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  1. Anything but Fun

    What content exactly are you having issues with? This patch gave everyone more damage while mobs remained the exact same level and stats. The only two places that have changed are Mandate and Cold Storage, which can still be cleared quite easily even by lfping into the dungeon. Or maybe Im just understanding you wrong.
  2. This right here. Not only does this discourage new or returning players, but current players as well. With the upcoming soul/heart/pet tiers, it will seem impossible to even attain all these items in a reasonable amount of time and people will stop trying.
  3. @Hime @Cyan (And Youmukon because it wont let me link you for whatever reason) Please bring our feedback regarding the Nova/Talisman/Brain/Whatever costs as it is beyond ridiculous. 370 pet pods while regular pet already costs an absurd amount is extremely reaching. Isn't it enough that whales will be troving for their gilded dyad squares? Is the KR team so out of touch with this community that they choose to make terrible decisions like this or do they just not care anymore? Why couldnt the costs be made similar to heart with an increased emphasis on blackstones, silver scales & onyx scales to ensure people continue to run dungeons for it? I seriously hope they re-consider these costs especially when theyre going to be able to milk people once new tiers of heart (1 tier), soul (2 tiers) and pet (1 tier) are released. The majority of the playerbase is unhappy and will remain unhappy. I thought the hope of this patch was to try and bring in more players, not drive even more people away. The collection system was a step in the right direction, why take 2 steps back? To anyone who has to say that this doesnt have to be a day 1 upgrade, please re-think even saying that to me because it is not a valid point. Whales will day 1 this while the majority of players will NEVER obtain this item because they cant afford it and those of us who do try to stay even a little bit gear relevant will get it by about day 200/250 by which time the next tiers of hugely priced items like soul/heart/pet will be released which brings people further behind if theyre focused on upgrading this item specifically. For Feedback:
  4. Skybreak question, second stage

    Are you standing up in front of him even though youre not damaging him? The boss marks the closest person to him other than than the tank and whoever is wanting to go into SS should be standing close and attacking him while everyone else holds off for like 3-4 seconds. If you mean the initial SS, then you shouldnt be attacking the boss at all in general unlike all 6 initial SS people are inside and the boss rotation begins.
  5. new weapons after baleful/seraph.

    The weapon effect stacks 5 times, each stack lasts for 30 seconds and each gives ap. At 5 stacks, reset effect lasts for 7/8/9/10 seconds gives 100/110/120/125 ap, gives 100% crit rate for the duration, 10% focus recovery on every crit and 5 hits of add dmg equal to 3400/4200/5000/5700% ap. Seraph > Void and Baleful > Dawn; I dont believe it allows for you to choose, so you'd need to switch to the appropriate weapon beforehand. Just wait until stream on the 6th to get more info out of it.
  6. Make Raven Feathers Bound To Account.

    Would be nice. You cant really get the soulshields anyways without actually completing BT achievements which unless youre only aiming for a 3/5set, you'll need stage 3 as well in order to complete a full set. Aside from the fact that no one would be getting a full set through DKV anytime soon when looking at how many you get vs how many you need for 1 8set. Having these bonus feathers weekly just helps with things like getting enough feathers for accessory breakthroughs a little faster than normal.
  7. Don't add the jump to 50 event

    You constantly complain about Summoner/Destroyer bots and hackers in arena but I havent seen bot trains and arena hackers in a long time. You're one of the few people (I could count on one hand) who still complains about these things which makes me wonder where exactly youre going to see these bot trains? Over on Jiwan-Soha-Dochun, I legit never see trains in any part of the game. The only thing you see is the occasional spam msg for a gold site. As for arena hackers, what ranking is this happening at and during what times? I have not seen a hacker in a very long time (since last March to be exact) and have not heard of anyone calling out hackers in arena which, the way this community works, would be "news-worthy" and spread in a matter of hours. I would welcome the instant lv50. I have leveled up 6 characters to 50 and even though I'd like to make another, I dread going through story another time so this would be great if it was fairly cheap to get. Im sure there are many others who feel the same. Saying that people will be unskilled if they buy this makes it sound as if theyre not currently unskilled even though theyve leveled up to 50 through storyline. If people dont want to learn how to play their class, they wont either way as its currently easy to just make your way through game by just lmb/rmbing. Just because KR did a 2 lv50 voucher doesnt mean it'll be done the same way here so there's no point even bringing it up. This was part of a huge event wherein the game changed models entirely from being p2p to f2p. Of course youre going to provide a huge incentive to people to come try your game and hook them onto it when your income off that game now depends on people trying and paying (especially when the level of content in KR is so advanced in comparison to our own). As for other regions doing this event, it was done with class releases (SF). For us, it seems as if its going to be a paid service which deters gold sellers plainly. They wont be wasting money on each character when they can easily set it to level itself through story and make extra gold along the way, especially for a character that will be banned eventually. It would be such a terrible investment. Finally, they havent even released much info about this and people are freaking the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out over nothing. See an actual fire before calling it out.
  8. Raven Soul Shield better than MSP legendary SS?

    Yes, Raven is generally better than MSP. Its the next tier of legendary soulshields so I would hope it would be. Certain builds do not benefit as much from 3-sets as others so it depends on your class and chosen build. 8-set Raven is almost always better than 8-set MSP.
  9. YES PLEASE. I wanted to make a thread about this a while back when I had to re-organize my market by deleting all my favorites and re-adding them. It would be so helpful and nice to be able to just drag and drop. If something like this could be done, it would be amazing.
  10. While it would be hilarious to see my cat bust out a grenade launcher, Id just personally like for cat damage skills to actually be worth using again. When it was changed to be based on familiar ap instead of summoner's ap, offensive cat skills sort of just became useless.
  11. 64-Bit problems so far.

    My GPU isnt being used with the 64bit and I cannot set it any way/shape/form to use it. It instead uses my integrated graphics. This used to happen with every update on the 32bit but it was an easy fix. Also, REMOVE GAMEGUARD FOR CHRISTS SAKE NOBODY LIKES IT AND IT CAUSES US NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS YET NCSOFT STILL REFUSES TO LISTEN.
  12. New Heroic Accessories

    If you are below True Oathbreaker, realistically you'll switch to the Asura or Lucent w/e they wanna call it (minus earring because its pretty much trash in comparison to HM ring). If you are above that mark, the only ones you should be changing is your necklace and bracelet as those two items are a huge boost to your crate and cdmg respectively. If you are a new player, you wont be leveling up the HM accessories and stick to Oathbreaker/Boss/Asura accessories available in game from different dungeons. This cuts out a lot of costs for newbies which I think is pretty great.
  13. Implying whale clans from Mushin are in need of players for BT :^)
  14. Start making the game more alt friendly

    As someone with 5 other characters at 50 trying to get them to the 550ap mark, Id say its pretty ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing unfriendly. Everything is a hassle to mail and to top it off, stupid shit like Warrior Tokens or Naksun Badges (which I have an overabundance of on my main) + many others, are unnecessarily expensive to send over. Why shouldnt I be able to mail them to an alt for free if I have no use for them on my main? What difference does it make on which character I farmed those items on? I put the time in and farmed them regardless and I should be allowed to be able to use them on any of my characters without spending extra. This game is missing an account wide storage. I dont care if they give everyone 2 slots for account storage and then make you pay for unlocking the rest, Id do it and so would many others. It would make gem sharing far more easier as would it make every other account bound mat easily moved. Why should anyone be forced to pay to use something they obtained on one character on another? It makes no sense. I dont think that things like gear should be shared, but at the very least all mats that you've farmed for should be.
  15. Bombs Away! Nerf

    The thing is, the damage of all those skills is not based on cat but your own ap. You can spec into Alley Cat to check for yourself, the damage does not change. But yes, looking at all the skills by comparison, they ALL do nerfed damage for no reason and most importantly no mention of this anywhere. Why is this? If it is based on cat's AP then surely when you switch to Alley Cat and the cat's ap increases, so would the skill damage. Instead, nothing happens.