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  1. I hope you added the underwear bug to your list of broken stuff that needs a fix on Wednesday....
  2. Yes, you should receive the outfit on July 12.
  3. It just requires the achievement which can be earned in AI or player matches.
  4. Let's see, you told me to check my facts, I point out the only facts that existed before Jonathan said anything. Then you call them criteria instead of facts to avoid a legit counter arguement, okay smarty pants. Stop trying to defend their poor management of information when it continues to happen with every patch and every event and every little change that then triggers people to complain even more than normal. I stand by my original complaint, ncwest has the worst player communication and information availability I have ever seen from a publisher. There is zero excuse for the a
  5. Except Performer was revealed with Female and Male Jin options, Performer is a recolor of Crimson Butterfly which is a universal outfit already and Jin are used for a majority of outfits since they tend to look the most well rounded in them. Meanwhile, Wilting Rose is only ever worn by a Yun character in game, there's no mention of the outfit being for all females in the news post itself along with only previewing the outfit on Yun and the banner Poharan and Jin look like they aren't even using BnS's graphics. Also you can't preview Wilting Rose in game yet and no one will get the
  6. Why would they only show it on Yun then, all other outfits from announcements/events show multiple races and genders if they are available. According to this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/6j3zwx/get_a_free_costume_by_playing_mxm/ and these files from KR: http://m.imgur.com/a/fR5oN It's Yun only.
  7. It's a bummer you have to play an entirely different game and PvP to get the first time release of a race and gender locked outfit that they will probably stick in Trove or an rng box when it reaches BnS....
  8. It's only a matter of time before Gunner is in those cross hairs. :3
  9. The salt is real... As a Summoner main, I welcome my fellow hero to zero classes... btw, SF's Focus Chi is broken as in not beneficial in any way now. Shout out to Lightning BMs who can finally play without getting laughed at and Destros for getting a Sheath skill or something. :3
  10. I already made the suggestion for the leveling weapons being added to their region's valor stone traders.... it'd make the most sense. I don't remember if I got a response on it or not. :(
  11. They need to add a bunch of outfits and outfit pieces to the achievement merchant imho.
  12. My Assassin who I also farmed up an outfit for, only took 3 hours for both my KFM and Sin: And my SF is channeling boss 1 of DT in this shot :P Pretty happy with him overall, I wanted an olderish and grizzled look:
  13. You don't get it do you? This thread is about character appreciation, the only time criticism is even warrented is when a poster asks for it in regards to making a character or if they're altering their current character's appearence. In other words, no one asked for your thoughts on Gon, Jin OR the outfit, so keep your thoughts on it to yourself, delete your irrelevant posts and post a picture of your character or get out and don't come back. Go make your own thread to rant about outfits you aren't happy about and your rights of posting your opinions and which races you like bette
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