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  1. Terrible System for BnS

    Summoners are swiming in soul stones because they are broken, while people like me, who cant break into gold because of the number of BS things in this game are stuck with nothing. ayy lmfao its another one of these threads
  2. Honestly all the people that can't kill Junghaso now will cry blood when f8 comes out.
  3. +1 I don't want to die from firewall because I was too slow to get there. People with slower computers will often fall behind getting there.
  4. Wow we are really rushing to stay on par with Korea (idk whose patches we are following ). Also what does nayru labyrinth give?
  5. Why are BM so crap in Arena?

    Just wondering since alot of you guys are saying this class is underwhelming and bad. Is it worth leveling it at the moment or should I wait until lv 50 to play it since it gets "better" then.
  6. I need to know if Summoner tank nerf was intentional.

    Honestly the changes with the cat taunt makes summoner a tad bit harder which was needed imo since before you were able to faceroll through any dungeon with taunt. Also with F7 i try to knock him down with V + TAB combo and snare him with 1 you should be taking little damage by doing this.
  7. Just unlock the Warlock already

    The fact that warlock gear is in the system already but not the class is already some bullshit. Either release the class or take their shit out of here till the class release, tired of seeing razors from my boxes.
  8. Nice solo, also how did you manage to get 2 of the turrets agro on to the cat? I can only get 1 mostly and makes the run longer.
  9. Plz god no more... my ears can't take it

    NA voice actors for foreign things are always the best kappa
  10. tl;dr you failed to see that it was upped to 1gold, get better eye sight or stop spamming Y
  11. Master loot is an issue

    Make it vote based to change it
  12. most fun class?

    Blade master
  13. Pornographic profile Pictures.

    Majority of the butthurt people can easily fix this, just don't look at their profile. If you want your kids to play this tell them to don't look at people's profile easy solution.