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  1. Bots can't do SSP, since they are not well programmed and abandoning the place will allow lower tier people to farm it easier, or just random.
  2. I keep seeing people tell NCSoft to put moonstone in dungeon, leave bundle, or leave RNG box in transmute. There are two area for moonstone, Floating Island and Hell Island that will solve some of the problems. Floating Island (Ethereal Battleground) is a faction base area that can give a lot of moonstone, it's that rock floating in the sky in front of Black Skyscraper (The Tower in Background). This place haves 1 main boss with about 26M HP, this guy drops a box that gives 5-6 Moonstone and with a chance to proc, which requires 4 keys. The mini-boss drops a guarantee 1 key, they c
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