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  1. How can we try on cosmetics from multiple-item packages in the new Hongmoon Store? Shift+left-click still works for single items, but for multiple it doesn't do anything.
  2. So, it's been a while now... are we ever going to get a good version of the profile pic uploader back? Something with more than the ability to move the camera around your characters idle animation on a single, gray background? Like... what we already had...
  3. I'd love to see this as well - in all aspects of the game. Having a guarantee is fantastic, even if it's behind a large grind, etc. 100 runs of X dungeon, 100 tickets... buy yourself an SS box with a guaranteed max spec piece.
  4. Thanks bro - time to man up and do Ebondrake I guess.
  5. Been away for a while, still rocking the 'Sura/Yeti SS. If anyone would be so kind as to fill me on the most efficient upgrade for a summoner and where/how to get it (not necessarily BiS, I'm fine with a "good enough" that I can come up relatively quickly) - I'd very much appreciate it.
  6. The servers are in the EU, NCSOFT is not.
  7. No response here. No response to a few PM's I sent out, and the latest ticket response was more or less "We're going to ignore you now have a nice day." 3 separate requests to have a manager review the ticket all ignored before that. I'm a bit beyond disappointed with the level I've support I've received from NC here. Apparently they're cool leaving a player whose pre-ordered, maintained premium since the start and purchased a pretty significant share of ncoin with a screwed account. I supported the game, they refuse to support me. Cool.
  8. Is there any escalations route for B&S support? A way to contact a manager directly or something that can be said here without violating the forum rules? Alternatively, if a post here is enough - if someone would take a look at ticket 10917356 I'd very much appreciate it. You'll see the issue immediately, and I'm having no luck at all with those who've responded.
  9. GameGuard is a finicky beast. Honestly, just really crap software. It does little to stop "hackers", but does cause seemingly random odd issues across a vast array of setups. I'd have no doubt that this particular user is experiencing the issue he described purely due to GameGuard and one of its many, many issues.
  10. Trying to get the SS part of a bees rotation worked out and I'm a bit confused about what "Upon Accurate Hit" means. Don't seem to be able to get the 500% AP effect to proc. How's this thing work?
  11. Source? In a game where "support" is only required when DPS is lacking and players are kicked for numbers thanks to the godawful meters everyone with half a brain said not to implement... it matters.
  12. LFP rarely disbands for no reason. It does happen, but it's not difficult to press the button again and wait another 30 seconds.
  13. So your solution to massive class imbalance and broken skill trees is "play another class"... rather than fixing the things that are broken. Life tip: You do not have a future in game design. (On second thought, you're actually a perfect candidate for NC... I take it back.) And heavens forbid people discuss things on a discussion forum. What a travesty this is. EDIT: Realized SoulsHunter would fit in perfectly at NC.
  14. Lurkios

    Summoner Nerf

    Yeah, NC screwed the pooch on this one. No idea what they're thinking - but they keep pushing KR's balance patches without the gear that goes with them and seriously effing us over. I already ended up taking a few month break to let things catch up and hopefully be fun again, but they ruined it a week after I come back... I've about lost interest now and it's only been a day of this (new) crap.
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