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  1. [NA][Giveaway] Happy Valentine's Day!!

    Oh crap I was positive I wrote Mushin x_x I'm on Mushin!
  2. Ultra rage mode ON about cross-"server-ness"

    I've sold something on the marketplace from my Mushin character to my Yehara character. It's cross server marketplace.
  3. Gold Scammer

    Isn't there a currency exchange now? Why are you buying from another player? Also send a support ticket instead. They'll deal with it there. Haven't really seen them do anything on forums in terms of reports.
  4. Founder Pack Titles Gone.

    My boyfriends titles are gone as well.
  5. Dokumo Gauntlet

    Yup! Awakened Profane and anything higher allows entry into Blackram supply chain.
  6. The Yun thread

    Here's Lysara c: I love her <3
  7. Dokumo Gauntlet

    Dokumo is used to upgrade your hongmoon weapon to Awakened profane. I think the point was to have your weapon upgraded to Awakened profane cause that allows you entry into the dungeon. Dokumo just kind of by passes it.
  8. Suspicious Character

    I definitely think it's a botter. I saw someone yesterday before I was sleeping camping one spot and killing things. I woke up this morning and they were still in the same spot killing things even though they were level 45 lol and it's not even significant things with good drop. It's just a mob of monsters you kill for exp. Anyways after they took out gameguard (not like the program really stopped hacks and bots anyways), there seems to be a lot more botters and hackers :/
  9. The normal blackish ones drops from 4 man and very rarely from 6 man.
  10. Show off your characters!!

    Here's some more pics of my Yun in her pale stalker raiments I just got :)
  11. My wardrobe :3

    Ctrl + x to turn off all UI and then ctrl + x again to turn off all names. Or maybe it was shift + x. One of the two.
  12. Let me draw your Lyn

    How about my little lyn? c:
  13. [NA][Giveaway] Happy Valentine's Day!!

    So I'm not exactly single.. but I'm in a LDR so it's pretty lonely sometimes. We both have our own mains but we made summoners to play with each other. They also got matching names (Naipu and Maipu). We usually quest but most of the time we sit in towns and just chill with each other and occasionally people will pop up mentioning how cute we were since we matched. On our mains we mostly do our dailies and get frustrated together at afkers and ninja looters etc and troll people (sometimes). Like when people get really annoying and try to make me bid high on an item I need. One time in blackram supply chain, we were running for dailies and generally having a good time but then two of the people in the party trolled us and ran to poharan while we were still running and started it. We obviously died and afked the entire battle while they talked trash about us LOL. So to make them mad, we bid REALLLYYY slowly on an item they don't need. As in literally, we'd wait until 1 second to outbid each other and it made them so mad they just left so free loot for us C: I guess this doesn't really talk about ideal dates since I don't have one. I just love the time I spend with my boyfriend even if we can't physically be together for now. Our experiences and fun memories on Blade and Soul makes me happy~ In-Game Character Name: Lysara/Maipu Account Name: Renivere Server: Mushin Level: 45 Costume: White Rosetta (for Maipu) Weapon Skin: I actually don't like the weapon skins xD but I don't mind having the Eternal Beauty and/or the Bunny Ears accessory (for Lysara)
  14. I ran one where two people trolled my friend and I in supply chain :/ We were running to the boss and my friend was being attacked and died so I went to chi restore him. A FM from behind ran past us, stopped, backed up and starting fighting on top of him so he obviously died and me afterwards >_> Then another person ran to the end and started Poharan while my friend and I were trying to get there again. Also, the many many many Skittering Tunnels run where someone afks that I've had lmfao.