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Silly Sketchy Lyns (Requests open)


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Heyas all!


I drew some pics of my bby Lyn for our clan forum thread

and thought I could draw more of these for u guys!





Ofc, with a few rules


. Only Lyns (cuz look at these noodle hands and all, I don't think this style would make justice for a Gon or sumthin)

. I'll do them when I have time (I'm a freelance artist with quite a long line of art waiting to do BUT I do like to doodle between commissions)

. I will only draw a char(s) that I'm interested to draw (not all designs or costumes might suit this silly style xD)


Thank you~! ^^

My art site - valyriana.deviantart.com


{ IGN Valy | Soha | Clan MilkyTea } 

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That preview is impressive!  I'd love for you to be to draw my Lyn if you find the time to do so, I know he looks all serious but I hope he's cute enough to qualify ^^

(Also, sorry for the spam of picture, I just took them after finding a nice posing spot and I wen't a little overboard xD)



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So cute and cheerful! If you want, here is mine.


- His ponytail and feet are supposed to turn black like his ears and tail, and also having some black dots near (like with the ears and tail).
- He's got long, sharp, black nails on both his feet and hands, and pointy fangs.
- He's a rather two-faced person, often acting all cute and innocent in front of the ladies, but in reality, he's a really snarky person and often a bit of a jerk.







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23 hours ago, Valyriana said:



Batch of cheebeeeeees xD Left and right ones are my watchers on dA characters in BnS AND the middle one was picked from this thread (Peo's character)~! ^^

I hope chu like them eheh!

Kyaaaaaa!~ So adorable! x3
Going to watch you on dA aswell now >w<

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