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  1. Junghado & Yuchun cause reasons. Yunma Fei <3 & Definitely Granny.
  2. Sorry we are only recruiting for Unidentified. Also we are looking for people who are going to be contributing(donating) to the clan. I will not be accepting anyone that is going to be relying on others to level up clan for their own benefit. Just a notice for any future player that wants to join us.
  3. http://bns.mmosite.com/news/03212016/gender_and_race_change_function_coming_to_blade__soul_kr_this_week.shtml
  4. We will be recruiting for our Cerulean clan but not Crimson as of yet. Still need to sort that out.
  5. Recruitment is closed as we are making some clan changes & will be opened up as soon as we finish.
  6. This thread pretty much ^^
  7. You may think that if you want to. But I was online all weekend about 6 hours-12 hours each day. I may have afked from time to time or went off for a break but I'm pretty sure I can say I'm the most active person there to get PMs if you tried everyone. And I know some of the members in the list that were online WITH me for hours on end too, that's how we managed to do BSH 4 man & such ~ Sorry if our members not being online at the times you've whispered to be disappointing but thanks for being interested in our clan eitherway.
  8. We have a text channel in our discord purely for blade & soul, So that's fine :D
  9. We are also recruiting any future warlock that would like to join us on March 2nd! We have dumplings. Lots of them.
  10. I was told by a clanmate that someone got invited, was that you? :o Wasn't online at the time myself :c
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