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  1. We will soon be releasing our website (which will have many of the information and questions you have about the clan) We are still recruiting with only 10 slots open for people to join! So hurry up and apply :)
  2. Apologizes for the inconvenience. We now have more open spots for people to join. Those who have applied to us and have yet receive an answer expect an answer within the next 24 to 48 hours. Thank you.
  3. Forum Issues and bugs

    Hello, These are some current forum bugs that would be nice if you guys fixed them. Profile Page: We cant edit our profile picture, nor have many edit profile settings and it is not optimized well. Forum Threads You cant center images as well as you cant hyperlink images on the forums You cant even center text with the options from the top Forum Login Website always makes me log out when I revisit it Sometimes it logs me out if im going from section to another and so on These are the current problems I came across if anyone else having problems feel free to comment below. And I hope NCSOFT fix's the forum system. Thank you.
  4. Discord App is a new program that is better than TeamSpeak and Skype both, it is much smoother and lighter than those 2. You can check it out for yourself on their official website and have a look:
  5. We have gone throw your applications, check your email for more information! We are still open for new members :D
  6. [Suggestion] Servers

    Hello, This is just a suggestion I would like to make for the servers to bring a fix to the que and so on. Maybe make a mega-server just like GW2 so people can join any server and still experience the same PvE content. As well as add a personal gathering nodes, so no mobs stealing and such just like GW2 I hope NCSoft will look into this and hopefully supports it.
  7. Welcome to all of you! We have finally able to get our clan to rank 4! And we are still accepting people in!
  8. We are still recruiting and open for members to join us!
  9. Forum profile pictures

    Currently the forums are really buggy and missing many things like for example you cant "link" an image, or center a text and so on. Plus their homepage the first slider is *cricket*ed up for me too xD
  10. Accepted! And welcome to the clan :D We are still open for more members to join us!
  11. [Windrest] Looking for "semi-hardcore" PvE clan

    Hello sevXone, I believe we would fit perfectly for you! We are a semi-hardcore clan and offer our members many things from dungeon runs to PvP content. We would love to see you join us! For more information about our clan please visit our official clan post by Clicking Here You can also contact me in-game by the name of "MiniSkip" Hope to see you with us soon.
  12. So I created a clan but I see that you can only have 1 Clan Leader and as well as 1 Advisor only. Dose that change when you level up the clan and so on? Or the system is like that.
  13. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    Same I turned off all razer things and went windowed mode still crashing
  14. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    The most anoyying part is its fine when it crashes on normal questing but when it crashes like at the end of a dungeon on boss omg.. it kills me im totally gonna give up xD