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  1. Irontech Forge Upcoming Fixes

    I hope you added the underwear bug to your list of broken stuff that needs a fix on Wednesday....
  2. MxM Jinsoyun Costume

    Yes, you should receive the outfit on July 12.
  3. MxM Jinsoyun Costume

    It just requires the achievement which can be earned in AI or player matches.
  4. daily outfits

  5. MxM Jinsoyun Costume

    Let's see, you told me to check my facts, I point out the only facts that existed before Jonathan said anything. Then you call them criteria instead of facts to avoid a legit counter arguement, okay smarty pants. Stop trying to defend their poor management of information when it continues to happen with every patch and every event and every little change that then triggers people to complain even more than normal. I stand by my original complaint, ncwest has the worst player communication and information availability I have ever seen from a publisher. There is zero excuse for the amount of laziness they give the impression of having when it comes to even basic information we should be allowed to know.
  6. MxM Jinsoyun Costume

    Except Performer was revealed with Female and Male Jin options, Performer is a recolor of Crimson Butterfly which is a universal outfit already and Jin are used for a majority of outfits since they tend to look the most well rounded in them. Meanwhile, Wilting Rose is only ever worn by a Yun character in game, there's no mention of the outfit being for all females in the news post itself along with only previewing the outfit on Yun and the banner Poharan and Jin look like they aren't even using BnS's graphics. Also you can't preview Wilting Rose in game yet and no one will get the outfit until the promotion is over with. If it hadn't been for Jonathan's tweet, it would've been pretty much assumed that the outfit was for Yun only. You can't check facts when there are none to check.
  7. MxM Jinsoyun Costume

    Why would they only show it on Yun then, all other outfits from announcements/events show multiple races and genders if they are available. According to this reddit thread: and these files from KR: It's Yun only.
  8. MxM Jinsoyun Costume

    It's a bummer you have to play an entirely different game and PvP to get the first time release of a race and gender locked outfit that they will probably stick in Trove or an rng box when it reaches BnS....
  9. daily outfits

    WTB Bathing suits of any kind because it's summer ffs.
  10. Promises about outfits and ofcourse no outfits!!!

    Colorful Silks is the outfit set the hair came with. The hair is called Silky Hair. No it is not the same hair that is in the above picture of Colorful Autumn Leaves. Formosa had a different headpiece that came in its bundle and Strange Allure is standalone. Got your outfit history facts straight. =__=";
  11. My thought on the Soul Badge event.

    Easy fix for this event, make the temporary badges salvage into their color's token fragments.
  12. Currency Exchange broken again

    Pretty sure it's impatient morons who undercut just to sell faster.... sigh.
  13. Promises about outfits and ofcourse no outfits!!!

    The outfit could be worse.... but it'd be nice if they put outfits from Trove and rng boxes up instead....
  14. My thought on the Soul Badge event.

    Agree with you mostly... but not on the pearl exchange for expired badges. When KR ran the event you could salvage the fleeting badge for token fragments so you could actually get the badge you wanted if you ran the event dungeons enough. Of course we can't have any reasonable grind even during events, so we have this steaming pile of an event system where new players will have to spend 600g+ to get their classes' useful badges. I swear these events are picked using a random drawing from a "stupid ideas for game events" box.
  15. my character

    Post this in the Show off your characters thread. @CountDracula you press ctrl x twice to hide all name and ui bars then press print screen, the screenshots automatically go to your OS' main drive>Users>(insert username)>My Pictures>BnS.