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  1. Btw guys, I finally finished my sketch of my scrappy little destroyer! She smashes things a lot lol!
  2. Holy wow @Zerecas that is beautiful! Lovely use of colors for the lighting! Teach me your wayss!!
  3. Woops, I meeant to quote this ahaha! Pure beauty!
  4. My twitter is mainly for art and meeting awesome poeple like you guys so feel free to add me there! It's the same name as here, @ellygeh !
  5. Ahahha sweet! Following you on both tumblr and twitter :)! You folks should share your linkies too so we can all stalk each other ahaha!
  6. Wow awesome stuff, guys! I'm finishing up a sketch of my Lady Destroyer today so I'll try to post that here when I'm done! Keep up the great work! Love your stuff too @woyoo! Would love to see more as well! Also you guys @Whalephat , @Hynori, @Peo and @CaptainLazy !
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