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  1. Its been a few months since I've played, legion kinda has me too occupied. Blocking this as a lock is very easy. Forgive me if I forgot the skill names, but before you start blocking pop your dmg resistance buff then just stand and block, you wont take damage if you do it that way.
  2. 1st off we, BNS doesn't have a GM, if they did you wouldn't have half the problems. Its funny how many people fall for this crap
  3. CS isn't as bad as mandate tho, you have to use a 3-4g scale depending on market, to see what a 50s stinger and maybe some loot
  4. they should just make everyone require a scale then, would drop the price of scales, make zaewei more populated, and no one would complain about getting screwed in mandate
  5. everyone could/would say that anyways just to do the daily, but if the costume or a stack of stingers drop I doubt they are just gonna not bid, some will as ive seen it. personally I wont bid until someone outbids.
  6. you can run it alone tho, after u hit xserver lobby u leave pty then go on alone
  7. sometimes I can click 4 on the 4th tick and get the instant cast
  8. how are you spending gold on this? its 30s per chest, you allrdy said your doing dungeons so its free. you can even sell 1 or 2 corals to make any money back. hell I know some people that are just farming the corals just to sell. that's a win win
  9. 2nd pic looks better, you made her look fat so i'm gonna assume yur a guy, 2nd pic they helped u look sexy
  10. Games didn't used to be this way. Back in Everquest people would sign up to take turns killing world bosses and god planes. Its the millennials that doesn't seem to care. They want things fast and easy but don't know how to co-operate and work to get things
  11. these drop like crazy from the CS box, don't buy one just wait, super easy to get
  12. no then you'd just complain something wasn't free. if you cant afford 15 bucks then don't buy it, but I bet you spent 8 bucks for that mcdonalds meal that only lasted 5 mins
  13. Lyn ARENT human, so why does it matter if they have boobs or not?
  14. no one reads what u post, they just see heavens mandate and join and obviously your upset about that 1g stinger or you wouldn't of posted about it
  15. if you get in a 600+ Cs grind party you can get him 8/10 runs usually
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