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  1. How can we try on cosmetics from multiple-item packages in the new Hongmoon Store? Shift+left-click still works for single items, but for multiple it doesn't do anything.
  2. So, it's been a while now... are we ever going to get a good version of the profile pic uploader back? Something with more than the ability to move the camera around your characters idle animation on a single, gray background? Like... what we already had...
  3. I'd love to see this as well - in all aspects of the game. Having a guarantee is fantastic, even if it's behind a large grind, etc. 100 runs of X dungeon, 100 tickets... buy yourself an SS box with a guaranteed max spec piece.
  4. Thanks bro - time to man up and do Ebondrake I guess.
  5. Been away for a while, still rocking the 'Sura/Yeti SS. If anyone would be so kind as to fill me on the most efficient upgrade for a summoner and where/how to get it (not necessarily BiS, I'm fine with a "good enough" that I can come up relatively quickly) - I'd very much appreciate it.
  6. The servers are in the EU, NCSOFT is not.
  7. No response here. No response to a few PM's I sent out, and the latest ticket response was more or less "We're going to ignore you now have a nice day." 3 separate requests to have a manager review the ticket all ignored before that. I'm a bit beyond disappointed with the level I've support I've received from NC here. Apparently they're cool leaving a player whose pre-ordered, maintained premium since the start and purchased a pretty significant share of ncoin with a screwed account. I supported the game, they refuse to support me. Cool.
  8. Is there any escalations route for B&S support? A way to contact a manager directly or something that can be said here without violating the forum rules? Alternatively, if a post here is enough - if someone would take a look at ticket 10917356 I'd very much appreciate it. You'll see the issue immediately, and I'm having no luck at all with those who've responded.
  9. I'm not sure if you're ignorant or intentionally trying to cause someone to lose data - but please stop with the misinformation either way. In case you're actually serious, I'd ask you to look up the definition of "bad" and "caution" instead.
  10. Unfortunately, not really. The drive seems to have a pretty serious hardware failure/defect of some sort, not much you can do about it that wouldn't cost more than the price of a new drive (I'd avoid SeaGate drives... Hitachi, Western Digital and Samsung are all good choices). Actually, that's exactly what it means - and you just contradicted yourself in the same sentence...
  11. I'm sorry for anyone you returned a drive to that required the use of that tool.
  12. This is incorrect. That program and others similar to it are useful for recovery, not repair (save for in the case of some magnetism issues you'll rarely see on modern drives). They mark off bad sectors on the disk that may not have been found yet (this would be done automatically, eventually), then attempt to read data from the bad sectors by altering the drive speed and/or approach vector, then relocate any recovered data This will NOT extend the life of your drive, and should not be used for any purpose other than attempting to recover data from an already failed/corrupted drive
  13. The tool will scan all drives it's able to locate on the computer, if a drive isn't showing up it means that drive isn't responding at all. What it's telling you about your C drive is that sections of it are dead. At first, the data in these sections are just written to a space reserved for the purpose and the drive starts reporting a "Caution" state, letting you know it's beginning to degrade. You've passed that point, there is no more reserved space and the bad spaces are just being avoided now (as best the computer can). This will lead to corrupted data, and eventually a complet
  14. Unfortunately, yes. If it's less than a year old then hopefully you can get it replaced under warranty. You can download Crystal Disk Info from the following link to verify: http://crystalmark.info/redirect.php?product=CrystalDiskInfo Save/extract the .zip file, run the .exe and wait a few seconds for it to generate the data. Quote me and reply here with a screenshot if you want the numbers interpreted.
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