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  1. Kinda have to laugh about your name lol... But nice drawing tho!
  2. Photogenic Characters

    Redesigned my KFM, now she is much more bootyful!
  3. Any Deviantartists here? <3

    I actually joined dA in May 2009 but got tired of my name (that time name change wasn't avaiable D:) so I deleted my old account an created my current one [click me]. A school friend of mine brought me to this big art community and since then I found lots of friend who share the same interests as me. Obviously my interests are for one games and art, but also music and video editing. Currently I'm playing a KFM on Windrest as Crimson but will change to Cerulean soon.
  4. Silly Sketchy Lyns (Requests open)

    Kyaaaaaa!~ So adorable! x3 Going to watch you on dA aswell now >w<
  5. Actually not my own character but that of my boyfriend. His old CBT char x3 Chibi ftw!
  6. I sang the BnS anime opening!

    Oh wowie! This is amazing x3
  7. @UtageWith time you get better with that. Don't worry. For me it seems already like you improved a lot. Keep it up^-^
  8. Help me start drawing.

    I only can agree with the tablet joice. Personally I use a Huion 580 it's as good as the cheaper versions of Wacom but sadly a bit too big. This preference might change from person to person, but smaller ones seem to be more comfortable to drawing with. Most of the ppl really only know common art programslike SAI and also PhotoShop. Sadly you have to pay for both. A good alternative is the digital painting programm Krita. Not many ppl know of it but I can assure you it's great! It's from the interface kinda like PS but drawing is acutally like painting with SAI. And the best is: It's completely free!
  9. Silly Sketchy Lyns (Requests open)

    these scetchies are so friggin adorable >.<
  10. My Summ ♥ Actual Main right now
  11. my gallery

    She kinda looks like these asian ball jointed dolls. Pretty adorable! ♥
  12. To fill this thread a bit more >w<)/
  13. We are currently undergoing some staff changes. Wiskim is now the only clan leader. If he's not avaible try to contact one of the Advisor's (Raon, Arya or Acke) or try your luck at the Veteran's (Peo or KillerSonny) Soon we will have an application stop since our guild is almost full. Sorry for the inconvenience :C
  14. Let me draw your Lyn

    it's a weaponskin from the Cash Shop :3 And it's soo pretty >w<