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  1. [Crimson] TBL "recruiting" soon (tm)

    Hey there, I relate to the above. And the overwhelming Ceru's in this server makes things, shall we say... entertaining *Evil serial killer laugh*. But I digress... ... if you (insert compliment here) sounding people are still recruiting then feel free to sign me up! Contact me anytime Xal Kai - Soul Fighter
  2. [Crimson Legion] Rush - recruiting

    Hey, I'd like to join if you'll have me. I have a BD main and two alts. I have a mic too if thats required :) I'll likely be in-game so pm me on Little Kotakii
  3. The Watchmen need YOU (Crimson)

    Hey there, Just tried to message one of the names left in-game, can't seem to find you. But I'd still like to join nonetheless. I have 3 characters of different levels and I'm mostly active all week, save a day or two for other activities. I'm currently using my alt if you happen to read this now, but I'll leave my others below too. If there's anything you need to know then by all means just ask, thanks! :) Little Kotakii (main) Gudouyama (alt - Currently playing) Ryoko Kowhai (alt)
  4. LF friendly clan - Crimson

    Hey, The title pretty much says it all, just looking for an active and friendly clan to get chummy and play the game with. Im 20 years old but the mature aspect is optional haha. I have several characters so if you can't message me on one character, try the others (Right now I'm likely to be on my GON) - thanks! :) I also have a decent mic if you have voice chat. Lyn main BD - Little Kotakii lvl 45 Lyn alt SUM - Ryoko Kowhai lvl 31 Gon alt DES - Gudouyama lvl 25
  5. Post Your Lyns - Free Character Art

    Hi! If you were able to draw my Lyn then that'd be awesome ^^ Im not fussed on the outfit or finer details, but if its possible could you maybe draw my Lyn in a pose similar to the first picture? Thank you ^^
  6. Scenic screenshots

    So a friend and I were exploring the world when we looked upon the Greenhollow mountain when thought it would make a perfect backdrop for some screenshots. We went ahead a circled the mountain base in the walk-able areas when we discovered than we could actually climb specific areas. A lot of invisible walls and perfect jumps later we arrived to where we are now, halfway up the mountain! What do you guys think of these screenshots? I don't know about my friend, but I went a tad overboard ^^
  7. Silly Sketchy Lyns (Requests open)

    That preview is impressive! I'd love for you to be to draw my Lyn if you find the time to do so, I know he looks all serious but I hope he's cute enough to qualify ^^ (Also, sorry for the spam of picture, I just took them after finding a nice posing spot and I wen't a little overboard xD)
  8. Desu Legion (Crimson Legion - Casual clan)

    Hello to all, and thanks for stopping by. Humble Introduction As most of you have probably seen, there's a lot of players in the Crimson Faction who are obvious anime fans and whatnot. Spouting "Desu" left right and center in the faction chat, even we find this annoying but don't worry, it's all a bit of fun so don't take it seriously. Still, some of us thought it would be a funny idea to create The Crimson Legion's first "Desu" clan in response to the people who feel the need to rudely call out anime fans and players for just having fun and finding common ground with other players. Not everyone is a hardcore weeb guys n' gals! So if you're an anime fan, or simply just want to join a casual clan and have fun with not-so-serious players. Hit us up! Were small at the moment but we hope to gain more members and a little more notoriety as time goes on. Who knows, maybe Desu Legion will be a force to be reckoned with. :D Contact/ PM us ingame: Motomara Aoi - Leader Savra - Co Leader / Advisor Little Kotakii - Co Leader / Vet The things you should know: You don't have to like anime, but in this clan... it helps. Were not focusing on anything as of yet, were casual for now. We accept anyone and everyone. We have members from all over the world - Though English is our main language spoken. Were still level 1 so don't expect anything too huge from us. Though you can always count on support! Were silly but were not immature or stupid. Semi-mature is appreciated. Were aware there's no alliance system but we don't say no to NAPs and Allies. Crimsons have to stick together! Have fun!! A lengthy post I know, but if any of this catches your attention then please do not hesitate to message one of us. See you guys out there, peace!
  9. Gonna' hurt!

    The best of the best ;) We just like to mess around, no vendetta intended <3
  10. Gonna' hurt!

    A few night ago a couple of us from the Desu Legion decided to test our might in the Scorching Sands. *Disclaimer* No Cerulean Order members were harmed - much - in the making of this screenshot! Glory to the Crimson Legion!
  11. Let me draw your Lyn

    Not the most creative or ideal pose, I know. But if you can still draw my Lyn then I'll love you forever! (If maybe you could caption it "I'm not cute I'm dangerous" then I'll love you long time :D)
  12. True Art

    This is true art. #pleasedonotfixthis
  13. Desu Legion (Crimson Legion - Casual clan)

    We've posted our details before but we'd like to update everyone on our activities. #pleasedontfixthisbug
  14. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    That's what you think ;)
  15. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I'm fully aware of this, but this is only a quick fix to a much larger issue. I don't know what you guys' experiences are. But for me, it goes like this... From the second I log on to the last few minutes of the night the gold spam is endless. Everything is fine for the first 10 minutes before 4-7 gold spammers rush the F-chat at once. I block them all, but this only works for the moment. After a few minutes (sometimes not even that) 4-7 more gold spammers rush the F-chat again and this goes on and on and on before I turn off the F-chat. I'll turn on F-chat again a few hours later and the problem still persists. A spammer an hour is a miracle for you, trust us. Its so bad for us that nobody can interact at all. And like I said before, and im sure most people can relate to this, interacting with my faction is a big thing for me.