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  1. Many people that I know with upgraded weapons had reverted their weapons back to TB 9 in anticipation to these changes and come patch day, they were able to go straight to IA 6. The amount of hearts they've saved will likely allow them to go straight to IA 9 whenever that gets released. I think it's rather unfair to allow these reverts to happen, allow people the opportunity to have this advantage for a week and then take it away from everyone else who may not have been able to get there. At this point, its better to leave it in as it is. But hey its NCSoft ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I sincerely hope this decision is reversed to an extent @Hime. Endgame players will end up being fine but new players and mid-game players are going to be so hard hit by this. At the very least put forward adding a 5/5/10g reward for completing 3/5/7 DC so that people are able to maintain some sort of gold income. It is already so overwhelming to get started in this game. Making these changes absolutely puts no incentive/motivation for new players and mid-game players to continue playing. The lower tier dungeons are not run by older players and if they are, theyre done solo. New players mostly
  3. What exactly is the point to us purchasing anything if they're just going to screw us every time with something else? What's next? Trove next month won't have any free keys for premiums either? What exactly are they losing here giving paying customers free keys a day? Who is in charge of monetization at this game? This idea that this will push more people into spending is an absolute joke and wishful thinking. Every negative change we get is always attached with this idea that somehow this will make NCSoft more money and it never does, earnings are always dropping. Wonder why that
  4. Theyre able to bypass f2 key check (maybe even market). Locking xml would most likely hold them off for a few days until they figure out how to unlock the files. At this point, I assume the only way to fix this situation would be moving everything server side. And as I said previously, there are edits and mods that make the game playable aka be able to play it. I know people who literally cannot raid due to FPS issues without using animation removals etc. Completely locking people out from these options will also negatively impact the health of the game.
  5. But they've shown in the past that they can work around the XML with the GCD edit (just not as many people realized what was going on back then). I do agree that this is a pretty critical situation. They should just incorporate the qol edits into their client. If we're able to do it on our own, then why cant they just take the initiative and adopt it directly for everyone?
  6. The xml edits we're seeing right now were done without BnSBuddy. Russia banned BnSBuddy and they just made another program to replace it and xml edits are still going on. What will likely happen is the same as when the GCD xml edit was happening: removing the possibility of using these edits. There are xml edits and mods out there that make the game playable for majority of people (see: windwalk effect removal for BG crashing, animation removal for FPS in raids etc). If NCSoft were to ban everyone using qol xml edits, you'd lose the majority of your playerbase as well as a huge chunk of pay
  7. You said you were lowering the HP of bosses and increasing player defenses. Where is that change exactly? What a shocker that nothing is going to be changed.
  8. What content exactly are you having issues with? This patch gave everyone more damage while mobs remained the exact same level and stats. The only two places that have changed are Mandate and Cold Storage, which can still be cleared quite easily even by lfping into the dungeon. Or maybe Im just understanding you wrong.
  9. This right here. Not only does this discourage new or returning players, but current players as well. With the upcoming soul/heart/pet tiers, it will seem impossible to even attain all these items in a reasonable amount of time and people will stop trying.
  10. @Hime @Cyan (And Youmukon because it wont let me link you for whatever reason) Please bring our feedback regarding the Nova/Talisman/Brain/Whatever costs as it is beyond ridiculous. 370 pet pods while regular pet already costs an absurd amount is extremely reaching. Isn't it enough that whales will be troving for their gilded dyad squares? Is the KR team so out of touch with this community that they choose to make terrible decisions like this or do they just not care anymore? Why couldnt the costs be made similar to heart with an increased emphasis on blackstones, silver scales &a
  11. Are you standing up in front of him even though youre not damaging him? The boss marks the closest person to him other than than the tank and whoever is wanting to go into SS should be standing close and attacking him while everyone else holds off for like 3-4 seconds. If you mean the initial SS, then you shouldnt be attacking the boss at all in general unlike all 6 initial SS people are inside and the boss rotation begins.
  12. The weapon effect stacks 5 times, each stack lasts for 30 seconds and each gives ap. At 5 stacks, reset effect lasts for 7/8/9/10 seconds gives 100/110/120/125 ap, gives 100% crit rate for the duration, 10% focus recovery on every crit and 5 hits of add dmg equal to 3400/4200/5000/5700% ap. Seraph > Void and Baleful > Dawn; I dont believe it allows for you to choose, so you'd need to switch to the appropriate weapon beforehand. Just wait until stream on the 6th to get more info out of it.
  13. Would be nice. You cant really get the soulshields anyways without actually completing BT achievements which unless youre only aiming for a 3/5set, you'll need stage 3 as well in order to complete a full set. Aside from the fact that no one would be getting a full set through DKV anytime soon when looking at how many you get vs how many you need for 1 8set. Having these bonus feathers weekly just helps with things like getting enough feathers for accessory breakthroughs a little faster than normal.
  14. You constantly complain about Summoner/Destroyer bots and hackers in arena but I havent seen bot trains and arena hackers in a long time. You're one of the few people (I could count on one hand) who still complains about these things which makes me wonder where exactly youre going to see these bot trains? Over on Jiwan-Soha-Dochun, I legit never see trains in any part of the game. The only thing you see is the occasional spam msg for a gold site. As for arena hackers, what ranking is this happening at and during what times? I have not seen a hacker in a very long time (since last March to be e
  15. Yes, Raven is generally better than MSP. Its the next tier of legendary soulshields so I would hope it would be. Certain builds do not benefit as much from 3-sets as others so it depends on your class and chosen build. 8-set Raven is almost always better than 8-set MSP.
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