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  1. no class is "brain dead", at the end of the day if u listen to anyone every class is brain dead, whatevers currently doing the best in terms of overall ability is the new brain dead class, at the end of the day the Classes Difficulty is of ur own perception, different people find different things difficult, if ur rubbish at melee, ur going to find even a blade dancer difficult even after tons call em braindead, if ur Bad at tanking or sustaining KFM/BM will be more difficult for you. in pve, u have a More forgiving learning curve as a Ranged player, as u can avoid ALOT of the AoES
  2. Most players are brainwashed by AP, its alittle silly if u ask me. for example. a WL with 470 AP, with HM book would Prolly out DPS a 500 WL without its HM book, a properly Played Assassin at 450 AP Would OutDPS a Bad Stealth build Sin with 500 AP, these are just mere facts of things u cant see about players, but because theres very little ways to find out those details they're ignored, People just judge AP = Experience.
  3. actually in 4man Asura, I've seen ALOT replace the Melee DPS with BD, because they can Spin out of the Slows to collect the things on the floor in the mechanics, so that sin would most likely be replaced by a BD For that alone, I've seem a lot run 3 man top then carrying a Alt BD For that purpose alone, if u actually look a the way the DPS Meters in KR are showing, Summoners are at the top, FMs are Second. Summoners Petal Storm is good, saying a class is Unwanted due to its high ability to mess up, would actually agree with my statement. Ranged = ANYONE CAN PLAY IT AT T
  4. how many times in 1v1 Arena do u face Enough enemies to heal by that %
  5. Lack of group potiental isn't down to the community, realistically look at the current content. 25 man Dungeons, Right at the end of the day, your one of two People, Insanely geared pulling clusters of Mobs AOEing them down completing Dailies at a fast rate, Why group? reduces Exp = Less HM Exp Total each day, end of the day, HM Levels give u IMPORTANT Stats such as a Attack Power, Health and Crit Which today, AP is a HIGH Want by every group, its Requirements Gain per day, holding urself back will only make the grind more of a struggle or your a New Player just beginning with very
  6. I'm confused to ur chart tbh. As far as I can tell, 99% of players in Groups are demanding FM/WL/Summoner.. yet u write them beneath sin, which is Possibly one of the lowest demanded classes in groups, u equal BD and Destroyer Even tho a group would take a Destroyer over a BD For 99% of Situations, due to the bug of BDs grip causing Melee players having trouble targeting the monster during the BDs grip. you right a list with Warlock being almost the lowest required yet ignore the factor that NEITHER FM or Sin can reached their DPS Potiental without the WLs buff, you put
  7. Class balance hjas been said to be pretty damn good lol, Its only Summoner and WL Falling off as far as tier lists go..
  8. This game will die if it isn't balanced in PvP?.. Sorry there isn't a MMORPG in existence, PvP or PvE sided currently released that is Balanced. Sorry but EVERY MMO out there has a Meta, not every class will be top tier every tier, that's a proven fact and has existed longer then games itself has. MoBAs are no more balanced, enforcing specific picks to win games due to Different Seasons Different selection of Gods become the FoTMs for that Season please do not come here and Overexaggerate.. and make it sound like this is the only game in the entire world wit
  9. 3 years??... umm 4 months dude, lol KR has had it for 3 years.. also run by a company which is Separate from the One running this, even tho the games almost the same with only minor adjustments our cash store works differently, therefore is new... Atleast accuse them of the right stuff before u badmouth it realistically. Blade and Soul has Been on OUR Regions for 4 months Under a Different company.
  10. oki, i'd agree with you, if I could for example buy Scorpio wep for £100, then i'd fully agree with you. HOWEVER. for £255 even with the current crash of Market i'd only achieve £1680 via the Cash Store Transfer. now, I don't know precise cost of EVERY Upgrade, but I know True breeze is 600Gold and I know Scorpio is 1600g. so together 2200 Gold between those upgrades. I know buying every mat, Profane --> Pirate is above 500g.. so adding that as a minimuim 2700 Gold, Which now leaves Ofcourse the Legendary, now i'd say legendary must be above S
  11. Dray0s

    What do i need?

    I wont lie to you, I lucked out on trove event LOL, first chest I opened I got the ruby, they're bind to account so I sent it to my WL :3. thanks for the help c: I had always been told to rush down Wep Upgrades, but I will make sure to Get hold of the Bracelet c: I heard Python Was better on wrist haha.
  12. Easy ways to make Money would either be, grouping, total up enough gold from bidding etc etc ansd Selling Mats, u wont need Stingers til ur at Breeze, so for now u could sell those to get ur current upgrades you need. Also crafting, Long run can earn you A lot of money. Playing the market, if u can learn it well enough. I'm a 393 Warlock and I get into all the purple dungeons (havnt tried yeti or Sogans) as a Ranged class People tend to not mind so much haha. Don't threat over the changes either, u will simply after hitting true siren ur New Upgr
  13. did he do anything like say Mail ALOT of high value items / gold across from 1 Account to Another? Did he accept Gold Sellers Friend Requests? or get into Arguments / become verbally aggressive with another player? were they hacked?... there are many things that may seem harmless but can trigger NCSofts Ban hammer I'm not accusing anyone of anything, it isn't my place, I'm just saying any of the above could cause him to be banned, generally they give a Overall Accusation Like RMT Macroing Botting Spamming or something.
  14. ngl, I made some math on the current exchange I figured out i'd get 1680 gold for £255, this would translate into ONE UPGRADE, Scorpio etc etc take this level of Gold, so lets Say the Prices rose, or for example Doubled. £510 for One upgrade?... as if ANYONES GOING TO HONESTLY pay that, not even someone Completely Over-Rich would consider that, off the back of the fact its a RIP OFF ROFL, who spents £510 for 20 AP?... like wtf are you on?... I think u'll find Majority of the Reason nobodys buying gold at the prices it was, is Because when u sold like 250g for like £180-
  15. ngl, tbh proof that melee arnt wanted is in the pudding, nobody wants a Melee char. I Queue Awakened Necro 6 man as a 422 Melee, and get hated talked down to demanded to leave and if I didn't everyone else Left. I queued Awakened NEcro 6 man as a 393 Ranged and Nobody have a problem with it. Ranged Not only are accepted with Less AP Level by A lot of players but overall lare preferred as 1) Players feel more secure trusting Range due to the Easier Jobs of Avoidence and 2) Provide More DPS In combat Because Melee have to use those Said Defensive Skills meanin
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