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  1. Event

    In Screenshot it lowers Break through to scorpio and in the post from gm they say it lowers not the cost? They don't know their own event?
  2. Forum bots spam out of hand...

    Look in Dev-Tracker how often they post something... i think you can give the answer yourself....
  3. Gearing Event Questions

    Breakthrough costs are not lowered.... Only lvl up from 1 to 10 for Moonwater weapons. And higher grade only 10% cheaper so 2 % exp are for example 9 silver and not 10.
  4. Our premium is worthless.... you must pay twice and triple with this cash events. This was the last time NCsoft trolled me.... I hope many other players will leave too!
  5. Is this class any good?

    In PVE not the best and in PVP true crap since the big nerfe. At the moment WL is the weakest and lowest class in ranking in all Versions and Regions!
  6. Bevore you are not max lvl with some hongmoon-lvl you should not try pvp.... only if you are a spin-to-win or scummoner. All other classes need the skillpoints rly hard.
  7. To rupture or not to rupture?

    The dragons are so long around you that v anyways hit before even you press v after 4.
  8. Best pvp game with most unbalanced classes? You are propably a scummoner right?
  9. Worst (balanced?) pvp game ever made

    There are only 4 WL in top 100...
  10. Legendary Weapon

    So it seems in this case when you play with Hongmoon-Dragoncall white is better because your Dragoncall Downtime is much lower because Leech is then up again rly fast. Wow don't thought there would be a class where white could be better. Are there more opinions?
  11. Most fun pvp class?

    I think it would be scummoner. You can let your cat face*cricket* the enemy while you make sunflower-spam. And you have stealth like an Assassin....
  12. BM or WL?

    For PVE WL and for PVP BM
  13. WHEN Will Character Portraits Be Re-Enabled?

    You forgot they want first solve the bot problem xD So they already just ignore the bot/hacker problem all other problems will so done never too :p
  14. Because we have a lack on defensive skills there is no more strategy..... If you want more you should play Forcemaster or Scummoner.....
  15. Aus den Augen aus dem Sinn?

    Ja Gesinnungsdiktatur wohin das Auge reicht, aber was fällt dir ein dich zu beschweren! Ihr solltet dankbar sein und auf Knien rutschen, dass ihr NCsoft euer Geld in den Rachen werfen dürft. Für was haltet ihr euch, hier Ansprüche und Wiedergutmachungen zu fordern? Wir sind hier in einem F2P *räusper* Und wer was gegen NC sagt wird gebannt. Darum werden ja auch Bots und Hacker nicht gebannt da sie nix sagen *höhö* So wers immer noch ned gecheckt hat *ironie off* Hauptsache unliebsame Threads werden regelmäßig im Forum geschlossen. In Abo-Modellen hätte es schon LANGE einen offenen Brief an die Community mit einer Entschuldigung gegeben. Hier motzen nur die Moderatoren rum anstelle von der Community Antworten auf die brennendsten Fragen zu geben....