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  1. umm after all, we can see this event was just coverstory for trove =)
  2. general consensus, to be happy to get good stuff 500+ keys, although i spent only 240 keys, and i am pretty happy - ECLIPSE was main reason why i was doing it, and also raven feathers - got bt resets, 4 heptas i needed, got 7x spts, lots of ornaments 100+, and tons of jewels + other goodies (might get 200more, will see - i buy all only for gold, but that doesnt matter) happy with this trove, but first few hours was best, cause you could sell stuff on non crashed market, so i actually made profit (got back more gold than i spent) not now, sadly, you need to wait some time after trove ends
  3. well, that was issue in tera with quite big lag, here i never have this issue (cause all iframes and block and imunity skills), only dps problem - seems ncsoft enjoys this anicancel and weaving and jumpcasting (aion lol)... on the contrary in tera higher ping never caused dps loss, except one warrior and one gunner skill - and even that was big public arousement this game is designed as is (whether good - or bad - in too many cases) and noone will change anything, sadly i myself found, that ping affects dps probably less than real bad fps - just a tip, and all we can do is 100000 twe
  4. even now its race like hell, how many clans cleared BT? few... no need faster content rush, really no need
  5. without trove, bns economy would be one huge mess with trove it crashes prices all, but look honorarys finally reasonable price i am f2p and having lots of stuff from each trove so far, allways leaving 500-1000g in lose, but having gems and stuff - this one --- i profit --- 2500g, got all gold back or more, and lots of gems and lots of goodies its allways just big stress to find good seller, who has ncoins to sell... lol...
  6. Mm seems i was lucky this trove, bought 240 keys just for gold, got all gold back!!! 3 hepta gems, lunar eclipse, tons of khandra resets, tons of feathers, (outfit and feathers and resets were all i wanted) and lots of jewels Managed to sell honorarys until they crashed in price completely - about 90 of them + 6 spts ... all gold back... happy, got all i need, and seeing people dont have many crits, i think i am done (i had like 20 or more crits for sure) problem of this trove are mysterious crystals, i dont even want more gems, cause it would just force me to buy breeze boxes, which
  7. oh yea, was expected, event to crash farmable materials prices - soulstones moonstones and trove together and BT resets in trove... lol clanmates were contemplating, when might BT resets come out, like with new content - and i told - I WOULDNT WONDER IF THEY WERE IN TROVE - there you are
  8. thats same solution, as login, and spend yours 3 hours in ssp > no xp, no achievement, no experience definitely needs more time to play, or spend some cash, thats how it is set up btw, if you take it lazy style, why bother, that you cant do all content?
  9. just dont use cross server, or if you do, you should know what risks it involves - plebs, afk leechers, unrecoverable dc, bid scammers, etc etc find clan, if your clan doesnt run with you, find another - well there are exceptions but if i f8, i know the risks about afk kick, i dont get why ppl still repeat "it can be abused" - theres nothing simplier, than disabling kick in combat mode (sadly theres combat mode bug, so sometimes it wouldnt work, lol) oh and about tera - never experienced any kicks cause class (maybe just only while forming group, that makes sense),
  10. i fail to see logic in this event everything what is already crashed in prices, moonstones soulstones stingers, gets even cheaper, but honorary ornaments no as result it will only make H.O.s even more expensive prices crashed, so i cant even make gold to buy H.O.s or is this event supposed to stall endgame, and boost low to mid game? > only logical explanation siiigh EDIT: well if there would be really trove, then it would make another sense - harder to make any money, spend cash now for reals! EDIT EDIT: oh yea, there is trove, now it
  11. not in many cases, if you have some good soul, its better to sb > and in half casting sb wingstorm, then 4t cause shackles + leech makes you waste 2s of soul buff, and wingstorm comes even 2s later also i find it in longer fights way more dps, if i sb > leech > leech > leech > sb - with seraph 10, you have more than 50perc 4t spam uptime (just needs mantra cause sb 4t spam eats lot of focus)
  12. in the end, you decide, warlocks control everything xD most of people have souls, and most of them are happy if you sb right on first hit, its good for speed clears, "bad" for wls - you dont need true soul, even ap buff combined with sb is quite worth for faster kill - but yea awakened or true, its just op
  13. i love to give sb, lol, but not in that particular place, why would i do that, waste time only, losing money again, if i sb 890ap fm with both bt flame accs, raven weapon, 3 piece bt soulshield... 300k dps burst - mobs melts in 6s, he gets 80perc of all pp in there, i get 15, rest of farmers around ditribute 5 SSP is place, where you cooperate only with opposite faction - in your faction, everyone is enemy - thats how its greatly designed maybe it sounds extreme, but i am not really much over reacting, on my server, this is how things works, lol
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