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  1. [Server: Jinsoyun] [Clan: Deadly Muffins] [Clan rank: 6] [Cerulean] Introduction: Hey we are deadly muffins and currently recruiting active New players and Veteran players. We want to help you grow in a non Toxic enviorment, We have active veteran players that can assist you in upgrading gear or just overall class questions. We dont put a stigma on gear that will come in time. We run a Skybreak spire or BT raid every week to help you get your acc aswell as Weekly mini raid train and purple train. After the 15th of mei patch we are also going for a weekly VT raid We are loo
  2. i play gunner , i decided to play for it since i saw that it will come out in eu/na . i dont care about the nerfs i just enjoy playing not for its dmg. i just hope they fix gunners for normal pvp.
  3. anyone sitting on a code that you wanna sell? send a message in this thread and how much you want for it server Jinsoyoun
  4. anyone sitting on a code that you wanna sell? send a message in this thread and how much you want for it server Jinsoyoun
  5. Now you guys have to do something about this for sure, im getting really tired of even trying to go up in ranking in 6vs6 right now because, when you finally get to gold you start getting these random dcs and runtime error's all the time. i have lost over 150 pts because of this today. and it starts to get annyoing as hell no its not my internet and no its not my computer that is the problem, is your servers that are the problem. its nice that you have put in this penalty into this 6vs6 mode that you lose -30 pts when you leave and dc , but maybe you should
  6. but.. thats not a Jin its a Gon..
  7. 1 , baleful 2 . baleful 3 , seraph 4 . seraph
  8. why would crit and crit dmg be changed if its only the hm skillpoints that get removed..?´and every of hm level you only got defence,hm and ap. so.. no you have a bit wrong ^^
  9. around 700, got my weapon from stage 6 to raven so ;d im glad
  10. im going with baleful, and im on stage 10 baleful at the moment but i wanted to try out seraph at stage 10 also.. but cant be asked do a mirror ;D + i have ferocity and at this point im just farming the rest of my materials to upgrade to raven
  11. i dont think its cause they are destroyer. i think its more like they dont know how to play their class ;d my clan is running with 4 destroyers in each raid group at this point.. and we got 3 raids groups
  12. im running with baleful , havent tried seraph so i cant say that much about it..
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