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  1. Drevas

    BD SS Help

    I know I'm post to be looking for crit infused shields, but I just got my HM skill and 495 AP which SS should I focus on getting right now? I heard it was post to be Yeti
  2. If you're still doing this then can you do one for my lil lyn? I hope you have fun leveling up! It became a bit more easier for people to get geared up now.
  3. I also bought the pack for Blade Dancer! The ones I bought were the offals and 300 page book. I still have left over but I'm saving it for Ember for LMB but thats because I'm looking forward to using wind build in the future. You don't have to get it though. Offals should be the top one you should get because its really great.
  4. I see everyone hyped about the Sacred Oil being released for the Christmas bundle, but I'm sorta confused about it. Its used for the soul, but is it worth picking up even though you're far from it ?
  5. I understand, but it aint that bad and it aint that good. I was PVPing WL today to get some Zen Beans and lost most of the games. Its really tough bc we don't have much Invin as the other classes or a Q E for dodging. Try to get their tab escape with and proceed to CC them when you get a chance, but I completely agree WL isnt in a good spot for PvP atm and not until you get HM 2 for knockup and RMB ( Which is crazy hard unless you got friends who willing to help ) Not until we get the recent KR update I don't think we have much chances at PVP currently. Like people above said you gotta play sm
  6. Hey peeps, I've been trying to do arena with WL and have been on a major losing streak- I'm lucky enough to get a 2 win streak. I know that WL is kinda tricky since we only get 2-3 IFrame skill. I've been having trouble against LBD and Destroyers. I don't have any HM skill except for Dragoncall/Helix. So, I'm wondering if there is any tips I could get for PvP.
  7. WL is my favorite and main class. It sucks that I can hardly PVP because I get face stomped by everyone. I wish there was a buff for the PVP aspect for Warlock. I hate having the shitty Z skill and C most of the time is useless.
  8. Drevas

    Warlock for PvP?

    Thanks you so much! I don't know anyone who plays warlock to give me these builds. <3
  9. I've been trying to get better with PvP ( And Warlock isn't the best start ) It's my main and I'm always getting dominated. Any tips anyone can give me for arena? Rotation? Stuff like that. I know that they aren't the best for it but I can't just give up on the main </3
  10. Ye. Repulse only comes up after the block gets hit then you press F. You don't have to press it up as soon as it pops up but as long as Quell is up. Remember that Repulse goes on cooldown. Quell and Repulse is pretty easy to understand but if it doesn't seem to be working for you then its probably something wrong with Ping.
  11. Drevas

    Warlock SS help

    I just got back to Blade And Soul and reached cap. I'm currently still running with the BSH/Endless Tower Soul Shield set. I'm kinda behind so whats the current best SS to be running with ?
  12. Kinda scared to get back to this game. I really enjoyed it but the talk of the weapons got me kinda scared to do the future content and stuff
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