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  1. It's been like this for around 2 weeks now, I have fiddled with all my settings yet I cannot see any of them.. For example if a Warlock is casting dragoncall I don't see the massive dragon or the skill casting animation, maybe I'll see his hands moving but its still really hard to tell, another example would be if a summoner does petal storm (whatever its called) I don't see the pink fog/petals.. Yea I basically cannot see any skill and it's really cricketing me in the butt in arena. Any fixes? :c
  2. Will I be able to use them on Moonlight? It won't let me do that costume and I really wanted to send it to my new main :c
  3. Ah thank you ! ;v ; I have a deviantart account and a tumblr account ~ Deviantart Tumblr
  4. My first chibi commission for blade and soul, hope you like it ! ;v ; Character is not mine, this drawing belongs to the person who commissioned me ♥
  5. your reply to my comment.. do you even know what PLAIN means?? LOOOOOL Saying it has a lot going on so it's obviously not a plain costume then isn't it? I never said everyone was going to agree with me, you added that in yourself hun, you are saying your opinion and so is everyone else, stop getting so worked up lel. I only commented as you say the costume is "plain" and then show what you would of preferred being the most plain Blade and Soul costume I have ever seen in my whole life, not everyone has the same taste so just wait for the next costumes to come
  6. I have just had 3 matches in a row where my whole team are "AFKing". Like they are obviously there as they are turning, 95% of the time its a summoner, and if it is a summoner they auto attack a few times then just run into a wall for the rest of the match.. It honestly just makes me not want to que anymore if I'm going to get a whole team of bots.. and funny enough the other team never has any. edit - owait sorry.. now its four matches in a row. :(
  7. lol wot? I'm confused.. you want to trade this "plain" costume for the actual most plain costume I have ever seen in Blade and Soul?? This costume has a flower on it with stuff attached to that, the dress would need to be plain or the whole outfit would look WAY too much, but the nice frills on the end of it really makes up for that and gives it a nice touch, and detail on the shoes and stockings.. also the gloves and cape has some nice lace detail ~ (bad at explaining but if you go look at it you'll see what I'm saying). The outfit you want to trade it for is literally l
  8. I drew mine myself c: It's of me and my boyfriends Lyn's. I had to make it a little long so It didn't look strange ingame ><"
  9. That was really kind of you to go out of your way and draw her free art, I hope she message you a thank you.
  10. Ah thank you ! That's a great idea c:
  11. aaaa these are very cute characters ! I cannot draw without knowing if I'll get paid outa it thou ;v ; drawing is very time consuming.
  12. If your on EU and have no gold NA then you can't commission me ^^" Drawing is a hobby of mine yet it is also very time consuming and basically like work, I'm not going to do it for free aha.
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