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  1. this is why im glad i can just solo the dungeon lol
  2. When your Warlock thinks she's a Gon:
  3. Was bored so played around with a few looks: Trying to move out of my comfort zone a bit. ._. Opinions?
  4. You have one unique style I haven't seen anywhere else in the game thus far. PS - Wish friends could whisper between servers. :s
  5. Creating a Yun preset to use for an alt: Also, should I try my hand at making a Lyn?
  6. Is there something wrong with me if I liked the designs of those swimsuits the most? Looks fun to draw actually.
  7. Played that game too back in the day and saw a few people quit/leave alliances because of marriage though. But the mounts would be cool. ._. Also the teleport to spouse was pretty handy when you were lazy lol.
  8. Yea I would actually really like the 2nd one.
  9. Idk there's mass pvp going on on Jiwan right now lol. It's pretty fun.
  10. 24s always almost always full, even at odd hours on Jiwan. Getting Mak Dagul is a miracle usually too. Always people in Mushin Tower, Hogshead Pastures, and outside of the raid zones. Not sure about your server, but mine still seems really active.
  11. Thank you! I've been working hard on this for over a week now with all sorts of renditions then taking them in game to see how they look haha.
  12. Took most of the suggestions. Apparently there was a like a default 35% on the blush so dropped that to 0, widened nostrils, face, and jaw line a bit. Changed hair color (first one was the first option for black). Skin 2 shades darker. Lips a bit wider and fuller and longer eyelashes.
  13. Any kind i.e. what you would change (if anything), hair suggestions, if the elements all work together or does something detract from the overall picture. Pretty much anything that comes to your mind.
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