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  1. i think you've missed my point from the thread you quoted me in; spinning classes can be dealt with, IF THE POT DOESN'T BLOCK SKILLS the pot prevents my skills from activating with how large it is, so they can spin without getting targeted by my skills at all
  2. they hug the pot as they spin around it tho, so by time i press a skill the pot prevents my skill from activating with one of those 'you cannot do this right now' type of messages if the pot had a smaller diameter, maybe this wouldn't be as much of an issue
  3. anyone else filled with massive rage when spinning classes just spin nonstop around the pot, while range classes get an error message from projectiles getting blocked by the pot as the spinning classes get just barely behind the pot? that and thrall and cats can't be recalled if they are on the opposite side of the pot?
  4. but hey, at least you can send the cat in and it will forever annoy someone even if you forget about it. thrall? sits there looking useless not to mention the only way we can hit things in stealth is wingstorm and thrall, and we know how reliable thrall is and anyone also want to throw in how thrall keeps u in combat mode in pvp, while the enemy can get out of combat mode and start sprinting around while they wait for thrall to time out
  5. these 2 ppl have the solution right there, one that would make dc'ing/bailing punishing for those trying to avoid deranking: if they bail and their team still wins, they still lose their points because they dc'ed and bailed if they bail and their team lost, they lose their points because they dc'ed and bailed since bailing makes them lose points anyway, if they don't an automatic decrease in their points, might as well play out the round
  6. i could imagine myself believing thrall might actually be slightly useful!
  7. anyone notice thrall's auto knockup skill became even worse than before after the patch last week? thrall seems to prioritize doing an extra claw or nether pulse animation and then its too late to do the knockup
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