5RtYlUZm_6vi5o/edit?usp=sharing You can afford giving up the very first week to level up your characters to lv55 with out affecting the number of Sacred Oil you can get, using the mushroom gifts from story quests. A first few days for non-lv55 alts.
  4. It is all supply-demand. People with abundant of gold want to convert their gold to HMcoin as fast as possible, so they are ready to sell at lowest prices. The only way to make F9 rate rise up is draining all of the gold from the community, which never happens cuz it works against NCWest's sales of Ncoin.
  5. If your critical rate, critical damage and accuracy works well on lv50 mobs, then it will continue to work well on lv50 mobs despite of seeing less values. However, you will need to upgrade your gear to improve your stat for lv55 contents. Craft Masterwork pieces with Soul Wardens and exchange for BT/VT primers to maximize your critical rate. Spicy Dumpling gives you a good chunk of critical rate too. For accuracy, use Spicy Dumpling, use Accuracy Achievement Bonus (100 from 10-run Lair of Frozen Fangs, or 300 from 100 Naryu Sanctum runs). If you use 3 VT, u
  6. 1) Move "Farewell" to Z and make it only available after using Huzzah! Move 2. The fact the Summoner needs to completely die in order to use the skill have many trouble sides, since if the Summoner dies, cat tends to be put in a dangerous situation where it will follow the fate of its master shortly after before it can use Farewell. Does this make Soul Fighter's rez skill less relevant when Summoner can rez people when still alive? Maybe not, cuz Soul Fighter's rez has much shorter animation, as well as pull people to the SF's location, away from dead zone like Raven King's pizza.
  7. 1) Event materials will be no longer craft-able after Dec 6. 2) Ongoing orders will still be retrieve-able, but you can no longer craft more. 3) Boxes can be transmuted up to Jan 17. Just for the safe side, however, since NCWest tends to mess things up, you should transmute your boxes and use them all before the server maintenance happens on Dec 6.
  8. At the present, the prices of Hongmoon books are out of control due to very low supply: -Volume 2 chapter 1: cheap cuz some people spam yeti. Priced around 30g -Volume 2 chapter 2: hella expensive, cuz people hate necro. It is now priced at 900g+ in NA. -Volume 3: surprisingly stay the same through time, due to being a pvp oriented skill (except for Wind BD whose use it in PvE for some reason). Priced at 250-300g -Asura Ember: nearly 600g, since it is an important skill for many classes. -Offal of Darkness: Mast is popular as event dungeons and a grind spot for treasur
  9. It would be cool if they can use Guild War 2's example to add a new sub-class that use different elements/weapons
  10. Pirate bracelet does not use Moonwater Transformation Stones to upgrade. It only uses Silverfrost Transformation Stones, as well as Poharan's Perfume and Silverfrost Mountain Dews. And it is certainly cheaper, if only you have abundant supply of sacred/soulstone/moonstone crystals, instead of buying tradable materials to convert them into crystal version. These should not be problem if you play the game normally, but it will use up your resources which can be used for other upgrade. At current market prices of all materials, depend on your premium/clan bonus, you can sa
  11. Dec 6 to Jan 17 is 6 weeks, hence 42 days. And yeah, there will be Aransu Reset.
  12. There will always be. Better make your own party for the first week.
  13. Viper Cap is actually quicker than ToM due to it being a timed dungeon which affect your reward outcome. However, it requires a little patience to wait for your party done loading into the dungeon first. Yeti dungeon shares the same layout, which can be used for some practice.
  14. Less oil requirement -> More players will attempt to invest in oil to upgrade their soul -> Oil will not be cheaper. Either the same or a little more more expensive in first week.
  15. I think 4 slots of item shortcuts are too few, consider how many consumable items we have in this game (True Friendship Charm, Bruiser Charm, food buff, reset charm/pot, AP pot, revival charm, mass revival charm, etc.) Here are suggestions: -Add more quick slots.. We have a lot of space down there. -Add more shortcut keys, using combo with Ctrl or Alt or Shift. -Allow to put equipment on quick slots. Useful for people with long-cooldown soul who want to quickly change to their dummy soul in order to not waste powerful buff, or people who wants to swiftly swap
  16. I still miss some information about dynamic quest of the event, but here is my calculation: It doesn't look significant if you only do it on one characters. However, try to get more alts and you will see more. Or, you can get pet pods to upgrade your pet instead. Or sell pet pods for gold.
  17. For what purpose, aside from annoying players who want to keep the knowledge of their own loot and progression by themselves? For Trove, there are already messages saying who buy which. I heard that BnS Japan players whined so much that NCSoft Japan has to remove this thing. I hope there will be an option to disable it completely, or I will have to open Troves in a place without people to enjoy some peace.
  18. Don't bother with it. It is a material sink for minimal effectiveness.
  19. There should be two slots: -One for wig -One for head adornment. There will be, of course, issues with clipping. But hey, clipping is nothing new in MMORPG. You can simply avoid clipping by not combine clipping-prone wig and head adornment in the first place.
  20. Dealing with like 30-40 boxes from daily quests are tiring (yeah, that is the amount of boxes you get from just six event dungeons), especially when you play on multi characters. I suggest just add a function to queue box opening. -You hold Ctrl and right click on multi boxes -Once you release the Ctrl, the boxes will be open one by one until they are all gone. -Moving or pressing any other button during the progress will halt it.
  21. You need to mod font in order to have text displayed under buff. Also, I don't know about people who don't have the problem with "Knowing buff icon in the first glance". Cool if you can do that, but don't belittle people who can't. The thing is that the buff display bar is overcrowded at high-end gear. It only displays like 10 buff at once. Now throw in three types of party protection and their global cooldown, two types of DPS party buffs and their global cooldown, add in Alpha Call cooldown, then somethings like weapon buffs, bracelet buffs, earing buffs, necklace buf
  22. Critical defense, while you don't need an insane amount of it, it is better to have some. Cuz without them, a single critical damage from high-floor bots extremely hurt. For example, with like 300 critical defense, you already reduce critical damage caused bots by a whooping 100%, as well as lower critical rate of theirs. For Summoner, best tactic is kill cat, blow Summoner's evade skills (they only have a few without the cat), and chain CC them to die. If Summoner can kill you, it means your defense, maybe critical defense too, is too low, and you cannot face tank their attack if
  23. Sorry, but I have clan where I can do BT raid in weekly basis up to Raven King. We clear SK too, and is tackling Hive Queen. It takes my Summoner 25 weeks to get full Earth Gear. My Gunner is at her 10th week, and she still not get her Fire Earring. Someone in my clan give up playing Fire BM and play Lightning BM instead, just cuz his fire accessories never drop for him since very first weeks of BT launch, even with reset spam. Up-to-date, whenever he presents in a BT raid, no Fire accessories drop for him. Enough for us to make a joke to not bring him if we
  24. -Hongmoon Pellet should be craftable one by one. Why making it a chore to PvE Players? Or at least, make them tradable for clan to make some profit from it. -Clan craft should dismiss the requirement of crafting guild. It is kinda pointless, as you can easily get all guild requirement with 3 characters that have 6 different guilds. It is a hassle for people who don't have that kind of luxury, though.
  25. Raven King is now so easy to do that I know raids have done without Summoners, and it is always a disappointment when a cat outfit drops without a Summoner around. These cat items are bound, useless on any class except Summoner, and support mostly refuses to transfer them. Meanwhile, cat outfit from Iron Conqueror is tradable (check Iron Kitty on F5), which can be given/sold to Summoners who want their cat more fashionable. Or, at least, make cat items be tradable with Fabric/Feathers, like other Raven King's outfits except Ravenfall.
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