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Legendary Weapon


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Realistically they are both similar in terms of dps

Also depends on the fight and your build

short fights (i.e. mushin darkness for 1 min cheevo) will favor white since you get your second leech sooner, and black wont proc reset before the fight ends

long fights will favor black instead


Helix + HM volley will favor black since leech is not as essential in the rotation compare to the other builds, and high apm favors black procs

Dcall will favor white with the leech cd reduction


and then theres also the difference in weapon stage, white gets better as you upgrade since leech up time becomes much higher


personally i'd wait for the other legendary weapon to come out before deciding which one to get, don't want to dump too much resources into an inferior weapon.

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So it seems in this case when you play with Hongmoon-Dragoncall white is better because your Dragoncall Downtime is much lower because Leech is then up again rly fast. Wow don't thought there would be a class where white could be better. 

Are there more opinions?

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leech at stage 8-9 in white is 23% cd, but difference btw white and dark... is the reduce cooldown of all skills after 10 stacks, for white it's "when hit" for dark its "on hit"... so if you take white its basically useless unless you get hit ?pKBHNvK.jpg

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I guess i would take the Seraph's Razor. Why?


Because of the Leech CD on the higher stages. 23% from 45 seconds ends in a final CD of 34/35 seconds.

AND the CD Reset from the weapon don't reset the leech what is one of the main skills for a Warlock.


When you play with dragoncall you decrease the CD already one second per dragon hit. So you will have really fast your Leech again to cast the whole rotation again.

When you play with helix and you have the HM skill (RB) i would say you don't need the CD reset from the legendary weapon because you nearly don't have any CD problems when you play with helix. The shorten leech CD gives you a damage plus because you have an extra reset and 3 demon orbs from each leech every 35 sec instead of 45 sec.

(plus the 20% critical damage of course.)


That is my opinion until now and i talked about higher ranks like the one on the picture above (Stage 9+). :) 

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The problem i see is that as a ranged class you dont get hit that much but when your nuking on WL there is a a face full of attack spammage. 


So logically the Dark Legendary will proc skills CD alot more? 


Question: What skills "DO NOT" get reset from the Dark Legendary 10 stack proc? 

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Leech DOES NOT reset from black/white weapon CD resets.

Having this in mind I have other questions:


1 - What's the average time for the black weapon to proc the CD reset? (we would benefit on 2-3-V being resetted)

2 - The white weapon procs when you GET HIT, I assume the chance for it to proc is much higher than the black weapon, right?


Well I'm almost sure I'm going for the white, as a main Pve'er, I can see the benefit of having Leech almost full time.

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the constant 7% extra helix damage seems nicer than reducing leech cd by 10 seconds? 


sure you can start dishing out big damage earlier if leech is off cooldown earlier, but wouldn't you also be able to make up that damage in the time that it IS on cooldown with the 7% extra helix dmg?

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On 14/06/2016 at 6:37 AM, 882184_1452550488 said:

White will benefit more in tower of infinite and open world..

Baleful will be better for dungeons..

lol WRONG!


Look at the top 10 warlocks in tower of infinity ALL are using Baleful or true scorp. 

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