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  1. At "least" 5, not only 5, so could be more as well. And they could've updated the event page as well to actually reflect on it only being top 5 to vote for, not top 11. But eh, what's done is done..
  2. About oils transmute

    Going back to the old costs/increasing the cost is the wrong way to go about this "problem". A better option would be to add a different crafting option using the other mats as well, not just straight up increase the cost.
  3. Suggestions to quality of life changes

    A couple of thing i would like to have is a shared stash and more mail slots.. It's annoying when sending gems to alts, that you can only send 3 at a time
  4. Server Consolidation — May 1

    Yeah, guess that makes sense since you choose server at character creation, and not before.
  5. Server Consolidation — May 1

    One thing i am curious about tho.. Say i have 11 characters(which is the current max amount) on Zulia and i have some characters on Yura, what would then happen to the character after merge, since it would go over the max amount of characters slots?