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  1. Class balance hjas been said to be pretty damn good lol, Its only Summoner and WL Falling off as far as tier lists go..
  2. This game will die if it isn't balanced in PvP?.. Sorry there isn't a MMORPG in existence, PvP or PvE sided currently released that is Balanced. Sorry but EVERY MMO out there has a Meta, not every class will be top tier every tier, that's a proven fact and has existed longer then games itself has. MoBAs are no more balanced, enforcing specific picks to win games due to Different Seasons Different selection of Gods become the FoTMs for that Season please do not come here and Overexaggerate.. and make it sound like this is the only game in the entire world wit
  3. 3 years??... umm 4 months dude, lol KR has had it for 3 years.. also run by a company which is Separate from the One running this, even tho the games almost the same with only minor adjustments our cash store works differently, therefore is new... Atleast accuse them of the right stuff before u badmouth it realistically. Blade and Soul has Been on OUR Regions for 4 months Under a Different company.
  4. oki, i'd agree with you, if I could for example buy Scorpio wep for £100, then i'd fully agree with you. HOWEVER. for £255 even with the current crash of Market i'd only achieve £1680 via the Cash Store Transfer. now, I don't know precise cost of EVERY Upgrade, but I know True breeze is 600Gold and I know Scorpio is 1600g. so together 2200 Gold between those upgrades. I know buying every mat, Profane --> Pirate is above 500g.. so adding that as a minimuim 2700 Gold, Which now leaves Ofcourse the Legendary, now i'd say legendary must be above S
  5. A lot of weapons I've seen have this, I don't really understand Why, WLs and FMs shouldn't have weapon options for When hit, ur ranged DPS anyway. I have no idea on which u should take, but as far as I can gather, they prolly Changed it in a patch later on, I have no idea if it'll be introduced With the legendaries (if they're here already) or if its a future patch to await on.
  6. Sins counter KFMs.. in a good balance a Level of Countering between classes must exist, that is just how game works, some of what has been said above is to do with it also, there were some flaws in ur gameplay as stated, however Assassins do thrive against a KFM... its irritating but its just how MMORPGs work tbh
  7. So wait, your argument is it is NCSofts fault that players do not run old content? Lol, now, i too reached level 50 late and was stuck on profane while everyone else was miles ahead, like a week and a half a go i was stuck on awakened siren im now true pirate, 99% of mats are purchasable via the market place, moonwater transformation stones csn be crafted, also after true profane u have the oathbreaker option which is more expensive but takes mats from new expansion, so u cN bypass the end content of 45 reguardless of ur pace, i was a noob had no problem adjusting to tbis game, the new expansi
  8. well. Slugs Actually have a Retractable *cricket* on the side of their face to mate. Maybe.. yuns are like this?..
  9. Dual Wielding?... Tomahawks?... Tonfa?... Sickle, Mace? Scythe? Sais? Kamas? Remember, its based on KRs Wants not ours, Gunners are a very Western thing really, KRs may not share a interest in seeing some form of martial arts involving that sorta weaponary, Maybe a Asian Martial Arts weapons.. a Duel Wielding Class?
  10. well, I like the storyline tbh, (didn't enjoy cinderlands all too much) a few gripes, but I wouldn't say insultingly bad realistically, not many games offer Interactive Storylines specially not in the MMORPG world. how the NPCS such as Jinsoyun talk, u were physically given a option of turning evil with her, yet u weren't, So its misleading cause ur forever wondering if u've missed a method to turn. the End of Base game, makes the ENTIRE Game irrelevant, u Litterally stick hongmoon out constantly, you go through agony, all of a sudden, Somebody relieses u cannot be phys
  11. aye I suffered this, I have found if u press Enternal Payment instead of through the game, and buy it from NCSofts Offical Website, the transfer comes immediately... I do pay for Paypal though, which seems to make the pay out faster though.
  12. what sword skin do u use o.o don't understand this, u reliese, Lyns arnt rly created to be "fantasized" over and I doubt anyone Rolls them for that, also in a class to race locked game.. its Unsuprising to see people being Lyn... as the two popular classes have to be Lyn :P
  13. thread is just derailed into a argument in all honesty, the game is or Isnt p2w, that's a Personal opinon, trying to enforce ur opinon to matter more is worthless, the OP thinks the games P2W for whatever reason he thinks its physically Impossible for himself a free player to Earn what the paying players are getting given, just leave it at that.
  14. if u read my sentence u'd of seen differently. P2W is a EXCLUSIVE TITLE GIVEN TO GAMES WHICH PUSH THE BOUNDARIES US AS PLAYERS HAVE SET AS A EXPECTATION OF A GAMES MODEL AND OFFERING. u cannot Call EVERY game on the ENTIRE MARKET p2w. theres a BAR SET WHICH DICTATES ITS NOT P2W. this is Called the MAJORITY OF F2P GAMING MODELS. if the game MATCHS THESE SPECIFIC GAMES then it ISNT P2W it uses the NORMALISED F2P MODEL of today. blade and Soul MATCHS the other games in their Methods and Models, therefore it fits IN WITH the NORMALISED CATAGORY, whic
  15. this thread needs closing its cycling around the same arguments,
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