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  1. that is gameguard problem, they probably didnt disable 32bit gameguard gameguard malware detects avast as debugger and wont lauch game
  2. that is pingzapper problem, i have it too... need to use 32bit for f8 pugs, or i would be doomed for LFP nightmare button for rest of things i use 64bit interesting is, that leaked 64bit from aniversary update, worked good (i heard) oh and switching between 32 and 64 might get you stuck so bad, that you cant even restart pc, thanks to gameguard malware and 99perc of issues in this thread are gameguard issues, not really 64bit
  3. 64bit client is running ok, no doubt about it, but problem is newly implemented malware gameguard, which hides client exe, and tends to crash often hiding client exe leads to graphics cards not using profiles, power saving profiles not working for lots of different hardware, wtfast + pingzapper unable to route data (good bye any chat in f8 lobby), and others + if game crashes and exe stays hanging, you have to restart all pc, which is ridiculous gameguard had to develop 64bit version or something, because in past in kr, there was simply no gg for 64bit - please remove t
  4. yea restarted pc already 4x, only to kill lol process, and once even gameguard crashed, and i was not able even to restart pc, needed hard reset
  5. leaked 64 bit client had no hidden process, was running good, this one is hidden, that causes major problems with pz or wtfast - chat in f8 perma broken, graphic cards issues - no profile, etc... and if it crashes or gets stuck, you cant terminate it, need restart all pc i hope this gets fixed, because uhh... its running nice, when its running ok if its result of implementing gamecrapguard, then RIP us all!
  6. and there was no gameguard in kr for 64bit, how come we have that garbage again, i so hoped we will get rid of it
  7. lol yet to see korean RNG which is not frustrating cricketed up damn nerves killing crap
  8. but this thread is about why they dont like it
  9. OK thats exhausting answer, and mostly you are right. After month i managed to push my new main to 650+++++++++++ ap (lol quoting f8 requirements for almost anything, even necro 6 sometimes) And behold what the hell. For me it was usual to farm asura4 580ap was pretty smooth run, today 630+++++ 650+++++++ pugs fail fail fail at gen and ken. With these ap values (with my old main) we were farming asura 3man, flawless speed runs. So its kind of strange measurement of success, and it means totally nothing. Problem is that you can get 650ap pretty soon now, it took me month, di
  10. yes well asian games are grindy, have rng everywhere, boxes, chances of this and this... no problem with that. What makes thou bns comunity so cancerous, just makes me wonder. Its most probably total crap lobby, without any evidence how skilled people are and p2w noobs with 600-700ap fail everything, its how game is built, ninjaing from others, etc. Or they are all just annoyed that they spent so much and they dont wanna quit, so they are so poisonous lol. I dont know. Icarus also leads people to ninja tame heroic mounts from others like dirtiest ### and comunity is also nice trash. Never
  11. I agree with most, i got so sick of game after traveling merchant event, 120x coldstorage (buying resets throu ctrl+c) for damn dumb peridot. Also when you got legendary, it becomes just grind for stupid rng premium trans stones. Bots, ssp hackers, hell spammers. I quit right before soulfighter came up. I tried to return to A, which i played 3years, didnt work, after month, meh bleh. I tried to return to B, week chance, no go. I tried to return to C, exactly same. Then i tried some new mmo with mounts, and crappiest combat ever seen, and such horrendous p2w, and even from launch most
  12. What omg Jin ones are worst swimsuit i ever seen, in any game. Gon and yun are pretty cool. My main is Jin, that gross top, and those omg deformed shoes, its total fail.
  13. reason why i switched from EU to NA, maybe higher ping, but way less lag spikes, my attacks are smooth as butter, not that LOL peak time delays like hell another reason, server population, market, and social aspect... cant even talk about that funny thing, in labyrinth, that room with jumps which often lags and throws you down, on eu server i never managed to succeed, on na server most of times, and i live 200km from eu servers happy to be on NA server since silverfrost, left all grind from release to silverfrost to rot on EU servers, happy
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