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  1. [Poll] Do you like RNG?

    Well, the Poll has 55%+ of people that dislikes RNG. But you guys thought line is "if there's no RNG, everything will be super easy to get". So, how to get rid of RNG and keep people working hard to get stuff? I'd suggest they implement Dungeon tokens, each lvl50 purple Dungeon gives you 1 token, 4m gives 2 tokens. On the Dungeon vendor you can buy a pouch containing 50Stingers + 50 Moonstones for 12 tokens. You can also buy other stuff like HM Pellet for 20 tokens, Ember for 60 tokens, 100 soulstone bundle for 12 tokens. You got the idea. The problem we face right now is: Working for 4 hours farming and getting nothing. Farming that much hours to get nowhere. So the dungeon tokens is a way to reward people for their farming, you KNOW you'll get it but you still have to work for. But i do know it'll never change because we NA/EU wants, we have to deal with it or quit the game, I hate RNG but i'm dealing with it because I love the game.
  2. http://www.strawpoll.me/10668989 RNG = chance. Pretty simple question, do you like RNG? Yes, no? Why?
  3. Current state of the game?

    I'll tell you the truth. 1 - bots in arena were a bless. The Soulstone prices were super low and easy to buy. People regret on saying "we hate bots" to "we love bots farming stupid grindy stuff and making it cheaper". 2 - If you have no clan to carry you through the dungeons you'll have a HUGE problem on clearing the new content, people will NOT accept you on their group because you don't have the required AP to join the group. If you make your own group, people will leave when they see your AP, or if they don't it's most likely you get bad players. 3 - This game punishes you immensely if you decide to make an alt. So focus on one character and that's it. It's not only gear that matters for an alt... Faction level, achievments, HM skills/ HM levels... 4 - Upgrading your gear will take a LONG time grinding the same stuff every day and while facing the problems I said on item 2. Or you open your wallet and use your credit card to skip almost all the grind and be stronger than almost everyone. Some people call this "pay2progress", but it's in fact "pay2win" indeed.
  4. About this event rn

    Understand something: You are supposed to open 100 pouches. Period. If you don't have more charms to open the pouches is another whole story. The event last "long" for people that can't do the daily challenge EVERY DAY like you, so they have more room and time to open 100 pouches, this way people are not forced to play every day.
  5. Brexit and BnS

    UK belongs to the EUROPEAN continent. WEa re really having to explain this?
  6. What a masterpiece of a class.

    This mentality has to go. Same thing when someone says "BD is only for pvp, useless in PVE". The BD on my clan do so many party support, the SF on my clan is already 600AP and he's doing a great job as a party support, Asura 4m became even easier with the SF there, he literally gets ALL the flowers and heal everyone if we take damage, Iruga he does 2 shadows by himself while others dps.
  7. So NCsoft, you said you wouldn't change the loot table for Merchants, you lied again. We know nothing is perfect but it makes me think: "I'll never believe them again for anything they say, they lie to me on such minor things, imagine the big things". http://imgur.com/2EIyHJ1

    The time you spend grinding the materials for Siren path is waaaaaaay higher than the time you spend doing dailies to cover the gold difference. Good luck doing 24m BSH/Poh to get your siren/pirate weapons, farming Mushin's tower to get Deva weapon... Farming OLD 45 dungeons to get Refining Stone. Oathbreaker is more expensive? Yes, but it doesn't make you farm such boring and dead old content.
  9. You did it wrong AGAIN. XP event.

    The combat buff is good until ~lvl24, then it slows down a lot. Until you get to moonwater around lvl 40-41, then it's good until lvl46-49. So, as I said this is not enough to be called "XP event". As we expect a XP event to really help you level faster the new class.
  10. From patch notes: The Blessing of Wisdom buff will be available through July 20 and provides the following: +50% to Combat XP +50% to Daily Quest XP +100% Guild Points from Crafting and Gathering. So, in this thread: I stated that you should put +50%xp on ALL BLUE QUESTS, why? Because as a low level character you barely do any daily, compared to the number of one-time blue quests from NPC's. I have 7 characters on lvl 50, so I do know what I'm talking about, I love having alts, even this game not being alts friendly. This XP event will be good only for level 50 doing 40/40 dailies to raise the HM level. Well, +50%xp from combat is not near enough to be called a XP event for new characters, because most people will be leveling the SF class. I warned you, you did it wrong again. Congratulations.
  11. In simple words he said the game is completely fine, materials acquisition is fine and the RNG event is going very well. I don't have much to say after that...
  12. I play since Alpha, so I have my dungeon farm group. I helped my friends to reach True Profane + True Infernal accessories. They were doing moonwater dailies together, making 6~10g a day with ~398AP. They wanted to do the lvl50 dungeons, but EVERY group kicked them or left the party because of their low AP. This way they couldn't upgrade the gear because everything is too expensive and there's no way to them to close the gap without paying real money. 16g STS... 5g Moonstone... 3g Stinger... 35silver Soulstone. That's absurd for new accounts, completely unbalanced. I then helped them to do all map dailies they could do easily, then they made around 11~15g/day. Then one of them went to buy a single STS, all his money in ONE Silverfrost Transformation Stone... How can you reach 500AP to be "accepted" in parties that only asks for 500+ for 6m Poh? "make your own group", they tried, but people always leave them as soon as they see they have 400AP. One tried to upgrade the accessorie, couldn't because 24m Poh/Bsh is DEAD and they can't join any group to farm the dungeon to get Siren/Pirate accessories. They can't duo all the bosses in 24m because they're still learning. They refused to spend money on a game that does that with their customers and quit the game. Now I ask you, how many people are leaving the game because of that? RNG events with CRAP loot will NOT solve the problems. Watching the Q&A made me very disapointed, Nico knows nothing about the game and you guys REFUSES to solve some very important problems. - SSP keys/moonstone - New players being impossible to reach your "end-end game" content.
  13. The mobs XP part was good, but not enough to be called "XP event", since there's only a few worth spots to grind mobs. The daily quest had +50%xp, and it's useless for NEW characters, since you barely do daily quests throughout the leveling.
  14. Thats completely useless for new characters.
  15. I'm not new to this game (1 year playing CN). I have 6 characters on lvl 50 and one lvl47, so I have experience with leveling. The first XP event you put +50% XP in the DAILIES. That's good for who is playing end-game doing 40/40 every day. Throughout the leveling you barely do any dailies. 95% of the quests you do are NOT dailies. So if you care a bit about your customers, put +50%xp on ALL BLUE QUESTS (dailies and normal blue quests). Then we can have a good Leveling event.