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  1. I already knew this awhile ago but I think I should point out for people who don't. As you can see "In the dead of Winter" Quest name.. description says its for cold storage on the right.
  2. There is no way right now, but it might be a possible future feature? I hope they are working on a way.
  3. Played assassin (liked the class, wanted to gear it as a second main or just an alt to have fun on) 200 or so ping myself class was fun, but doing half the damage of the same gear assassin with lower ping... personally I don't find fun.
  4. Its gone, it was free in HM store(F10) for the duration of warlock release but poof
  5. So... so far there is no word on this at all ever since they disabled it? welp.
  6. I guess it could make a big difference to some people ~ I can see why its kind of frustrating for you But you guys can think of it this way, you would've eventually upgraded the belt later on. You can now rest easy knowing you don't have to upgrade the belt for a loooooooong while.
  7. All those people saying it was a waste of money to upgrade to awaken scorp.. well. You could've used the scorp belt itself just for asura dungeon.. wth ? lol You wasted money even if this announcement would've been released weeks ago.
  8. Can either of you tell us how many tokens are needed ? (if you need tokens to buy it)
  9. I just want a ping thing in-game ;~; would be awesome.
  10. Has anyone actually gotten these ever? I haven't seen a single person around with them before.. wonder if they even drop at all lol.
  11. My sister didn't pay for any slots/keys and got the costume on her 3rd day ~
  12. Junghado & Yuchun cause reasons. Yunma Fei <3 & Definitely Granny.
  13. It looks okay, but Idk why this was demanded by the community over other submissions (I saw the others and they looked waaaaaaaaay more amazing than bamboo imo..)
  14. Man. I've ran about almost 100 runs or something and haven't seen anything but 7 or 8 seduc/temptress costume drop from twins. Yes, it's that bad a drop rate. You're lucky enough to see blindfold drop 2 times at all
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