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  1. why is zulia censored?

    This. KR got censored. NCWest didn't lied, they just following KR NCSOFT.
  2. Limit on spammers block list

    Just hit F4 > Spammer > Delete All......
  3. Bots can't do SSP, since they are not well programmed and abandoning the place will allow lower tier people to farm it easier, or just random.
  4. KR only removed Hell Island.
  5. I keep seeing people tell NCSoft to put moonstone in dungeon, leave bundle, or leave RNG box in transmute. There are two area for moonstone, Floating Island and Hell Island that will solve some of the problems. Floating Island (Ethereal Battleground) is a faction base area that can give a lot of moonstone, it's that rock floating in the sky in front of Black Skyscraper (The Tower in Background). This place haves 1 main boss with about 26M HP, this guy drops a box that gives 5-6 Moonstone and with a chance to proc, which requires 4 keys. The mini-boss drops a guarantee 1 key, they can also give moonstone. You can also get key fragments, with 3 fragments +50 PP and 1 dragon certificate, you can get more key. The place haves a limit on how many people are in one instance so it not overcrowded. Another area that gives moonstone is Hell Island (Infernal Battleground), TW still have Hell Island in their version. This place can get you tons of Moonstone, but this place is also a Guild vs Guild (Clan vs Clan). You capture towers and after you capture all them, the other clan is kicked out you fight the final boss. Since Floating Island and Hell Island both gives Moonstone this will split the players up. Most of the older players will be in Hell Island and Floating Island, while the newer players will be farming SSP. This will allow the newer character to gear up without it being overcrowded. The problem is that the Producer Roadmap doesn't say anything about Hell Island or Floating Island which is a problem for most players, since it so hard to do SSP, and most people can't kill Naksun.
  6. please leave moonstone in f10

    You should see KR version haves amazing content, while we have the boring content, but they are way ahead of us.
  7. please leave moonstone in f10

    We are WAY over gear for most content, and we can deal with both those area with current gear. Hell Island is an GvG player that gives tons of moonstone, while Floating Island is a faction area that gives a lot of Moonstone.
  8. please leave moonstone in f10

    Or, you know, add Floating Island and Hell Island for the moonstone.
  9. Moonstone for nccoin?

    They should just add Hell Island (Infernal Battleground) with the next update, since Taiwan haves Hell Island, or Floating Island.
  10. There is nothing illegal about this at all.
  11. Server "Links" incoming

    Junghado server is balance in its faction. Since I'm a Crimson on Junghado, but our server is pretty much dying, so getting little bit unbalancing.
  12. Server Transfer

    Yeap, I rather have server merge instead of server transfer, since it stupid to charge IRL money to get off an dead server.
  13. Lower population server merge?

    If that was true, than Junghado server would have been merged. Since we barely even have 200+ at a given time and more and more people are quitting, which is giving us less of population.
  14. The clan that I'm in is wanting to create a outfit that cost 30 Air Assassin Design and 45 Dye Polish, both of these say that they are drops from Cold Storage, but it doesn't. It doesn't even show it on the dungeon info and other people have tested this and it haven't drop for them either. The only way to obtain these design is though the cash shop. NCWest please put this back into Cold Storage and stop making that dungeon useless.