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  1. Sorry, but that logic is very wrong.. im at 149 and it takes 2.2m for next lvl a lot of people are just high unity lvl because of the previous event, which basically gave you a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ton of 50k rep charms with a 2sec cd so people just spammed those and got a bunch of unity lvls
  2. you get it at lvl 60 hm 7, which is around mid act 8
  3. Im guessing it'll work like other account limited purchases, where both buying and gifting counts towards the limit. So if you gift 1 and buy 1, that will count as the 2 purchase limit, and that account can't buy or get them as a gift.
  4. No.. but you aren't going to stop anyone from spending their money how they see fit with this rant. And i was just pointing out that you can't get everything you want, with just gold. Besides, if people stopped spending/playing, went on strike or whatever.. the game still wouldn't get fixed.. it would just shutdown instead, since it would no longer be financially benefitial to keep it going.
  5. So.. they'll earn more money if they perma ban 80% of the servers?
  6. So, what is going to be the punishment for those that abuse the bug?
  7. There is no official date yet, but probably gonna be june 24th,as that is when current event ends(so gonna be a new patch for next event), daily dash ends(so trove is likely coming).
  8. Rieze


    Also not to mention the release of UE5 is like a year and half away. "Unreal Engine 5 will be available in preview in early 2021, and in full release late in 2021" from their website.
  9. The last couple times the Treasure Draw event has been, the premium users got some free keys from f10/login rewards.. but they are no where to been this time around, so did they get removed?
  10. Approx how long would it take to get the wings(10k of the ebon bloom or whatever currency)?
  11. They are adding Varsity back in a bundle along with Joyful Jaunt Head Adornment for 959 n/hm coins btw, on march 13th it seems(article on the front page)
  12. Also, make sure you are in the "madness" spec, the 1st/left one in the K menu. Being in Guardian doesn't work, as you are not supposed to have it by that point, so it doesn't count it, even if the skills are the exact same.
  13. That's the elysian crystal cost PTS is : 1 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 6
  14. At "least" 5, not only 5, so could be more as well. And they could've updated the event page as well to actually reflect on it only being top 5 to vote for, not top 11. But eh, what's done is done..
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