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  1. temple of eluvium - your drop

    Were 1/11 on husks from Hive queen. Our BM is tilting hard. We also went 8 weeks w/o a range badge drop from SK, and we only had 1 light neck drop in the first 10 runs of thrall. So yeah, it happens.
  2. You need a better connection or maybe your router is failing you idk, but 1k ms is unplayable. That's where you're losing damage the most.
  3. [Suggestion] Moonstone system balance

    This simply isn't true. If lower geared players actually cared enough to 6v6 en masse, the higher geared players would go up the rankings and you'd stop getting paired up with VT geared people at 1300. Seriously when they first revamped whirlwind valley and had an event for it thousands of people would 6v6. Now barely anyone does it which is why it feels like and sort of is a whale fest. There's a reason it's difficult to rank up even with high gear and thats the shear lack of players doing the content. Also if more people did 6v6 it would increase the amount of moonstones entering the market thus lowering their price over time. However, what you really lack is an understanding as to why MS are so expensive. It's the aransu gear costing over 2000 moonstones to complete. Whales drained the market, and due to lack of content that provides them the price surged. TBH there is a piece of content we didn't receive (ethereal battlegrounds) that could of fixed or at least helped with this problem. I agree we need more ways to get moonstones, but the real culprits is the community itself for not doing the content that provides it enough. Maybe if ncsoft rewarded 6v6 better more people would do it but who knows. Moonstones have ALWAYS been PvP content driven btw.
  4. [Suggestion] Moonstone system balance

    The whole point of making untradeable materials is so they can hand out MS crystals en masse without absolutely wrecking the economy. I agree that we need better ways to obtain them, but there really aren't all that many uses for them. As for crafting do the math yourself. I keep a spreadsheet with material prices and craft costs. I can tell you right now it costs about 9.5g per transformation stone in the 35 craft with a market value of 10g each if you bought all of your mats. You would save 50s per stone so about 18g in total. You wouldn't be much worse off just buying them from market atm. Crafting in this game is very unrewarding atm cause of the high value of tradeable mats, but moonstones aren't actually the worst offenders. Sacred orbs are since you need several more per craft and they can be quite pricey too. Before the 5m exp charm release, even with MS at 6g each youd save about 1g per stone. Now it's half that. As for prem stones.... I'm 1/4 today so yeah..... sadlife. Just buy em out of market lol.
  5. Daily needs to change a bit I think.

    Part of it is they're trying to prevent people like me who can blow out those early silverfrost dgs in a few mins a dg max from being able to do our dailies in less than 10 mins.
  6. Decked Out Adornment [Archive]

    This actually really annoys me cause for some reason the outfit itself appears glitched on my screen so the only reason I didn't ask for a refund is specifically because it could be used with other things. I'm hoping they fix this cause it's not even classified as an adornment.
  7. "Didn't See That Coming" achievement.

    tbh HM NS actually isn't that hard. However, to pug it people are going to want a relatively high AP req along with good gear. Idk what kinda of gear you have, but if you have at least full BT gear with raven 6 you shouldn't have too many issues. Just make sure to try to do it on a day that NS is the daily during the evening est/pst. You could also try to make a party through faction chat advertising the achievement run and try to find 5 others like yourself that want it, but you also run the risk of having a completely trap party that doesn't know mechs. Also do make sure you look up the mechs and watch a video cause it's nothing like NM.
  8. [Request] Eternal Spring

    This was offered at valentines day last year. Perhaps they'll release it around the same time again?
  9. What bothers me about the new premium

    I'm a 1200ap VT geared FM who has played since before launch. I have 8 alts one of which does VT aside from my main and several with soul badges mystic badges and BT equipment excluding the weapon.... at least until after the next patch. So yeah I'm pretty far in my progression. Mobile storage, access to selling items in the dragon express are among the major time savers. Call me lazy if you want, but I'm paying for the convenience. The decrease in weapon upgrade and weapon glamour costs have saved me a lot of gold since after all fashion is the true end game. The 30% incr to BP and peaches have saved me plenty of time themselves by saving me from the farm. I've made back plenty of Hcoin from being able to get venture tokens through the prem spots on the daily dash and can make more of it with the membership too. So yeah the whole purpose of premium is to pay for some extra conveniences to improve play experience. People here are crying that it's not worth cause it's not game breaking, but these same people would be throwing a fit if it was. If NCSoft made prem too good people would be screaming P2W.
  10. FM or GS?

    These aren't decisions to be making at low levels. They're both going to play differently at max level. I personally main FM and enjoy it more than gunner. FM is a harder class to play than gunner, but has more party utility in raids than gunners do. FM plays like an ani cancel class with a focus on buff upkeep to maximize damage. It requires higher technical levels and quick thinking to pull out as much dps as possible from it at end game gear. Shadow gunner plays more like FM than fire does. It requires management of the dark light bar and keeping up your dark mark. Fire gunner is just broken, but I havn't played it enough to give a good idea how it plays. I would suggest continuing with your fm and get to end game. If you're a new player fm is going to offer you more survivability and since it isn't spammed as hard as gunner is atm will offer you more opportunity in parties.
  11. FM Tiger Bracelet

    You're supposed to have the chilling flame elixir HM skill and a high crit rate to keep it up as much as possible (red cd of dual dragons on crit from blazing beam). It's not always possible to have it up 100% of the time, nor is it always necessary. For instance, after a weapon reset itis better to set and and get your first inferno and meteors off prior to using dual dragons so you don't waste a rotation of the buff. As far as fm buff upkeep being annoying, it can be a pain but it's really not as bad as you think. You should be using a courage soul badge and your dragon blaze should be the only source of burn. You lose 2 seconds of burn, but it's better to cast blazing beam and wait for the next time it's up to recast burn. Dual dragons can pretty much be cast off cd. FM is one of the few classes that gets harder to play the more geared you get cause of how our gear and buffs work.
  12. What bothers me about the new premium

    I enjoy the convenience premium gives me and I'll continue to buy it. I've always thought as a game centered so heavily on outfits that the wardrobe being a premium feature was a load of bull and it should be free. I'll continue paying for premium cause I enjoy the benefits and time savers it gives me. I dont sort of wish rank 10 users would get something exclusive, but 2 months of free premium is better than nothing. If you don't like it don't pay for it. I'm going to pocket that free hcoin and use it to transfer outfits for free (which people need to stop complaining about the stamps cause the other version don't let you transfer outfits at all) and unlock my trove slots.
  13. Yeah you're basically complaining about the game not compensating for your lack of skill. How about you just get good instead lol. Unless your ping is very unstable this isn't normally an issue, even at major fights with awful fps like hive queen. Slow down and take the time to learn it, you'll become a better player.
  14. premium-membership-tier-reward, comment

    They really shoulda added an exclusive whale costume for anyone with prem rank 10. Woulda made the fight worth it.
  15. Weapon box drop rate

    It's not all that different if you think about it. Ely crystals and MS crystals drop at the same rate from pouches and you need way more MS overall than you need Ely if you plan on going past raven. Simply put I have a few hundred Elys on hand atm but need over a thousand MS. Yeah the upfront cost stings a bit, but you don't need to be in a major rush to upgrade either unless you have an aransu weapon mat on hand.