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  1. Had this pic of my main and alts featured on the latest livestream, but I've decided to rework some bits.
  2. So a short while back, I was playing as my Blade Dancer. But then the servers crashed and I was left with this face. ...Hey wait, where did my sword go?? ...Oh.
  3. @Jaikuhb o.o oh my gosh, he's GORGEOUS! (lookit those proportions!)
  4. Ooooh, seconding the ear/tail recoloring idea! I usually have a hard time making lyns. It's mostly because the colors clash a bit for me sometimes, though after looking at all of the lovely and creative lyns on this, and on my board, I'm tempted to give it another shot :D (and hopefully not wind up with another that's like my current ones). Meanwhile, here are some shots of my warlock: But sadly they're not out yet.
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